I am always there 4 u.. I don’t need anyone.. episode 46

Next day

In room
Anjali:ji coffee

Shyam:hmm..Anjali shall we go?

Anjali:neih ji..u go first..i will cone after finishing this work,,

Shyam:Anjali don’t be tensed..everything will be ok..

Anjali:haan ji..wen u was with me..everything will be ok..don’t worry i am alright..

Shyam:thats my Anjali..i love you..be happy like this always..nd i will get all ur happiness..

Anjali:i know that very well..i love u too..

Shyam went for school..

In kitchen

Khushi:Dhi ..everything okay?

Anjali:haan bilquil..why?

Khushi:u was very sad from yesterday..nd when i dropping Aarav nd Ankita ..they told u fainted yesterday.

Anjali:wo,,just thabiyath karab tha..now iam fine dear..nd i just want to ask u..how the things between u nd Arya?

Khushi:dhi..actually i thought to told u yesterday itself but..u was very sad..nd

Anjali:kuch neih hai muje..so u both confessed?


Anjali:wow ..khushi..tume sharam bhi aathi hai?

Khushi blushed hard..

Arya:who was shy here?

Anjali:who else? Ur future wife..

Arnav:wo dhi..(blushes )

Anjali:Arrey buzz buzz..u know what..am so happy for u both..Arya we going to be relatives ..wow..am so excited..

Aakash & Payal: hum bhi bohut khush hai..

Aakash hugged Arnav
Payal hugged khushi..nd Aakash hugged khushi..

Aakash :she is just my friend..don’t get angry for this..

Aakash teased Arnav..

Arnav:Aakash ..tu bhi na

Khushi:thank god..u said ..otherwise .patha neih ..tu kitna din..neih neih kitna saal lagega..

Arnav face became sad nd went to his room..

Anjali:Arrey …why u people..

Khushi:aap tension math kijiye ..mae unhe dekhloongi..

Khushi went for him..

Aakash :dhi..u happy now..


Aakash:dhi..shyam bhaiya..told that u kniw everything .sorry dhi for hiding this..but we had no chance..

Anjali:that’s ok..

Payal:dhi..don’t worry..N.k will be very helpful in finding ur daughter..


Payal:wo..he is the one who was with that kidnapping group..nd then he escaped with ur daughter..after saving ur child..he fainted in front of my house..nd then i took care him..when i got to know the truth..he said that he was changed..then i can see his real changes..nd then Nikhil sir caught him..all that happened..

Anjali:hmm..whatever..i hope we will get our child,,becoz shyam ji kitne parishan..nd handled all this alone..i want him to be happy…

Aakash :zaroor..we were near to that person..don’t worry dhi..nd

Anjali :aur kya?

Aakash :Arnav..

Anjali:Arnav ko kya?

Aakash:kuch neih..u still angry with him?

Anjali:ye kya hai Aakash?even Khushi asking this..yes am angry with him..nd my angry getting higher when u both speaking like these..he was speaking to u both but not me..bura hai kya mae?

Aakash:neih dhi..aisa neih

Anjali:Aakash..he hurts me..that’s why i hate..iska matlab ye neih ki…mae hamesha naraz hoon..i took care him like my brother..he was brother..anger will come for everyone yaar..lekin i love him..how can i? Leave it,.its already late for me..i am going to school..tum dhono eat breakfast nd go..

Aakash:tk..take care bye dhi..


Aakash:i was so happy..i just want to tell this to Arnav..

Payal:finally u people going to be one..nd am really happy..am going to be in this..thank u so much baby

Aakash:thank u too…becoz of u nd N.k. we going to find iur little princess..after her nd Arnav ..this family going to be happy forever..

Payal:tk..come lets share this with Arnav ji..

In room

Khushi search for Arnav in room..but he was not there..

Suddenly someone pulled her by back..its Arnav..

He placed his hand in hip..nd his face in her shoulder..

Khushi saw him nd asked..

Khushi:i thought u was angry with me..

Arnav:kyun? Why should i?

Khushi:becoz for what happened out..

Arnav:i won’t khushi..i won’t be anger for anything..becoz i can’t lose u all again…

Khushi:not bad Arnie..but y u came here suddenly..

Arnav:wo..for this..i know u will come here..


Arnav:actually..i got little bit anger..but it gone now,.i will change myself slowly khushi..i need u all..i can’t leave you again..

Khushi turned nd faced him..

Khushi:hum sab aise hi rahenge..we will be together always..nd kuch dinon ki baad hai..after that ur dhi will be with u..ok?

Arnav hugged her..khushi too

Aakash nd Payal entered there..


Payal:sorry we must knock ..

Khushi nd Arnav released themselves..

Arnav:nothing like..we just..

Aakash:arrey Arnav u blushing? Not bad khushi..

Payal:he was not like u..

Aakash:arrey Payal..sharam ku baath neih hai pyar..aur,.

Payal:buzz buzz..

Arnav:excuse me..u both behaving like lovers,,wen did this happen..


Aakash:thab..web i came for ur office again nd again to,meet u..but u didn’t allow me to see u..but i saw my love..

Khushi nd Payal smiled..

Arnav:tu abhi tak vaise hai..jaise pehle..how can get this filmy line Aakash..

Aakash:pyar hai bhai..pyar..why should we hide that..aur kya faida hai chup ne se …just show ur love..na

Arnav joined his both hand nd said..

Arnav:wow..love guru..wow..i should learn many things from u..

They all smiled

To be continue…

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