I am always there 4 u.. I don’t need anyone.. episode 44

In Ashram

Shyam thinking


Nikhil said that
By N.k sayings he give Shyam daughter to the one who leaving abroad..nd also N.k says he was nice type..so there were two chances..one he will give that child to Ashram..or he should take with him..
N.k says he escaped with that child in twenty days..
So i checked in Every Ashram here..no child came on that day..
Nd i checked all flight passenger list..,
I suspect one person..who was about to go abroad on that day..but cancelled..nd he went in next two days..with another one..nd that was child..

Shyam:kya? Who was that
Nikhil:don’t know his name was Adhvay singh Raizada

Shyam:kya naam? Arnav or Adhvay

Nikhil:Adhvay..i checked his details..ek abroad phone number hai..America ki

Shyam thought Arnav nd Ankita..but..

Shyam interrupted byAnjali

Anjali:kya hua?

Shyam:wo..i want to tell u something


Shyam:i hide this from u becoz of ur health..doctor said u too weak after delivery..but i can’t handle this alone hereafter..i need to share this with u..

Anjali:kya hua? Shyam ji..what’s the matter?

Shyam:we had one more child



Anjali begun to fall

Shyam held her nd make her to sit in the chair

He narrated whatever happened on that day

Anjali:kyun..u hide this from me..i had one more child nd i don’t know nothing about that..what kind of maa hoon mae..Shyam kyun kia aisa aap?

Shyam:Anjali..pls control becoz of this..u weak..u can’t handle all this that’s why..

Anjali:par..par..meri beti kahan..kis haal mein..i want to see her…show my beti..i want to see her..

Anjali ran..Shyam stopped her.,nd slaps..she fainted..

Ankita nd Aarav saw Anjali was falling down..they came there..

They all make her to sleep in one room

Scene shifted to Arnav khushi

Khushi cut the call
Arnav:what was he saying?

Khushi:wahi..we are not Married Arnav..


Khushi:haan..we thought u married to someone


Khushi:kya? kya kya?

Arnav:wo..tum dono sach me neih …

Khushi:haan..i am still in love with u..how can i marry Aakash..i was in love with u..nd still..when i saw u leaving i can’t stop u..i don’t know what hurts me when u leave..but..after years went..i missed u ..missed u so much..i can’t share this to anyone..but Aakash knows..i am in love with u..Aakash nd i was just friends..i love u Idiot..how can i marry someone ..

Khushi held his collar..

Khushi:I love you ..I love you Arnav Singh Raizada..will u marry me.. i want to live my life with u…forever..i want to ..will u marry me..

Arnav was in shock..

He held her face..


Khushi:haan..i love you..i love

They hugged …hugged each other..they don’t want to leave each other..Arnav kisses her..she kissed him …eyes, nose , lips…they saw each other..again they hugged each other..

After some minutes..
They were sitting together..Khushi sitting in Arnav’s lap..nd caressing his face..hair.

Arnav:khushi..i am sorry ..sorry for all

Khushi:neih Arnav,,don’t be sorry

Arnav:phir bhi

Khushi:shhh…Arnav everything was over..don’t spoil my Romantic mood..

Arnav:accha..Madam ko romantic bhi Aathi hai

Khushi:kyun neih..muje sab aathi hoon..aur i will also di that..

Arnav:Really..what will u do?

Khushi:wo,.i will kiss in ur forehead

She kissed him in forehead


Khushi:then i will kiss u in ur eyes..

She kissed in his eyes


Then in nose..then in cheeks..



She pull him closer ..they were close enough to feel each other..they close their eyes..


Khushi:Arnav!! Agar u r nit married..Ankita koun hai?

Arnav smiled

Khushi was in confusion ??

To be continue..

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