I am always there 4 u.. I don’t need anyone.. episode 43

Aakash romancing with Payal..

Aakash reached (shyam house) just now..

Payal came to see Arnav

Aakash:wow..i thought about u just now..u came..wat a wavelength..

Payal:Achha iam here to see my Boss..not u

Aakash 😕 its ok..no problem .see him ..but u have to come to me after that..

Payal :haan haan will see..

Anjali ordered Ankita nd Aarav to eat breakfast..nd she Aakash was flirting with someone..

Anjali :who are you?

Shyam:ur Brother Aakash ka lover hai

Anjali:kya..when this happened ?

Aakash: bhaiya ..how do u know that?

Shyam:ur friend khushi bola..

Anjali:wo sab chodo..Aakash intro me to her..

Payal:uske zaroorat neih..ur brother said me everything about u,ur family, ur brother Arnav..


Payal:wo sorry.

Aakash signalled Payal..

Anjali:thats ok..where is khushi?

Shyam:i think she will be with Arya

Anjali:haan..she was now too close with him..but she says nothing like that..

Aakash:Really..come dhi will ask them..


Shyam :u all go..i had some work..

Shyam went.

Anjali,Aakash,Payal went for Arnav room..

Khushi came out with teary eyes …nd she stopped seeing them ..but ran away from there..


Aakash :dhi..u go nd talk to her..i will speak with him

Anjali went for khushi

Anjali:kya hua?

Khushi wiped her tears..

Khushi:kuch neih..

Anjali:then y u crying?

Khushi:dhi its just..ok,u said na..to find someone for me..nd this tear becoz of him..i will be ok

Anjali:so u love each other..


Anjali:then problem kya hai? Its ok..if u don want to share..

Khushi:aisa kuch neih hai dhi..its just a small problem..we will sort it out..u don’t ask him about this..

Anjali:tk..lekin now smile..

Khushi :☺☺..dhi may i tell u something


Khushi:what will u do..if Arnav returns?

Anjali:it will never happen..Khushi

Khushi:just say what will u do?

Anjali:i don’t know

Khushi:dhi i had a talk with him..he wants u back..just some situations made him to run..

Anjali:talk? When?

Khushi:its not important..baath ye hai ki..don’t avoid him,.if he come to u..

Anjali:we will see if he return..

Khushi begun to say something..but

Ankita:oye Aunty..kya kar rahi ho?

Khushi:kyun? What do u want Madam?

Aarav:shall we go for shopping?

Khushi:ok but where?

Ankita:we need to buy gift for my Dad..

Khushi:tk come..

Aarav:mumma don say anything to him..its surprise..


In Arnav Room

Aakash :what do you think of urself Arnav?


Aakash :y u always hurting?

Arnav:i don’t hurt anyone..

Aakash :Really..then why was she crying?


Aakash :listen..just think before what u doing..u r not child anymore..just see who showing the true love to u..don’t hurt them..we can’t bear again nd again..

Aakash went out without seeing him

Arnav: i did this for him.why don’t they understand that..i don’t want khushi to be close with me..

Payal:neih Sir..sometimes u need to open ur heart..to ur beloved one..whatever it maybe just say that..if not..u will miss them forever..anyways i came here to see you..Get well soon Sir..

What they saying? What happening here? I just want them to be happy..but now..

Anjali came there..

Arnav:dhi..i don’t do anything .i don’t want to hurt them ..i just ..

He was crying like a child in his Dhi lap

Anjali:Arya relax..

Arnav:neih dhi..wo..

Anjali:listen..i don’t want to come between this..i know there is some problem ..i asked her..she said that u both will sort it out..so pls solve this..do just what ur heart say..don’t think too,much..now take some rest..

Anjali made him to sleep..he slept in her Lap..


After a long hour

Arnav was surprised by seeing greeting card surrounded by him

Ankita:Arnie u sleeping too much..

Aarav:uncle how was these cards?

Arnav:superb..thank u so much dear..

Ankita:don say thank u only for us..say some thanks to khushi..


Aarav:haan..we were confused..khushi dhi help us to select these cards..nd like this na?

Arnav thinks..she knows about me very well..

I miss u khushi..iam sorry ..but i can’t help..i don’t want us to be close..i can’t betray my Aakash..

Then Anjali called everyone for lunch..

Khushi avoiding Arnav by not seeing him..in whole lunch..she also escaping from where Arnav was..

Even though Arnav want this..he can’t bear this..Khushi avoiding him..

Arnav came to garden..there he saw khushi playing with Aarav nd Ankita..

He felt sad..

Don be sad Arnav ..this what u want na?.this is good for everyone..

Night 8.00 pm

Anjali:khushi..me, ankita , aarav nd shyam going for Ashram..sujatha Maa wants to see Ankita..so u Both will be alone here..sort out whatever it is..

Khushi:dhi aisa koey badi problem neih..don’t give this much importance..i will manage na..

Anjali:neih..i just want u to be happy..get married,.


Anjali:bye..take care of Arnav..i already said to him..

Arnav room
Arnav can’t think anything but Khushi..he wants to say Sorry to khushi..Atleast he want to see her..but she not even showing her face..

Sound came from Arnav Room..

Khushi get tensed and came to Room with worry..

Khushi:what happen?

Arnav:wo kuch neih..i need some water..

Khushi:dho..i will fill that bottle..

She saw bottle was already full..

Khushi:its full Arnav..drink it..

Arnav:i know it..just want to see u..

Khushi:see me..really..u wants me to stay away..suddenly what happen?

Arnav:wo..sorry for Morning..

Khushi:don’t be..i got used to it..

Arnav:neih khushi really..iam sorry..

Khushi:Arnav..just take some rest..after dhi arrival..i will go..

Khushi turn nd walk ..suddenly her hand held by Arnav..

Khushi shocked..

Khushi:Arnav ..u can’t stand full..sit down..

Arnav can’t balance him..

Khushi hold him to give balance..

Arnav:khushi i need to talk..

Khushi:tk..will talk later..niw u sit down

Arnav:neih..i want to talk to you right now..

Khushi:ok..say it

Arnav:i am sorry ..khushi i don’t want to hurt you..lekin i can’t be with you..whenever u was with me..i want u to be with me forever,.i can’t control myself wen u was with me.. i just can’t control dammit..nd i don’t want to betray Aakash..i can’t do this at a same time..phir bhi..i need you khushi..kyunki

Khushi was stunned..by hearing those words from Arnav..her dreams came true..she didn’t show that to Arnav..she was like hearing that she doesn’t know this..


Arnav:kyunki..I love you khushi..i love you …i love you so much..i missed so much …in Australia..i don’t want to marry anyone..i am in love with u..i can’t see anyone as my wife …but all my dreams were shattered..u married ..that too with my best friend..how can u think..that i will normal with u..i can’t betray my friend..but i need you..khushi..

Khushi:tho ..marry me Arnav..


Khushi:haan marry me.. tumara problem Aakash right? Ask him..i am calling him..ask him

Arnav:khushi kya bakwas kar rahi ho tu..how can i ask him?

Khushi dialled his number..Aakash attended the call..

Aakash:bol khushi..

Khushi:Aakash..Arnavv wants to marry me..

Aakash:tho karlo na shaadi..


To be continue….

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