I am always there 4 u.. I don’t need anyone.. episode 41

Khushi was so happy..that Arnav was not married yet..


My intuition was correct that Arnav had feelings for me..he loves me..thats y he said that..i needs me too..not as a friend..omg..i got all te answers..thank u so much so much..i love u Arnav..thank u god..

She was so happy..can’t think wat to do next..

Suddenly she put break for all her thoughts..


Fine..he was not married..but he loves me?

No khushi think positive..becoz of u he was still a bachelor..

Ok..how should i know that?
I should know this only from him..he should say that na

But how? He was a stone..he doesn’t show his feelings., Never..ever..

Oh god.. i should be happy now..y iam thinking this..

By thinking this..she reached the hospital..

While her heart begin to beat..

Lap tup..Lap tup..Lap tup..

She begin to breathe fast ….

Khushi: (thinks)

Relax khushi..he was same ..Arnav y u so nervous..
Ok think he was same laad governor..just delete what Aaksh says..after then only u will be normal..

Lap tup …lap tup.. lap tup..

Its not working khushi…

She went to restroom..for relaxing..

Scene shifted to Arnav..
Somehow he was also in the feeling that khushi was his..he felt again nd again ..that khushi was not married..

He was thinking like these..when Anjali said him that Khushi will be tonight for looking him..


What are you thinking Arnav?she was married..nd that too ur best friend’s wife..

Don’t think anymore..control urself,.

But if she was married then whats the need to come here..y can’t she be with her hus..Aakash..

She was also ur friend..she cares you Arnav..don’t love u..

But what was that mean? She says in morning..

Kya hai wo …kya tha wo…
Kya hai wo …kya tha
Wo dhono mae jo..

Koke bhi aaj thak koya nahi..

(This song from Tanhaiyan)

He waited for a long time for khushi..eventhough heart says she was not his..he slept..

Khushi slowly opened the door and entered the room..

Khushi saw he was sleeping..she relaxed..

Khushi:uffff..he slept..(suddenly) neih khushi..u need to know na..that he was loving u are not???

Oh god..what have u done..why did he slept?..neih i won’t let him ti sleep..

She went near him and

Khushi:Arn…neih khushi..let him to sleep..may be was tired..time will let u know everything..be patience..atleast u know this much..

After satisfying herself..she searched for chair.to sit beside him..

She sits..nd saw his face..

Khushi:how could u be so handsome? Not only handsome..hot???

She went near his forehead nd kiss him..

Arnav moved slightly..

She was shocked.?

Suddenly she back to her seat..

Khushi:ufff..can’t u be soft?

Then she smiles..nd held his hand..caresses…she smiles..and says
I love u Arnav..i love u a lot ..i want to be ur wife..i want to live my remaining life with u..with our love..will u marry me?

Khushi:(thinks) he never allow me to stand near him..but now..wow..wat a moment..let take a selfie..

She search her mobile in her handbag..without leaving his hand..after a long struggle she found her mobile..

Took that out nd face it against them…

Khushi:no no..have to go even close…

She went close..

Khushi:haan perfect..

She saw her face nd Arnav face with his cuteness..

Khushi:wow..concentrate khushi..u need to take pic..otherwise laad governor will wake..

She struggles to click..

Arnav: what u doin?

Khushi:need to click..

Arnav:wait..i will

Khushi:how can u Arnav..u holding my hand..u can’t..


Khushi realises..Arnav awake..

Arnav realises,,khushi was with him..not dream..

Suddenly she moves..but his hand held her..

Arnav:what is this?


Arnav:kya ye hai?

Khushi:both were same questions..

Arnav:achha..y u holding my hand?

Khushi:me ..neih tho..

Arnav:phir..ye kya hai?

Khushi:u holding my hand..
She release his hand.. but the truth was he holding hers,,

Arnav realised..khushi smiled..nd he left her hand..


Khushi:don’t be sorry..actually that was me who hold ur hand..


Khushi:wo..there was something in ur hand..so i just ..

Arnav:but selfie kyun?

Khushi:wo..wo..wo sab chodo..u had all ur medicines?

Arnav:haan..i thought u won’t come..


Arnav:becoz..u went angrily..

Khushi:u know that..why was i angry..

Arnav:muje kya patha

Khushi:haan..u know nothing..


Khushi:bazz bazz..i am not here to fight again..


Khushi:i need to ask u something..


Khushi:tell me about ur wife..

Arnav(shocked): kounsa wife?

Khushi(smiled):how many wives do u have?

Arnav:wo..what u speakin..there is only one love..nd i don’t..

Khushi:u don’t??

Arnav stopped..

Khushi(thinks):expected..not going to say the truth..u should make him to say..try..

Arnav:wo ..yes my wife..she was beautiful..she had a cute smile..she was crazy about me..do what she thinks..it was so cute watever she do for me..i cant get anger with her,,actually i don’t have any feeling for her at first ..then i came far from her..at that time i missed her..i realised iam loving her..i am still in love with her..i want her to back,,to hold my hand..i want my love back..but i know that can’t happen..

Khushi shocked..all her dreams shattered..she thought agaib that Arnav married..he loves his wife..

Khushi(thinks): god..again..i am sure he was married..he loves his wife this much..

Khushi:relax Arnav..am sorry..

Arnav:that’s ok..sorry for making u to hear my love story..

Arnav signalled her that he need to use rest room..he went..

She was sad again..went to balcony..


Y this happening to me again nd again..i can’t bear it..pls god let this night go fast..

Suddenly her mobile fell down..nd by mistake call went to Aakash..

She tried to cut ..but before that,,he picked..

Aakash:kya khushi..can’t u leave us alone..

Khushi:sorry Aakash..by mistake..call got connected..

Aakash:khushi tum teek ho?

Khushi:haan..i am fine..tk bye ..rakthi hoon

Aakash:wait wait,,did Arnav told something?

Khushi:usko kya..batha diya muje..his story

Aakash:kounsa story?

Khushi:his love story..his love..how he misses his love..

Aakash:tho tk na., y u upset with this?

Khushi:Aakash he was talking about his love ..not me..

Aakash:kya? Lekin u are his love na?..wait ..tell me the full story..

She narrates what she asked..and his answers for that,,

Again Aakash understood that the meaning of him..

Aakash:yaar..u know what..i think i am perfect for Arnav

Khushi:kya bakwas kar raha ho tu?

Aakash:aur neih tho..he said all those about u sweet heart..in these story too..he didn’t mention his marriage..again nd again he mentioning his love..its clear..at first he don’t felt for u..after running to Australia..by missing his dhi..he also missed his love..that was u …he wants u..nd remaining..i think u understand..

Khushi:but Aakash..

Suddenly Arnav came..

Khushi disconnected the call..

Arnav:koune ab?

Khushi:wo ..Aakash..

Arnav:oh..u continue..i will go insde..

Khushi:neih..we finished..

Arnav:u love him so much huh?

Khushi:Arnav..pls i was not in the mood.

Arnav:i just asked about ur love..

Khushi:yes i love,.but

Arnav: lekin?

Khushi:(thinks) control khushi..

Khushi:kuch neih..

They didn’t speak for a minute..



Arnav:wo.. come lets go inside..its ..

Khushi:neih ..Arnav.. am fine to be here..u go nd sleep..i will come wen i feel sleepy..

Arnav:then ..

Suddenly something went to khushi’s eyes..

Khushi: ouch..

Arnav:kya hua?

Khushi:kuch neih..

Arnav:kya nothing ..show me

Khushi:wo something in my eyes..ahh

Arnav went close..he held her face..blew air in her eyes..

Then he saw her eyes..she saw his eyes..

Arnav realised that he was now very close with khushi…he saw their love..incomplete love…her lips….he somehow feels that..her lips waiting for him..khushi can’t able to breathe..she was feeling his hot breathe..his hand touching her face…she closed her eyes…..

He places his lips on hers…khushi held Arnav’s arm.. Arnav neither let their kiss to end nor Khushi…


They released themselves ..lack of oxygen..

Arnav see her eyes..he felt something new..but he felt happy more than guilty

Khushi was shocked..she don’t even know what she thinking..she got all her answers..in one kiss..

They saw each other ..their love..he hugged her..khushi tightened the hug..she was longing for this..Arnav’s love..she never want him to go..

Arnav can’t understand khushi..he thinks that khushi should stop him..but she did nothing..just allowing him..

Did she love him too?

After a long time..she broke the hug nd see him..Arnav kisses her in forehead..she had a tear in her eyes..

Arnav suddenly releases her..

Khushi don’t know suddenly what happened to him..

Arnav:sorry khushi..we are not supposed to do this..sorry..iam not supposed to do this..sorry if i hurt u,.i just..

Khushi:neih Arnav..

Arnav:neih khushi..it was wrong..u was my friend’s wife..i can’t do this..morethan that we don’t have any relationship..sorry..really sorry,.am going to sleep..bye..if u don’t want to stay here..ask Aakash to pick u..i will be ok to be alone..

Khushi(shocked)(thinks):how could u just say this..we had a kiss..a passionate kiss..nd this was awesome..how could u say we didn’t have any relationship..i will make u to say our relationship ..what we having..aloud to everyone..Arnav ji kya laga apne aap ko..mae khushi..khushi kumari gupta..i will do anything for u..now am clear..u loves me more than i love u..so now u should say that aloud..wait nd watch me Dear..

To be continue..

Khushi slept in Arnav’s shoulder..Arnav didn’t disturb her.
Arnav (thinks):u damn cute..i love u khushi..i just can’t stop saying,.i love u wenever i am seeing u..
He held her hand..kisses her hand..sudden break ..khushi awake..she saw Arnav helding her hand..
Arnav shocked

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