I am always there 4 u.. I don’t need anyone episode 32


Arnav: i said i am not married

Anjali:kya..phir Ankita?

Arnav:wo meri gift

Anjali:gift?..Arya..don’t confuse me..she is not ur daughter?

Arnav:yes but not by blood

Anjali:uff..Arya i don’t understand any of ur words..

Arnav:dhi Wo actually..

Arnav said all about how he got Ankita..

Anjali:Great..Arya..u know what..u r amazing

Arnav:nothing like that dhi..its just ..i felt my dhi in her..her cute smile..her activities remind u..

Anjali shocked,

Arnav:mera matlab ..my dhi..

Anjali:whatever..Now Ankita was so happy with you..i saw her happiness in her smile..u both happy with each other..

Arnav:that’s true,,i don’t think so,,that i can survive without her..

Anjali:hmm..i am proud ..

Arnav held Anjali hand..

Arnav:dhi..pls don’t leave..i will make so many mistakes..but pls correct it..don’t leave me..i will never leave you..

Anjali:Arya..what are you saying?u supposed say this to ur real dhi..nd i am sure i will never leave u,,before that just go nd apologise to ur dhi.,nd u..no no we will all be happy together..

Arnav:sure…i will..win my dhi back..

Anjali:ok..its too much for u now..take some rest.,,

She make him to sleep..he slept like a child with his dhi..

After some times

Arnav slowly opened his eyes..no one in the room..

He was thirsty..water bottle kept on the table beside..
He tried to take that…but he began to slip..
Suddenly he was held by someone…
Its khushi ..

Khushi:kya zaroorat thi..don’t u call anyone for help..


Khushi:stop..i know wat u gonna say..muje patha..U are Arnav Singh Raizada ..u don’t need anyone help .henna?

Arnav:haan.,yes..now say wat u doing in my room..who said you to come here?

Khushi:muje koe interest neih hai..tumare paas aane ka..wo tumari purani friend..ur new client..Aakash said me to be here..Anjali dhi school gayi..so they said me to be here ..until they come..

Arnav:tk..pls be silent..or wait outside..

Khushi:what the?

Arnav:i said shh..

He signalled her by placing his fingers on lips..

She kept like how he shows..

Arnav smiled by this activity

She was like child placing her finger in lips..

Then she ask him with her eyes


Arnav saw her eyes..their eyes got locked..they didn’t want to see anything..just they fall into each other eyes..

Nd they were interrupted by phone call

Khushi Phone rings..
Sanam re sanam re tu meri sanam hua re…

Khushi was shocked by this ringtone..but it was exactly suits their situation..

Arnav felt something that this ringtone is for him..but..

Khushi attended the call..its Aakash

Khushi:haan bol Aakash..

Arnav got jealous..

Aakash:kuch neih..how was that ringtone?

Khushi:ringtone? (Realises) u change this..


Khushi:par kyun?

Aakash:just to see..my Arnie Reaction..

Khushi:What about his reaction?

Aakash:u didn’t notice..if my guess right..now his eyes both will get red..check that.nd pls come to balcony..nd check

She came to balcony..saw him from there

Khushi:Aakash..kya mazak..

Aakash:shh..check that

Khushi:uff..(saw that Arnav..nt only eyes..he was full red) haan..u right..

Aakash:yes my dear friend..now do like what iam saying..


Arnav can’t handle
Arnav(thinks):she was in deeply love with Aakash? Arnav this is true..just accept that,,if not ..what is the need for this ringtone..especially to Aakash..u need to Accept this..

Khushi:no use Aakash..i said this to you already na..

Aakash:khushi..am saying this to u again..pls be patience..i need my friend back..with his happiness..nd his happiness was Anjali dh..he definitely going to win her..then he need correct pair for him..iam damn sure..u was that..so just pls,,

Khushi:i don’t think so

To be continue…

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  1. Superb update dear..

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  2. Nice yaar.. I got emotional when arnav said dhi don’t leave me

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  3. Very cute episode dear.. loved akash he’s playing perfect cupid.. nice one..

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  4. Super episode farie . Arnav’s reaction would be worth reading when he gets to know akash kushi were playing with him.. waise what is akash ‘s plan..? Very eager read next part

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