I am always there 4 u.. I dont need anyone episode 2


Arnav went to his apartment..He shouted his servant for not keeping room clean..Nd asked where was Ambuja amma what she was doing all day..One of his servant says that her grandson got sick..so that she went to hospital with him..then he handed some money to give her..he was upset then..he went to terrace just staring stars without any thought..it was his habit wenever he got upset he used to stare stars..bcoz der is no one to share his feelings..After sometime he saw one lady with her child..she was feeding her baby telling some stories Nd her husband was helping her..seeing that he remembered all his childhood memories.. with teary eyes he thought there were no one to take care of him..his parents were always busy busy busy..and then he got angry Nd went to his flat.he locked the room

To be continue..

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