I am always there 4 u.. I dont need anyone episode 19


Ankita: Arnie..u sure we goin India..
Arnav: yes darlin..y u askin?

Ankita: just like that..wenever i asked about india..u will become sad..granny will scold me for reminding about india..thats y..okie..i am hungry..

Arnav:come ..lets eat..

After eating they went to sleep..

Ankita:Arnie..can i ask u something?

Arnav:yes darlin..

Ankita:y we goin to india..like do u know anyone ther? Any relatives..any friends for me..otherwise i’ll get bored..

Arnav:darlin..u askin so many questions..ok now answers for u..but only one..

Ankita: but for other questions..

Arnav:wait..first i know so many person in india..and there is someone special 4 me..she is my love..my dhi..best dhi..sure u will love her..and her name was Anjali..i never know this..but wenever i saw u ..u remind my dhi..like my dhi was infront of me as little angel..so wait for my dhi..

(Ankita was 5 year old girl..after finishing studies Arnav started a new firm..he don want join in his dad company..so he went for india for selling some grandfather’s properties..

In India

Dealer: all documents was ok..so u will get amount by tomorrow..

Arnav:just make it fast..i need to go by tomorrow..i can’tstay here for long..

Dealer: ok..

Arnav went for his old apartment where he spend his golden moments,.he visited all the places where he share all sweet moments with his dhi..

Next day..

Arnav: Thank u sir..for money..its really useful for my buisness

Dealer: u r welcome..its my pleasure..

Arnav was driving to airport..suddenly young boy with child fell in front of his car..Arnav stepped out of his car..

Boy: sir help me..help me..pls

Arnav: wat happen?

Boy:pls lets go from here..we can’t speak here..

Arnav: okie..but there is heavily bleeding..lets go to hospital..

Boy:no pls..lets get out of here..its really dangerous for this child..i am goin to die..they shot me..i need to save this child..

They stepped in ..after some distance..boy asked him to stop the car..he begun to speak

Boy:sir am an orphan..there is some people here..they kidnap children from hospital..if its boy ..they use them as beggar or some other criminal activities..if its girl..they sell them..i tried my best to save many children..but this time they find me..they chase me..i tried to escape from them..but they shot me..by god grace i saved this child..i know i am goin to die..but i am happy..i saved this child..those rascals kidnap this new born child from their parents immediately she born..i tried so many times to contact their parents..but every time they found me..now i just decided to escape with this child..even now they found me..now am here..pls do something..take her with u..pls save her..leave her in some orphanage..or leave her in some safe place..pls..

That boy urged him to go..

Arnav contacted some higher officials known by his father..he said them all the details ..he asked for every kidnap cases..is ther any information..any complaint ..but there is no use..

Arnav postponed his flight..he decided to save this child..

He stayed in hotel..
He was so confused..wat he should do now..
He saw that baby..the baby somehow reminded his dhi..he saw her..her cute smile..exactly like dhi..he want to keep this baby with him..

Next day he consulted with higher officials..to adopt this baby..

Officer: there is no any complaints from parents like missing..so u need to do some formalities like adopting..

Arnav:iam ready..

In Australia
Arnav parents was highly angry with him..they don’t agree for this..they fought him a lot..but this time Arnav said strong..no one can take this baby away from him…

On that day Ankita was with Arnav..he was her dad, mom, guardian, friend all of them..)

Ankita was sleeping while Arnav deeply sayin about his dhi..
Arnav smiled by her behaviour..somehow he thought that her sister was with him now..he slept by seeing her smiley cute sleeping face..

Next day they flew to India…

To be continue…

(Guys sorry if there is any wrong in adopting system..i don know nothing about adopting..so i just written wat i thought..so please don mistake..)

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  1. Wow.. very nice dear.. so ankitha is anjali’s child.. very nice..

    1. Farie

      thank u so much dear..u all great in supporting me..thank u once again..

  2. Superb episode year.. Arnav is such a sweet heart first I thought ankitha is his gf.. uff.. so shyam was talking about ankitha when he addressed as child..

    1. Farie

      thank u dear..i am not interested in making some other person pair for Arnav role..i love that pair..so don worry..there is no GF for arnav..yes shyam worried about another child..keep supporting..

  3. Nice part dear.. Please make Arnav meet others fast.. can’t wait till Wednesday.. am so eager to read next part post soon dear if possible please post early… Please…….

    1. Farie

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  4. Awesome part farie.. keep writing.. and post next one soon can’t wait to read Arnav anjali encounter

    1. Farie

      Thank u dear..episodes will be on wednesday and friday..no delay on that ..keep supporting

  5. Nice part Farie.. Make Arnav meet others soon..

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