I am always there 4 u.. I dont need anyone episode 18


Shyam was principal of school which he dreamt for poor children..

Anjali was teacher in that school..

Their son Aarav too studying in that school..

Aarav: Dad..see i said so many times to mom..i will ready by myself for school..but she was not obeying me..

Anjali: Aarav..i am ur mom..so obey me..and wat u said u will get ready by urself..huh? Wer is ur tie? Did u even know that?

Aarav: yeah..it will be here only..

Anjali:yeah..definitely in this house..but wer dear?

Aarav:wo..maa aap bhi na..its getting late..come na..only u can do all this..

Shyam: Arey..shameless boy..

Anjali:haan..yes shameless..

Aarav: maa its late..comee lets go to school

Anjali: shhh..come lets go..shyam ji..wen r u coming? Shall we go together??

Shyam: no anjali ji..some work..will see in the school..

Anjali: muje aise kyu lagri hai ki u hiding something to me..agar its about arnav..just drop it ..i don want to hear anything about him..such a loser..he don deserve my love..he went for money..

Shyam: anjali y r u saying like these..maybe some situations..he don need to tell u all rit?

Anjali: Definitely..he is nothing to me..and…

Shyam: stop,stop..u getting late..moreover am not goin for arnav work..some other thing..u both go to school..

Anjali: correct y am wasting my time..i am havin wonderful family..bye love u..

Aarav: maa..come na..

Anjali: coming coming..

Shyam phone rings..
Shyam: any information..we r searching for almost 3 yrs..my son goin to be 3 yrs..wer is…

Aakash: bhaiya ..police investigating but there is no clue..till now..they arrested the gang..but they sayin ..


Khushi: wat r u doin here bhaiya..dhi kahan??

Shyam: school gayi..tu..wat u doin here?will call u later aakash..

Khushi: u speakin with aakash..u too speakin too much..like lovers..anything serious..

Shyam: nothing just about his buisness..

Khushi: iam his PA..without my knowledge u both doin something..wat was that?

Shyam: nothing..u tell..any update about arnav?

Khushi: No bhaiya..but there is some info..he came india 4 years before..like for dealing his properties..i went for that apartment..there my friend kiran said..he saw him..but he gone like that..i hope he will be..unmarried..

Shyam:don say that u loving him..

Khushi: i don know..but if god decides that i won’t disagree..

Shyam: ok now bye..getting late for me..


Shyam: god y r u doin this to me..i can’t handle this anymore..i can’t share this with anjali..i did my level best..y can’t i find my…even i don know whether my child was alive..pls help me..i need my child..

To be continue…

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  1. Very nice update dear keep writing

  2. Nice update Farie.. thank you for continuing.

    Anjali looks really angry.. arnav have a big task pacifying her.. kushi still in love with arnav how cute.. shyam addressing arnav as his child was very nice

    1. Farie

      dear he was not mentioning Arnav as his child..but there is some other connection..wait for next episode..till friday..keep supporting

  3. Kushi still in love with arnav.. how cute.. Shyam’s character is very nice. Will he help Anjali arnav patch up? Anyway very nice part dear.. thanks for longer update..

  4. superb epi

  5. Aliza111

    shyam’s love for arnav super
    nice episode

    1. Farie

      Thank u dear

  6. happy to find shyam so positive here , sorry for the really late comment . i just loved this episode . sad that anjali does not even want to talk about arnav . arav is cute . eagerly waiting for arnav-anjali reunion and arshi story ahead too . update next one soon

    1. Farie

      thank u so much dear.. there is more melodrama, crazy love..keep supporting..and ur comments made my day..

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