I am always there 4 u.. I dont need anyone episode 17

This is 7 years leap..

In Australia
Now Arnav was 24 years old..he was now young buisness man ..started own firm without his father’s support.

Arnav getting a call from his Dad..he don want to take the call..he didn’t pick…then his mom called…he pick up the call…

Arnav: iam very busy right now..i will call u after sometimes..
Dad:Beta just listen to us..we need to talk..
Arnav: ok..after coming to house ..we will..now i need to go..
Mom: Beta ..just one minute..plz..
Arnav: No mom..bye..
Mom: Beta..i am dying..will u plz listen to me..
Mom:yes,.i leaving forever..and before leaving u all..i need to fix some things…in my life i just focussed for wat i want to..i just don care about anything..with ur dad’s money..i enjoyed everything..even i don’t care for u..but wen ur love, care goes for someone..i got scared..not becoz of u..but the money…i thought like that anjali was using u for our money…thatsy i asked ur dad to take u with us..but some other things were happened..in these seven years u never go for her..or she ..i know that u didn’t say anything to her..she will be in angry..so now before i am leaving this world..i want u to be in safe with lots of love..am goin for anjali.to say all the truth..so tomorrow wait for my call…no..for ur sister call…bye beta….
Arnav: Mom r u serious…or is this any kind of Drama..if that i don want to use my sister..
Dad: no beta..its serious..beta in my life ur mom was everything to me..wen she says she want to live this life..enjoy her life..i earned for her..for day and night..i lived for her happiness…after ur birth i keep listening to her..now she leaving me..i also want her keep happy even in her last days..we will call u tomorrow..now time to flight..

Arnav was very happy now…finally he was goin back to India…everything was solved..he goin to meet his dhi…he will be with his dhi forever…no one will separate them…Arnav was so happy…

Next morning..

Arnav waited for their call…but before that he got a call from his PA..sir flight got crashed..ur mom dad was no more…

Arnav: wat..
He heard the flash news..that the flight went to india got crashed..everyone died…

Ankita:Arnie..wat happened…
Arnav:No..no..u cant do this to me…i need to see my…
Ankita:Arnie..relax its dream..
Arnav: sorry darlin..i can’t get over it..u sleep…i am ok now…sleep..
Arnav went to balcony..he sees the star..some was shining..he just stare them..
Arnav: y do u always doin this to me..wenever i am happy u crash them..after a long time..my parents agree my dhi
…but u kill them..y r u doin this to me…but i decided.. i am going for my dhi..i am goin ..India…

To be continue…

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  1. Wow.. very nice episode dear.. waiting eagerly for anjali arnav meet

    1. Farie

      thank u dear

  2. Superb year.. where did you vanish.. really missed your ff a lot.. please do continue & post next episode soon

    1. Farie

      thank u soo much..am continuing this

  3. Very nice part. Waiting for next.. post soon dear

    1. Farie

      thank u so much

  4. Nice part, add some cute moments between arnav anjali once they meet.. really looking forward for their meet

    1. Farie

      sure..i am trying my level best..thank u dear

  5. Nice episode. I’ve a request yaar please write longer parts & give lots of scenes between Anjali Arnav.. waiting for Arshi love story too

    1. Farie

      sure..there will be a longer part and Arshi love story..but bow this is just their intro after 7 yrs..so wait for few updates..thank u for ur comments..keep supporting..

  6. Farie

    thank u so much guys Sanu, Anni, Priya, Anu , Arshi..ur comments meant a lot to me..i am continuing every friday..and also if i have time on wednesday..sorry for this disappointment..but update will be definitely on Friday..and keep support me..

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