I am always there 4 u.. I dont need anyone episode 16


They all went to picnic..Anjali try her best to convince Arnav..but he doesn’t response..
Khushi:Why are you doing this?
Akash:Haan..this is not right..U don know what happen..
Arnav:I dont want to know anything.
Khushi:U can’t be like this..can’t you see?Anjali Dhi trying her best to bring smile on your face..she dont have any relationship with u..phir bhi she trying all this..just because she doesn’t want you to live with this loneliness for life long.
Akash:on your Birthday..Sujatha Maa ko heart attack..thats why she went..and no other reasons..
Arnav:Leave me alone.I don’t want anyone..


Oldman:Hey come on we will sleep on terrace tonight.
Khushi:Really..if so i need story granny.
Oldlady:Why not..I had many many stories..bas dere is no anyone to hear.lekin now i will give all my stories for you children.
Anjali:Haan Haan..for that u all have to drin this milk..
Shyam:Sure..U guys have to drink this.
Akash:Dhi don compel us to drink this Milk..I am so tired..
Shyam:No..U should..Then only ur bones get strong.
Anjali:Really Shyam..This for you.
Shyam:Me? I am not a child.
Anjali:This is for everyone..
Anjali:Arnav Have this..
Anjali didnt spoke anything to Arnav..She don want to hurt him anymore.
Anjali shocked.
Arnav:Dhi..May i sleep in your lap?
Anjali:What?? sure..come..
They all got shocked.

Next morning
Arnav:Shyam ji..I need to talk to you.
Arnav:When are you going to marry with Dhi?
Shyam:I think..More than two..
Arnav:Will you two get marry this week?
Arnav:After coming from Grandpa(Oldman) house..i realised that Anjali dhi had real feelings for me..i had believed strongly that she doesn’t play with..then i went to my house to say that i had someone who give love for me..more than them..i spoke..and came outside..but forgot my car keys..so i went inside..when i took keys i heard that my dad speaking to someone to finish Anjali Dhi..they thought Dhi trying to separate me from them and she was doing this for my money..immediately i explained my Dad..she is not like that..but i don think he was convinced..i am sure..he never do anything until i am with her..i cant tell this to her..please marry her soon..
Shyam:But why this week?
Arnav:kyunki..i am going with them to Australia..i want to see her marriage, khushi..
Shyam: u cant do this to her..
Arnav:I cant..but i need to..if i was with them..they will forget Anjali dhi..
Shyam:u never meet Anjali after that?
Arnav:Dont know..but now this was my decision..And please don tell this to Anjali Dhi..anyone..Please marry her before i leave..
Shyam:shall i speak to ur parents.
Arnav:I know about them very well..they are buisness people..they need profit in this deal..i was their profit..they don need Anjali dhi..don tell this to her..
Anjali came..
Anjali:To whom?
Anjali:Kya Wo..Koun?
Arnjali $ Arnav:What?
Shyam:Haan..Nowadays Khushi trying so many stupidity for Arnav..so he ask me to tell her to stop all this Nonsense..
Anjali:Actually this was not stupidity..She likes you Arnav.You just be friend with her.
Khushi:Haan Arnav..U should..
Anjali Smiled..
Akash:Dont cross ur rules..
Khushi:Never..I am just saying..
Oldlady:Arey..tum log yahan..hum kab se wait kar rahi hoon..chal..we are going to see cinema..
Akash:yahan..there is also theatre..
Oldlady:hmm..lekin hai..not like ur city..its different..
Khushi:I am ready..waise bhi iam tired with city life..
Anjali:Okie lets go..Come Arnav..
Arnav:haan..I am coming..
Arnav signalled to Shyam don tell to anyone..

Two days later..Registar Office.
Sujatha:I told them many times..we should do this grandly..but they didn’t accept..
Sumitra:Nothing in our hands..their life they had to decide..
Anjali:Nothing like that Maa..We just want our marriage with our closed ones..thats all..If u all people with me..i dont want anything..
Shyam:Bilquil sahi..All be happy..i don want my marriage to ruin by all these silly reasons..We all happy with this marrige..then wat if its grand or simple..Marriage is Marriage..na?
Sumitra:Haan Haan.Come lets go..
Anjali:You said that you have dreams..but why so soon?
Shyam:Haan..but u never ruin my dream na?if there is any problem for u?
Anjali:what are you saying Shyam ji? I am very Happy..

Anjali Shyam married happily..
Arnav:Dhi u look so beautiful..Will take picture..
Anjali:No Arnav..I am tired now..will take after getting home..
Anjali:What? its just a photo..Arnav..Please..
Arnav went sadly..Shyam followed him..
Shyam:Arnav Don tell me that you are leaving now..
Arnav:I am sorry Shyam ji..But yes..
Shyam:But why?
Arnav:My parents not convincing..they want me to come today..I just aks them today ..
Shyam:When are you leaving?
Arnav:Now..i am not coming to flat..goin to Airport..
Shyam:Wait..i will speak to Anjali..
Khushi heard theit conversation..but she ask anything..she just see Arnav what he goin to do..
Shyam:Anjali come..one pic
Anjali:But i am so tired..
Shyam:Its Arnav wish..Dont say no to him..
Anjali:haan..i am not..but will capture after..
Anjali:Okie come..nowadays u care for him more..whats the matter?
Shyam:Nothing like that..U come..
Anjali:wait will call everyone..
Khushi came there..
Khushi:Whats happening Bhaiya?
Khushi:Where Arnav going??Why?
Shyam:Khushi..Nothing like that..What are you blabbering? wher Arnav will go?
Khushi:I heard everything Bhaiya..Don tell lie..
Shyam told her everything and asked her don say to anyone and don ask anything to Arnav..
After that they all capture pic..like family..Anjali Shyam..Anjali Arnav Akash Khushi Shyam..Then Anjali Arnav Shyam..And Anjali Arnav..
Arnav asked Shyam to sent those pictures after sometimes..he left.

To be Continue..

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