I am always there 4 u.. I dont need anyone episode 15


Anjali:What are we going to do now?
Arnav:Who knows..
Arnav:How should i know..there are two more people..its ur mistake

Rowdy1:Hey..How dare you hit my..
Anjali:Wait..I should talk to him first.Listen I just start to tell you that there are two more rowdies when you say four..but u command me to follow your plan.
Arnav:But u could have say that after i had finished na?
Rowdy2:Hey..U Both come and discuss this nonsense in my place..I will never leave you both..
Anjali and Arnav realised the current situation..step backwards..Rowdies stopped and got scared by seeing someone behind them..Arnav and Anjali saw back..There was one old man in Army uniform.Rowdies try to escape..but they were caught by police backwards..
Oldman:I just saw u both fighting with these rowdies..I and these police trying to catch these rowdies for many days..but we got them because of you both.Thank you children..
Anjali:Thank you..Army..Hmmm..no no You save us from big problem..so you are my Rockstar..Thank you so much..iam scared..What will happen..if u dont save us.
Arnav:haan..she is right..Thank you Grandpa.
Oldman Smiled.

Oldman:What were u doing here? this night?
Arnav:Ask her..she is the one who is responsible for this situation.
Anjali:Me..Its becoz of u..If u listen to me..there is no chance for this situation..we will be in our flat.
Oldman:U two Brother sister?
Anjali:Actually we are neighbours..But we are like sibblings..just small misunderstanding..he is not listening to me..

Oldman:Oh my god..U kids..U know what..i too had grand children like u both..they will also fight like these..u two remind me them.
Anjali:Really..I hope..That brother was not like this adament.
Arnav:Haan..same to you.
Anjali:U saying me..see ur face in mirror.
Oldman:Hey..ok ok..how will you go to your place..its too late..and its not safe to go now..will you come to my place..there is my wife..go to ur place in morning.
Arnav:Better Idea..I cant fight any more.
Anjali:U? When did you fight? u just..
Arnav:Shut up..and follow.
Oldman:Ok..Don fight lets go.

Oldman place..
Anjali:Rockstar..is this ur place..but this is so small..you said you had grandchildren..so you should have ur wife, son, daughter in law, and grandchildren in this small place..and did u have onl..
Arnav:Whats ur problem?Why are you asking so many questions?
Oldman smiled and rings the bell..His wife opened the door.
Anjali:Well..U are not going to listen my explanations..and u are not able to answer my questions..so please don fight with me..atleast..Iam too tired.
Arnav:Tired..U..U did nothing..
Oldman:Arrey..Dont fight beta..
Oldlady:Who are they?and why they fighting?
Oldman:They are like our grandchildren..henna?
Oldlady:Haan…they remind our grandchildren.
Anjali:Granny..Where are they?

Oldman:My son don want their children to grow in this country..He want his children to grow in US..so they settled there..Its funny..i just fight for my country lifelong..but he don want this country..
Oldlady:Leave it..Why are you making these children sad?
Oldman:Sorry..Sorry..Come lets go inside..
Oldlady:We chat with our grand children every sunday night.
Anjali:Sorry Rockstar..Granny.
Oldman:Thats okie beta..
Oldlady:Whats ur name?
Oldlady:What his name?
Anjali smiled.
Oldlady:Okie..i will prepare something for you..
Anjali:I will help you.
Oldman:Come young man..i will give you one of my grandchild suit.
Oldlady:Is your brother angry with you..
Anjali:Hmmm..Actually..(she told everything about her and Arnav)
Oldlady:U are too good..And don leave him alone..

Oldlady:And iam going to help you small from my side.
Anjali:What? how?
Oldlady:He used to miss chilhood fun..henna? so now iam going to tell him grandma stories..he will feel better.
Anjali:Hmmm..Thank you Granny.
Oldlady:Arnav..come and eat.
Anjali:Haan..Arnav come fast..i am very hungry.
Arnav:i don say you to wait for me..if u want u can eat.
Anjali:Arrey..how could i be rude sister..i cant eat alone..
Arnav:But can leave me alone.henna?
Oldman:Okie okie..No more arguments..just eat..
They eat quietly without saying anything.
Oldlady:Come sleep here..
Anjali:Thank you.

Oldlady:Now i am going to say stories..will you like to hear.
Anjali start to say something..but kept quite by seeing granny signalling her.
Arnav:Wow..will you..i don hear any stories from my childhood..My friends said that their granny says stories for them..will you tell me now?
Oldlady:Yeah..sure..why not..Now there is opportunity for me to tell my stories..okie lets start..
Oldlady start to say story..and place Arnav head in her lap..caressed his hair..by hearing story Arnav slept..Anjali saw this and thought that Arnav will sleep in peace for one day..then she slept.

Next morning.
Oldman:Go careful beta..
Anjali:Thank you Rockstar..Granny.
Arnav:Thank you..
Oldlady:Don say Thank you children..u two also like our grandchildren na?
Oldman:Hey wait..We both going to our village day after tomorrow..will you come with us.
Anjali:Hmmm..nice idea..but there are two more guys..his friends i think they will say yes…but he..
Arnav:what? i don have any problem with them..and i will come granny..
Anjali:Oh really.
Arnav:Yes..Now lets go..Bye Granny..Grandpa
Oldman:Okie then we will see day after tomorrow..bye.
Anjali smiled.

Akash:We so scared dhi.
Anjali:Nothing Akash..its just..
Arnav:Really..Nothing..if i went there late..they will break ur hand..
Khushi:Okie Cool cool.. now u two safe..And now say about ur plan..Are we going with them.
Anjali:Its nice..wat u people say.
Akash:Iam ready.
Khushi:Me too.
Anjali:U?(pointing to Arnav)
He went to his flat.
Anjali:So be ready day after tomorrow.

Anjali went to Shyam’s house.
Anjali:Namaste Aunty how are you now?
Sumitra:I am fine beta..How are you?
Anjali:Fine Aunty..did you having your tablets properly?
Sumitra:Haan beta..how could i forget that..wen there is Shyam..And after marriage u also be there for me to remind.
Anjali and sumitra smiled each other. Shyam entered house.
Shyam:Anjali When did you came?is everything okie?
Anjali:haan..everything okie..Whats this? do i only meet you only there is problem..Just came to see your mother and you.
Shyam:Nothing like that..Just Asked..So..do you want some coffee?
Anjali:Why not..but i will make for three of us.
Sumitra:No need beta.
Anjali:No Aunty..I will make Good Coffee..just taste it.
They smiled.
Shyam:How is your brother Anjali?is he convinced now?
Anjali:No..he is still angry..
Shyam:What?Why? dont you explain him anything?
Anjali:Explain..he never want to see my face..
Then Anjali told about what happened yesterday.
Anjali:Will you come with us.
Shyam:haan..but maa..
Sumitra:Shyam don say because of me you are not going..leave me atleast for one day.
Anjali:Aunty Why are you saying like this..Actually iam saying both of you..
Sumitra:No beta i cant..
Sumitra:I thought to meet Sujatha..so you two go to village and i will be in Ashram for one day.Shyam now ur Mom will be safe..U may go..
Sumitra:Anjali i thought to meet sujatha..so it was nice to spend one day in Ashram.
Shyam:Okie Maa.
Anjali:Okie Aunty..Bye..I am leaving..bye
Sumitra:okie..God bless you.

To be Continue…

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