I am always there 4 u.. I dont need anyone episode 14


Arnav:Stay away..
Girl:I think he was very angry with you..never listen to you.
Anjali:What to do..he never give me a chance to explain.
Girl:Shall i give idea..
Girl:Dont go to home.Then he will search u na?
Anjali:This is very bad idea..U shouldn’t do like this to anyone..Now lets go to ur home.
After dropped little girl to her home..Anjali thought about her idea..it will be correct situation when he doesnt had a chance to get angry.
Anjali:When i was not in my flat..he will search me..then he will come here..and he will be tensed about me..and his angry will be gone..then i will explain my situation…and thats all will never let him alone.
Anjali:Thank u my princess for this idea..OOPS..What if he never tensed about me? iam damn sure..he never..OMG What should i do now..
Anjali never came to her flat..It was ten..

Arnav called Akash to ask if Anjali was there..Anjali scared what if Arnav don care..
Anjali:Please god..I will see till 10.15..Please send Arnav..It was too scary this place..Morning this place looks like ordinary..now its like devil place..
Arnav:What the?Where did she go?
Khushi:Did u see her from morning?
Shyam:Where?(Shyam in phone..he was out of station with his mother)
Arnav:Here..I mean..
Shyam: ok did u see her going out.
Arnav remembered about morning incident..that he leave her alone in icecream shop.
Arnav:Yeah..wait i will check and inform you..
Akash & Khushi:We will also come.
Arnav:U both stay here..take care Ambuja Amma and Toughy..Inform me if she came.
Akash:Take care..
Arnav:What she thinks..did she think i will come and drop her here..she did wrong..now she punishing me..what if some problem..is she alright? Definitely she will be in some problem…why should i think like this..she will be alright..after finding her..i will give my lecture to her.

Arnav reached Icecream shop..but there is no one..he searched full place..There is no trace of anyone..its like cemetry..Then Arnav Scared and realised that Anjali never play like this.
Arnav:Anjali Dh..Anjali Dhi..Where are you?Please come ..
Arnav:Dhi..i will listen ur explanations..Don play with me..my feelings..
Arnav:Please Dhi..I just angry..with u..that u are not in my birthday..don i have the rights to get angry with you?Please dhi..
He saw Anjali slipper on the road..and pieces of bangles..he recognised that it was Anjali’s Slipper..
Arnav:Dhi..Where are you?
Arnav Follwed some trace on the sand..Finally he heard some sound.and he saw Anjali..someone holding Anjali hand and threatning her..
Arnav hold rod from the road and went near them..
Arnav:Leave her..
There are six rowdies..Arnav hit one of them..with the rod..Anjali bite Hand of the rowdy who hold her hand..and ran to Arnav.

Anjali:Run Arnav..
Arnav:Dhi Run..
They both hide near some big drum.
Arnav:Where the hell u went?
Anjali:Me..I didnt go anywhere..just waited for u in that ice cream shop..then some sound came..i just went to see..then..
Arnav:Stop..Have u lost it..How come u thought that i will come and pick up you?
Anjali:Hmm..That was my doubt too..but now its clear… u came for ur dhi..henna?
Arnav:I..I..Shyam Sir was too tensed about you..
Anjali:Shyam ji out of station..he went for his mother’s check up.
Arnav:Akash..told me..
Anjali:Haan..Akash..What about Khushi..They both know i came out with you in morning.
Arnav:What?They do know?
Anjali:Hmmm..Actually I share my idea with them..but we don know how these rowdy peoples get into these..Dont tell this to them..They will worry..
Arnav:Shut up..now think about how to escape from them.
Anjali:Yeah..but how?
Arnav:Shhh..i saw four people there..
Arnav:Just listen..We cant fight with them.
Anjali:Why? We are two..atleast we will fight with two..
Arnav:In that case other two come and finish us..just follow my plan..
Arnav:Here..Number one.
Arnav ran and Anjali still hide behind drum.One rowdy followed him..Arnav stopped..he felt..then Arnav beat with rod..Second rowdy try to follow them..Anjali make him fell with rope..They tie them with rope and ran from that place.

Anjali:I cant Arnav..My legs are paining..
Arnav:If you dont..ur two legs will be gone..is that okie..
Anjali:Oh noo..My legs..i can’t..
Arnav:Dhi..just get up..we have to go..
Arnav:okie wait here..i will see whether there is any place to hide..
After then someone came near Anjali..
Anjali:Did you know name of this street..Actually morning these are like normal place..but now like cemetry..
Rowdy:Haan..its kind of..
Anjali realised that was not Arnav but the rowdy..
Anjali:Oh sorry..I thought u was my brother..
Rowdy:Really..Come i will show your brother..
Anjali:No..I will go myself..
He held her hand..Someone beat him in his hand..he shouted and turned it was Arnav..
Arnav:Don dare to touch my dhi..
Rowdy try to break Arnav hand..but he punched him in his face..he fell down on the road..And other try to attack Arnav..but Anjali hit him in his back..He fell..
Anjali:We made this.Hey..blood..
Anjali:No..wait..will clean this and go..
Anjali wipe blood with her kerchief..
Anjali:Anyways Arnav you too brave like me.
Arnav:Come again..Like you.
Anjali:haan..Like me..
Arnav:Just stop it..u just dont have strength to run..and u saying u are brave.
Anjali:Its..Arnav.. I am sorry..Actually.
Arnav:Thats Better..Agree it.. u are not brave.
Anjali:Not that.. Actually..They are six..When u came One Rowdy went to make a call to their head..
Arnav:So what?What if they are Four or six?Now we free..(Arnav Realised and said)Hey wait dont say the other two rowdies are behind us..
Anjali:S..S…Sorry..Arnav..But it was true..They are behind us..And they came near.
Anjali and Arnav shocked..They went backside.

To be continue…

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