I am always there 4 u.. I dont need anyone episode 13


Anjali feel sad for this..She went to Arnav Parents place.
Anjali: Why did you do this to him? i pleased you don let him feel alone..u promised me to come..but why? U know what..u too lost him forever..now he built the wall too strong..its too diificult to go inside..and..
Shakshi: No dear..He is not child..he don like this kind of celebrations..and all.
Anjali: Oh really.. how u know..did u spend some time for him..do you know which color he like..which food he dont like..how much he score in physics..nothing..
Shakshi: We don have time for this..we just want our child to have all..we don our child to face the problems we faced..
Ragunath:And u know..
Anjali: Wait..with ur so called money he never be happy..he will be happy only with ur affection, care..if u are with him he is the happiest person..will this money bigger than his happiness..his friend said me that he used to cry long time..i saw him all alone so many nights..we all understood this..but u both..Waah..wat a parents..i just pray god no one should get parents like u..good bye.

Anjali knocked Arnav flat..Arnav opened the door.
Arnav:Who are you?What do you want?
Anjali:Arnav please listen to me..Actually what happened was..
Arnav:I don need any explanation..and i don want to hear anything from u..
He shut the door.
Anjali was upset.She thought how to make him happy.
Anjali:I will break ur door..if u dont open this.
Arnav:Do watever..
Anjali:Arnav..iam serious..u know about me..(anjali take rod to break)
Anjali ready to break..Arnav opened the door.
Arnav;Have u lost it?
Anjali: yes.
Arnav:What the..
Anjali: Haan..don u listen to anyone..just hear wat iam saying.
Arnav came outside and walked in stairs.
Arnav:I said already..i don need any explanations..i trusted u ..but u broke my heart..u know Akash said that my parents will also come for my bday party..but i don believe they will come..i am happy for u..u cared for me..u arranged for my birthday..but like my parents and other peoples u leave me alone.
Anjali: not like that Arnav..
Arnav:Shut up..Driver lets go.

Anjali:There is no driver.
Anjali:Haan..his son health condition was bad..he came to you to ask permission..but u are not in the mood to speak..so i let him to go.
Arnav:Who are you to do this..he is my driver.
Anjali: Now don be childish..i know if u got to know..u will do this.
Arnav walked..Anjali followed him.
Arnav: Stop following me.
Anjali:Never until u listen me.
Arnav: Then ur wish.
He walked,walked, walked..so Anjali followed him wherever he goes.
Anjali: Oh my god..My legs are paining..when he will stop.hey..
Arnav:Just go..otherwise your legs will break.
Anjali: Haan..Haan.if u had so much care..then stop..
Arnav:Care..for u..never..I hate u..
Arnav Turned..
Arnav:What happened Dhi..
Anjali:Dhi..Not bad..So u accepted me as ur dhi..Haan?
Arnav: Never.
Anjali said one little girl to stop Arnav.
Arnav hand held by someone..
Arnav: Leave me..

Little girl had fallen on the road.
Girl: Aww..my hand.
Anjali: Hey..
Arnav: oh sorry..come(he lift her)..why did u held my hand..sorry i thought that was..
Anjali:Too bad Arnav..is did the way u treat someone..see she s bleeding now..
Arnav: what where?
Girl:No Dhi..nothing like that.
Anjali:shhh..she was angry with me..please dear..cooperate with me.
Girl:Oh..Aaah..my leg..
Arnav:What first u said ur hand..but now..
Girl:Haan..both leg hand..
Anjali: u pushed her and now asking..very bad..go and compromise her.
Anjali:Otherwise..she will complaint about u.
Girl:Haan..(act like crying)Mummy..Daddy
Arnav:Wait baby..will buy you some choclates..
Girl: Mummy..
Anjali:He will buy u both.
Girl:Lets go.
Arnav:What the..
Anjali: Hmm..Hmm..Lets go.
Arnav:U dont.
Anjali:Why?Baby shall i come with u?
Girl:Why not?
Arnav:No ..I will buy only for u..
Arnav:Okie fine.

Anjali and Little girl smiled each other.
They went to icecream shop.
Girl:I want Strawberry icecream.
They ate icecream.Little girl feed Arnav icecream..he refused to eat..icecream spread on his lips.
Anjali clean icecream on his lips..
Anjali: Don’t u know to eat icecream properly..Here eat this.
Arnav opened his mouth..and tear came from his eyes..then he came to his sense that he was angry with Anjali.
Arnav get up and went.

To be continue..

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  1. very nice episode , Anjali is so caring . u show her character very well dear . eagerly waiting for next episode . update next episode soon

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