I am always there 4 u.. I dont need anyone episode 12


Next Morning
Anjali:Hello..Namaste ji..I am Anjali..I am neighbour of your son..I want to talk about Arnav..
Anjali speaking with Arnav’s Dad Ragunath.
Ragunath:Oh is there any problem..don’t worry i will settle for those..
Anjali:No No..Uncle..I am just called u for Arnav Birthday..
Ragunath:Arnav birthday..ya ya..so what?
Anjali:No uncle..he was not feeling well..he missing his family, love,affection..if he had his parents on his birthday..he feel well..
Ragunath:Thats so nice of you dear..but tomorrow there is important meeting ..wait i will ask his mom..whether she..Shakshi will u able to attend Arnav bday tomorrow..
Shakshi:I had to arrange for Women’s day function..
Anjali:Uncle put phone on speaker.
Pls Uncle Aunty..he was alone in this world..and if he like this..u can’t save ur child ..it will become more worse..Please come ..both of u.
Ragunath:okie beta..will come..
Anjali:Thank uuu so much..
(Arnav parents are not money lovers..They face many problems just because of this money..so they decided to earn more money for their son..but they don’t know they will lost their son..They thought he will be alright with this money.)
Ragunath:Shakshi should we go for this.
Shakshi:Don’t know..he is not a kid..to celebrate his birthday. okie will try.

Next morning..
Arnav woke up from bed..He shocked by seeing all the decorations in his room, hall..
Khushi:Happy Birthday Arnav.
Arnav:u did all this.
Khushi:yes Ofcourse..i will do anything for u my dear.
Akash:Stop lying..Happy Birthday Arnav..and she s lying..this is Dhi’s idea..
Khushi:but decorations done by me.
Arnav smiled.
Arnav:Where is Anjali Dh..Anjali.
Akash:Dhi..she told evening there will be party for u..then she told i will be back..and also ur parents will come for this party..
Arnav:What?..i don believe this..
Akash:Just wait and watch.

Evening..no one arrived. No Anjali and Arnav Parents..Arnav was angry..Anjali came at nine o clock.

Anjali:Hey birthday boy..how was ur day..how was my gift.. and ur parents.
Arnav:(shouted)This was the day i hate most.
Anjali:What happened Arnav?Where were ur parents?
Arnav:Iam don’t bother them..why u did this to me..i know i don’t get anyone for myself..i know dis..but u changed all dis..i don ask for any birthday celebrations..u did all this..why..where the hell are you?You know..iam so happy.. when i come to know..u did all this to me..i had ..i had one sister for me..but i am wrong.like always..there s no one..forever
Anjali:Nothing like that..Arnav..just..
Arnav:Shut up.
Arnav:Get out.I dont need you..don need anyone..

Four hours before..
Anjali:Do whatever i say..Akash.
Shyam:haan..don do anything wrong..this is her brother’s birthday.
Akash:will do correctly..
Khushi:Just relax dhi..okie wen Arnav parents are coming.
Anjali:They will come..before party.
Anjali phone rings..
Anjali:Haan..Maa.Today Arnav Bday..u know..
Anjali:Kya?What happen?When?
Shyam:What happened Anjali?
Anjali:Maa..Heart attack..
she give phone to Shyam.
Lady:Anjali please come fast..Maa worried about u yesterday..better if u are here..
Shyam:I will come with her.

Lady:Thank god..u reached..Maa taking rest..but she continuously sayin ur name..
Anjali:what happened ?
Lady:Sujatha maa was upset becoz of you..she want you to marry..i said don worry maa..she just need time..she went with that thought..dis was the reason for her condition.
Anjali:i want to see her.
Lady:go she is in that room.
Anjali:Maa..what all dis..i said na..
Sujatha:Nothin beta..just thinking about u..u r my responsibility..i must settle u..Shyam will be best for you..please don say no..
Anjali:Maa nothing like that..don feel bad..
Sujatha:Just promise u will marry him next month…i want to see u married before my death.
Anjali:What are u saying?
Anjali:I agree..but please don worrt..i will marry Shyam..whenever u say..
Sujatha Smiled..
Shyam:Anjali please don..
Anjali:Shyam i decided already…There is no any problem in marrying..and i will take care ur mother too..

To be continue…

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  1. farie , shall I give u suggestion if u don’t mind . can u pls show some nice flashback that shows Arnav and Anjali are bro-sis and Anjali comes to know about it now . it would be nice to read dear . sorry if u did not like this suggestion . btw very nice episode, loved the way how Arnav started telling dhi and stopped in the middle . love ur ff , continue and update next epi soon

  2. Farie

    Awww..thank u dear for ur suggestion..but its like Anjali caring Arnav only she came to know that was her brother..but my story was about the girl who cares boy who feel all alone in this world..she wants to make him happy..This bro-sis relationship is same just we saw in ipkknd..only difference is they don have any blood relationship..once again thank u for suggestion..don mistake me dear..and my next episode will post after two days..keep supporting..:) 🙂

    1. its ok dear , ur ff is alredy good . I just wanted to say what I felt , update next episode as soon as possible

  3. Farie

    hope u like this track

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