I am always there 4 u.. I dont need anyone episode 11


Arnav said Ambuja amma to leave as she was sick..But now he was hungry..Arnav checked google to prepare something..he decided to prepare Noodles..he tried to cut onions..but knife cut his fingers..now he called Akash..he said he will come to save him from his hungry..Calling bell rings..Arnav opened the door.
Anjali:Actually my gas stove not working properly..if u don mind..shall i use urs..i will also prepare for u too.
Akash smiled.Arnav looked him.
Arnav:Why did u call her?
Akash:Even i don know to cook..so its better to have cook..at the same time Dhi’s stove was..
Arnav:Shut up. i don need anyone..and never give anything.
Anjali:how rude..iam not asking u to cook..just asking let me cook.. u r very hungry..how will you ..
Arnav:okie enough..keep my kitchen clean..
Anjali:Thank u..
(Arnav think silently I know u doing all this for me..but i don want you to come close to me..i scared what if u too go away from me.)

Anjali:will never go anywhere..
Arnav:(shocked)What ?
Anjali:I mean don go anywhere..just be here..will make it fast.
Khushi:Shall i join.
Anjali:O fcourse.
Arnav:only i decide.
Anjali:i will give u suggestion..its not good manners to say no..
Khushi:Haan..pls..i don have any friends..pls
Akash:Come on Arnav.
Arnav:Okie fine.
Anjali went to kitchen.
Khushi kissed him in cheeks.. and say Thank u.
Akash was shocked.
Arnav went out.
Khushi:Don’t u scared..see he didn’t say anything and i will win my bet one day.
Akash:U cheated.
Arnav:Akash..its getting late.
Khushi went to kitchen to help anjali.
Anjali:Is dat true..u don have any friends.
Khushi:yeah..the friends surrounded by me give value to money..i don like that..not for feelings..but these guys different..i saw arnav only with sadness..and Akash he will always there for arnav..so i just want to have friends like that..
Anjali:oh..u just doing for their friendship..
Khushi:Actually..no i like arnav more than friend..lets see what happen in future..
Anjali:Haan ..Haan..
Khushi:dhi..come lets prepare.
They finished cooking..

Anjali called Akash to ask them to return home..
Khushi served plates..
Arnav stare plates..Anjali came there and sit in front of Arnav.
Anjali take spoon full of noodles and place it arnav mouth..tears come in arnav eyes..
Anjali:is dat spicy.
Khushi:Dhi..now i remembering one song..
Akash and Khushi sings at the same time..
Meri Aako mein tu muskuraye..meri dhadkan..
Arnav sees them in anger
Khushi and Akash: OOPS
Arnav:u too eat..
Dinner had finished.
Khushi:Okie..see you later guys.
They both leave.
Anjali:Bye..Take care.

Coffee Shop.
Anjali:So..what next?we had our coffee..Then.
Shyam:I want to tell you something.
Shyam:Now..I..Don mistake me..
Shyam:Anjali..what iam telling is..
Anjali:Shyam..just tell me.
Shyam:okie..now i had no any issues in marrying you.
Shyam:Yeah..I know..you are not ready now..but just saying ..this..The reason i said no to marriage was, my mom ..she was not able to do her need by herself..she s physically challenged..i want my wife to support my mom like her mom..iam sure you will ..
Anjali:I am sure shyam..i will take care ur mom..
Anjali smiled..Shyam held her hand.

Anjali entered her flat..she saw Arnav going to terrace..she followed him.
Arnav sit on floor and stare the sky.
Anjali:Wat are you seeing?
Arnav:just seeing..am like these stars..stars cant be seen by us without shining..people cant see me without my parents money.
Anjali:Why u always thinkin negative..be positive..people love stars because they are shining..and people will love u not ur money..
Arnav:I saw everyone..no one like that..The person who really care for me are Ambuja amma, Akash..and You. but i am scared if i get close to you peoples,then u guys will go far away from me like my dad mom..
Anjali:I will never go Arnav..U r my brother..how could i ..
Anjali:Yes..now wipe ur eyes and go to sleep.
They go to their flats.Anjali wipe her eyes and slept.

To be continue…

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