I am always there 4 u.. I dont need anyone episode 10


Next morning..
Arnav:How many times i said..dont follow me.
Khushi:Me..why should i..
(Khushi living in the same apartment Anjali Arnav lived..Arnav was Khushi’s crush..she tried all way to be friend with arnav..but he even doesn’t look at her..And now she is trying her luck..but caught by Arnav..Now she managing herself)
Arnav:Hey You..Don’t come in my way..
Khushi :See Mr…
Arnav left.
Akash:I said u before..u never win..
Khushi:The game is not end. Mr. Akash, on starting stage he never give a look at me..but now..he spoke to me.
Khushi:Haan..Whatever..If i decided something..will definitely do it.
Shyam:Haan..Me..did ur parents know all this.
Khushi:Bhaiya..just for fun.
Shyam:This not so funny..now i understood why ur scores were stopped in average..if u don’t stop all this..then u will regret it.
Khushi: Bhaiya.
Shyam went.

Akash:(smiled)Now you accept ur defeat.
Khushi: Khushi never accept her defeat until she win.
Akash:Ok then..All the best again.
Khushi:Thank u.
Shyam went to Anjali’s Flat.
Anjali:Hey..What a surprise..
Shyam:Here is my aunt’s flat..So thought to think both of u.
Shyam:Where was ur brother?
Anjali:He went out..Don’t know.
Shyam:What a careless sister..There one girl trying to snatch ur brother.
Akash:Dhi cool..nothing like that..He is talking about the girl named Khushi..She was trying to make arnav to look at her..but not working..Shyam ji you scolded her now ..but u now speaking like that u are not tensed about her.
Shyam:I know about her..its just crush..and this all will happen in this age..i know she will never listen to me..but its my duty na..moreover she never go in wrong way.
Anjali:Good..keep it up..u too caring..
Akash:ok dhi..Arnav called me..will see you later.

Shyam:I came here to ask..if u mind to come for coffee with me?
Anjali:What..why should i?We are friends already..
Shyam:Thank you.
Khushi:Bhaiya..This is not fair..juat now u adviced me..and now.
Shyam:This is not like u did.
Shyam:will see you tomorrow Anjali..bye
Anjali smiled
Khushi:Bye Shyam Bhaiya.
Khushi:Hi iam khushi.
Anjali:I am Anjali..so u following Arnav..right?
Khushi:No..he was my crush..just trying to look at me..Thats it..
Anjali:Really..All the best.
Khushi:Thank u.
They both hugged.

To be continue…

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