I am always there 4 u… I don’t need anyone.. Part 52

Tour venue..

It was so late when they reached there..nearly 11.00 pm
They all arrived kodaikanal..its too cold..

Shyam:Aakash..its too far from our place..

Aakash:haan bhaiya..its south na..we are in north na..thats y its too far..

Aarav:what an Explanation!!

Arnav:chal lets go inside..

Anjali:haan..i am so tired..

They went inside..nd got the room keys..

Shyam:4 rooms

N.k:haan bhaiya..its Ankita nd Aarav plan..

Khushi:isme kya plan hai?

Payal:haan..we need 4 rooms..kya plan hai?

Ankita:wo kya hena..me, Aarav nd N.k bhaiya ek room mein,.aur u couples will be in separate rooms,.

Aakash:wow..what a plan!!

Anjali:kya? Chup Aakash,.Ankita kya hai ye sab..aisa kuch neih hoga..tu aur Aarav mere saath hoga..

Aarav:neih neih..its our decision..nd its final..

Shyam:Aarav..we can’t..

Ankita:papa..we came here for enjoy..so we should enjoy..nd u all should enjoy..

Arnav:darlin..badi badi bath kar rahi ho ..

Ankita:haan lets enjoy it na..Mama pls..aap pls hum sab fickar chod kar papa ke saath enjoy kijiye..


Khushi:dhi..she is correct..u enjoy..u don’t get this chance.,we should enjoy ourselves sometimes..

Aakash:i don’t think so u saying this for only dhi..but also for u??

Khushi: neih neih..mae buz bhaiya aur anjali…

Aarav £ Ankita:lekin hum sab ki baath kar rahe hai..

Aakash:i agree..that means..me nd payal

Arnav:hum bhi..

Shyam:chal ye dhono kehadiya..there is no for No..

Anjali agree with half mind


Everyone went for their room..

Arnav fell on the bed..

Khushi:Arnav..go nd get fresh then sleep na..

Arnav:muje kahi neih jana..very tired..

Khushi: tired neih..lazy..

Arnav:accha,.let me show you what iam..

He held her nd make her to fall on him..

Khushi:oye..chodo muje..i need to go..

Arnav:neih darlin..i should show now..

Scene shifted to Payal aur Aakash room

Payal:Aakash u r really sweet..

Aakash:thank god ..u realised atleast now..u know am really so sweet..

He came near to Payal..payal pushed him

Payal:am not saying this my dear..i said about this tour plan..this is very good idea ..

Aakash hugged her from back..

Aakash: haan..Arnav aur Anjali dhi seen more trouble..they both hide their pain themselves..now they should be happy..

Payal hugged him back..

Payal:thats why am saying ,,.u r really sweet,.

Scene shifted to Anjali aur Shyam room

Anjali:arrey its 11.55 ..what u doing with laptop now..

Shyam:nothing..just hoping for some way..

Anjali:don’t worry everything will get alright..

Shyam:hmm..ok now..10, 9, 8,



Anjali:Shyam ji..u remember?

Shyam hugged her..

Shyam:Happy birthday Darlin..how can i forget my Anjali birthday..huh?

Anjali:thank u?

Shyam gave her one box wrapped with gift paper..

Anjali:What’s need for this? I just need ur love..

Shyam:phir bhi..i want to give something for my love na?
Open that..

Anjali opened it..there is gold chain with heart dollar..

Anajli:Shyam ji..its so nice..

Shyam:open ur heart


Shyam:matlab ye hai ki..

He opened that..there is two side..one contain shyam, ankita, aarav pic..and another contain Arnav, khushi, Aaksh, payal..

Anjali:Shyam..how could u ..

Shyam:i know u Anjali..we were ur world..that’s why i thought to give this to u…

Anjali had a tear in her eyes..

Anjali:sach..meri puri duniya..aap log..meri khushi,.meri pyaar…i love this gift..nd i love u so much,,

Shyam:i know that..but i want favor from u..


Shyam:i want u to be smile always..


They hugged each other..

Suddenly someone knocks the door…

Shyam:i know who was that..

Anjali smiled..nd opened the door

Khushi:kya dhi..did u both finished ur romance?


Aarav:mumma..papa kya diya aap ko?

Aakash:haan..show us ..

Anjali showed them..shyam smiled..

Arnav:waa jiju..very smart husband..u know very well about Anjali dhi’s happiness

Shyam:aur who else know..i am her husband…

He held Arnav’s ear..

Arnav:mae tho buzz mazak kar raha tha..chodiyena pls,.

Payal: tk..we just waited for ur romance to end..now humare turn..chal Aarav Anki..dono gift dena..

Ankita:haan..Aarav show that..

Aarav nd Ankita gave card to Anjali..

Aarav:open nd read that Mumma..we did this for u..

Maa we love u..
U r the best cook..
U r the best teacher..
U r the best well wisher..
U r the best guide..
U r the best inspiration..

U the best Maa..
U r the best forever..

We love u so much…

Ankita £ Aarav:Maa we love you so much..Nd happy birthday Mom..

Anjali:Thank u dears..nd u were the best children ever…??

Payal:Aaksh now our turn..hold this..

Payal £ Aakash:u r the best dhi nd this is for our best best dhi..

Anjali smiled

Anjali:kya ye isme..

Aakash:arrey open it na..

Anjali opened..its photo collage book..

Aakash:dhi..this is way we travelled..this was full of our memories..i don’t want to fade our memories..so our memories will be alive forever..

Payal £ Aakash: so Many more happy returns of this day..

Anjali:thank u so much..i love this..each nd every photo was so close to me..

Khushi:Arnav..ab hum..

Arnav open the cover nd gave one diary..

Anjali:ye diary..

Arnav:ye mera hai..in this i wrote my life what i had gone through my life..mera dard, mera pyaar,, sab ..now i want u to continue..i want u to write all our life,,to complete..

Arnav £ khushi:haan..we all nothing without u dhi..we all complete family..becoz of u..A very very happy birthday….be with this cute smile forever…

Anjali was in tear..with smile..she hugged all of them..

Anjali:i love u all so much..this was my bet birthday..becoz of this birthday..i came to know how much love u all having for me..love u all..

N.k:ok ok..ab emotions end kijiye na..now its party time..

Aarav:haan mumma..cut the cake..

Anjali:ye kya? Im not child..

Ankita:lekin u should cut this..


Shyam:Anjali ..they bought this for u..don’t spoilt their mood na..

Anjali:tk ji..

Khushi: waa..bhai kitna pyaar..

Everyone:haan haan..

They both blushed..

Anjali:chal ..i will cut the cake..nd who wants the first piece..

Arnav:hamesha..this is for ur husband..


Shyam ate the cake..

Then she gave to everyone..

Now the room was filled with happiness..love…


Vishwa:Malathi i saw exactly one lady like u..

Malathy:what? Don’t irritate me Vishva..i am already..

Vishwa:no i am not…she was like exactly u..if u was in saree..then even i can’t identify u..

To be continue…

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