I am always there 4 u..I don’t need anyone..

Khushi:Arnav am here to look after u..i can’t go anywhere

She said nd sit on the chair pretended like sleeping..

Why this happened..nd what she saying? Why can’t she leave?

Next morning

Doctor came to check Arnav health condition

Doctor:ok u free now..u may go..but do exercise properly..don’t work too much..nd don’t stress urself..

Khushi:i will take care of him..doctor

Arnav:koe zaroorat neih..i will take care myself..

Khushi smiled

Khushi :ok

Doctor:tk..Arnav..be careful..nf these bandage u can remove it after 15 days..

Arnav:tk ..

Doctor went from the room

Khushi:tk Arnav u ready..i already called cab ..i will check nd come once again..till then u just wait


Khushi:(smiled) Arnav u going to see ur dhi..don’t be like this sad face..r u not happy?

Arnav:am happy for that but..

Khushi:(thinks)oh ..don’t stop like this..pls complete it na

Arnav:kuch neih


Cab came..she held him to walk,.make his hand to put on her shoulder..nd she put her hand on his back..to support his balance,.they saw each other..


Khushi(thinks):i love you

Arnav(thinks):i love you

They interrupted by cab driver as usual..
They stepped into car..

It was silence for a moment.,nd khushi begun to say something..

Arnav shut her to speak nothing,,

Khushi was little anger..with that she tried to sleep

After ten minutes becoz of tiredness..she was very deep in her sleep..

Then Khushi slept in Arnav’s shoulder..Arnav didn’t disturb her..

Arnav (thinks):u damn cute..i love u khushi..i just can’t stop saying,.i love u wenever i am seeing u..

He held her hand..kiss her hand..sudden break ..khushi awake..she saw Arnav helding her hand..

Arnav shocked

Khushi:will u hold this forever?

Arnav:ofcourse..(realised that she was asking in real) what?

Khushi:wahi toh..will u hold this or leave my hand..becoz we reached..

Arnav saw that he was in front of Shyam house..
There was Anjali, Shyam, Aarav , Ankita..

They was with their big smile to welcome him

Khushi:welcome back Arnav..go nd live ur life..

Khushi nd Arnav stepped out..khushi help him in each nd every step..nd Arnav did not stop her..he loves that moment..

Anjali nd Shyam shocked by this scenarios..but they asked nothing to them..

Anjali ready ti take Aarti for Arnav..

Khushi:arrey dhi..mae bhi hoon..tumari bhai ke pass..thodi muje bhi kijiye na

Anjali:haan..bilquil dear..

Then they enter at same time..khushi nd Arnav felt like the married couple..

Khushi was so happy nd enjoying the moment..

Anjali:u go Arnav..i will come back in a minute..

Shyam dragged Khushi from there..


Shyam:what happening here?

Khushi:bhaiya..jo aap dek raha ho..wo sach hai..

Shyam:so am correct..u two in love..


Shyam:wow..iam so happy for u both..finally my choti behan going to get married..

Khushi:relax relax bhaiya..don be so happy..this is just half love story.,

Shyam:kya matlab hai tumari?

Khushi:meri matlab ye hai ki..we both never said our love each other..he was confused that i was married with Aakash..nd i came to know this yesterday..now am waiting for him to say that he loves me..

Shyam:ye kya kael hai..just make it clear..

Khushi:haan bhaiya..i just thought about it..really am tired of this hide nd seek.. am goin to clear..he was a stone,,i should do everything..? afterall he was Arnav Singh Raizada..i will clear

Shyam:tk..chal all the best..

Khushi:thank u bhaiya..love u

Shyam:say this to him..


Scene shifted to Arnav
Arnav was irritated by these activities of Khushi..

Arnav(thinks): what she was trying to do..if she was happy with what happened yesterday..or she pretending like nothing was happened

Arnav was guided by Ankita nd Aarav to his room..

Ankita:darlin this is ur room..

Arnav:hmm..nice..come here..i missed u so much,,

Ankita:me too..pathaye tum..Aarav helped me to set this room for u

Arnav:achha..Aarav come here..how are u?

Aarav:fine uncle..how u feeling now?

Arnav:better..u know what i bought some toys for u both..it will be arrived in evening..



Ankita:i know u darlin..u was not interested in those things..even i asked for something ..u always say that was waste of money..but now..

Arnav:shh..Darlin i was meeting Aarav..so i just thought to give hmm something..

Aarav:uske zaroorat neih hai uncle..kya aap muje bribe de raha ho..


Khushi entered there suddenly..

Anki nd Aarav dhi bula rahi hai..

Ankita£Aarav: haan..tk

Khushi:Arnav wo…iss..

Arnav:shut up khushi..nd get out..iam not in the mood ..just get out

To be continue..

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