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Hii My new Os : Alvida

Twinkle is in love with her cousin Kunj who is returning from London 5 years later. Kunj is a successful and famous gynecologist. She thinks that he is coming back for her but actually Kunj is coming back to Maya who he loves. Twinkle has been raised by Kunj parents because her mother died when she was young and her father couldn’t look after her. She has one sister Maya who were raised by their khala. When Kunj announces his desire to marry maya, Twinkle is left in shock and anger. She does all she can to ruin their wedding with the help of her childhood friend Chinki. Nevertheless, the wedding takes place and on Maya and Kunj wedding night, Twinkel blurts out about her feelings to Maya. Maya is shocked and so is Kunj. The next day Twinkle decides to leave the house and she takes refuge with her friend Chinki. Her friend’s husband has bad intentions and Twinkle also slaps him. Twinkle leaves chinki’a house and she starts living in a hostel. Here, she works as a teacher. She meets her colleague Yuvraj .While Twinkle had left the house, Maya and Kunj go for their honeymoon and after returning, they find out that Maya is pregnant. Both are very happy at the thought of becoming parents. When Twinkle finds out about this, she gets even more depressed. However, Maya is suffering from pre-eclampsia and hadi operates Maya but she dies during childbirth. Kunj starts blaming himself for his wife’s death.

Part 2
Kunj holds himself responsible for her death as he was the one operating on her. Feriha is given the job of looking after the baby. Meanwhile, Twinkle gets friendly with Uv and the 2 start hanging out together. When Feriha realizes how rich Kunj is she tries to woo him and ditches her boyfriend Emir. She talks to Twinkle and tells her never to come back while Twinkle is also unaware of Maya’s death. Meanwhile, Feriha is living in Kunj’s house and creates misunderstandings within the family. She tells Kunj that his mom wants them married and she tells Kunj’s mom that Kunj is interested in her. Kunj’s mom forces him to marry Feriha against his will. Meanwhile, Twinkle returns on their wedding day as she has found about Maya’s death from her friend Chinki who meets her to apologize and tells her that her husband, died. She is stunned to see Kunj married to Feriha. Feriha is really happy as she has finally got the life she dreamed for. She wants to get rid of Twinkle as she believes that Kunj will fall in love with Twinkle. Twinkle agrees to leave. Twinkle goes to live with her father. When Feriha finds out that Kunj and Twinkle spent a night together talking and having fun, she blames Kunj for deceiving her. Kunj in a fit of rage slaps Feriha. Twinkle is really depressed as Feriha came to her house and said that she will never let Her steal her husband. When Kunj finds out about Twinkle’s friendship with Uv, he is jealous and tells her to never talk to Uv again.

Twinkle and Uv become good friends and Uv even proposes to Twinkle. Twinkle accepts the proposal. On the other hand, Kunj is getting jealous of Uv. Emir who was rejected by Feriha has come back from America. Now he has a job in America and is quite rich. He and Feriha accidentally meet in the mall and their friendship rekindles. Uv goes to Twinkle’s house to talk about their marriage. Kunj constantly tries to persuade Twinkle not to marry Uv,as he thinks Uv is not the perfect man for her. She refuses. Uv’s and Twinkle’s marriage preparations begin. Twinkle and Kunj’s friendship rekindles and they talk with each other like they were before. Twinkle feels like what she is doing is wrong, she should not marry Uv. So, she starts to ignore him. Uv scared of why Twinkle isn’t replying to his call, sneaks into her house through the terrace. He meets twinkle at last, who gets surprise and scared when she sees him. Unfortunately Kunj sees them but allows them to talk upon Uv request. After a while Uv leaves. Twinkle constantly think of her decision of marrying Uv. Her Family members say that we are not pressurizing her to marry Uv. She says that she is happy in marrying Uv, she is just a bit nervous. Their marriage take place ..

Part 3
After their marriage takes place they return to Uv home and Uv takes a few pictures of twinkle and suddenly she faints. Uv takes her to the hospital. He even informs Kunj. Kunj reaches the hospital immediately. Uv asks him if he can stay with twinkle for sometime in the hospital as he has to go back home. Kunj agrees. When Kunj and twinkle are in the hospital’s room, Uv takes a few pictures of them through a small window of the room. Kunj tells twinkle that now she is not alone,she has a husband, she should think about Uv. When twinkle and Uv reach back home, Uv tells her that how he had always wished for a house in which his beautiful wife and he would cook food for themselves together. Twinkle leave to Kunj home for some rasam. Uv asks her to stay but she says that she would be back in some days. Then she leaves. At her Kunj house twinkle receives Uv call,who asks her to come back as he is feeling alone.When twinkle refuses to do so, Uv says that he is coming to her house right now because he is missing her a lot . She says that it’s not possible as his house is far away from her house, it would take hours to reach there, and she is stunned when she turns around to see Uvstanding near the door. Twinkle comes to know that Kunj has started taking patients (which he had stopped before because of the death of his first wife Maya). Usha in shock talks to twinkle and says that I wonder how he agreed on taking cases once again. Twinkle says it’s because of me, I asked him to do so. She says that there should be a party because it’s a big news. They should celebrate.

Usha tells Uv about this, who also seems to be happy. On the other hand, Feriha goes to meet emir ,who tells her that he would be leaving for America soon as he cannot stay longer. His company has asked him to come back. Feriha gets angry. She says to him that she cannot live without him, to which he replies by saying that he cannot too. As Feriha had gone to meet emir and refused to prepare lunch for Hadi, which is to be sent to his hospital, twinkle prepares his lunch. While twinkle is preparing his lunch Uv arrives there and asks her whether she would prepare the lunch for him in the same way, as she is preparing for Kunj. She replies “Yes ! I would.” When Kunj receives his lunch box at his hospital .” Kunj smiles and begins eating his lunch. When he reaches back at his home he is ecstatic to see the house’s dining room decorated and everyone standing there waiting for him to cut the cake. He cuts the cake and suddenly Feriha appears. She asks what is going on. Usha tells her that it’s a celebration and also tells her the reason behind it . She says that why doesn’t she asks him (Kunj ) what happened that made him take this decision. But twinkle, interrupts her.

Kunj mom takes him to a side and tells him that twinkle is not willing to go back with Uv.She says that Kunj know better than her about twinkle, and requests him to ask her to leave, it will be better for her and as well as you. Kunj leaves the party and goes to his room. Twinkle arrives there and asks him why he left the party and came here. He tells twinkle that he is not interested in this party and she should leave him alone. He says that he is suffering from a headache and wants to rest. Twinkle asks him if Usha said something regarding her to him. He says no he just wants her to leave and live with her husband. She asks him that he is asking her to live with her husband, but before saying that he should first think about him and Feriha and why they don’t even live the same room, even when they are husband and wife. He says that it’s not about him and Feriha it’s about twinkle and Uv. She says that I want I to leave you and start her life with Uv. At last he says “Yes !” Twinkle leaves his room. Feeling dejected,twinkle then tells Uv to take her back to their home. Once they reach their home,Uv gifts her a dress and asks her to wear it. After that, he asks her if she would do everything that she does for KS (Kunj sarna) He shows her pictures that he took of her and Kunj in hospital.

twinkle gets shocked. Uv asks her that does she think that he is a fool. He had seen her love for Kunj way before. He grabs her hand and hurts her when she is sleeping for her to wake up get ready for his own entertainment. He asks her to make lunch and breakfast for him. And gets excited on seeing the lunchbox( Apparently he had seen a dream about it). He tells twinkle that he has finished off her balance on her phone and would take it with him. He has also disconnected landline and internet connection and anyway by which she could communicate with anyone. Twinkle gets perplexed about the happenings with her. While kunj is trying to get back to Feriha , Feriha avoids him. He sees her while she’s talking to emir . But Feriha tells him that she was talking to her mother. Kunj still feels that she’s lying because she kept changing the subject.Later Kunj tracks her and sees her with emir in a public park.kunj furiously reaches home and when Feriha arrives he questions her but she simply refused to what Kunj saw.Later Uv arranges a picnic, where they do ice skating and wall climbing and it is when twinkle is uncomfortable doing all this but Uv forces her to enjoy with him while Kunj notice rameez’s behaviour. Feriha insists emir to let them fly to USA but he is a bit reluctant to do so.In a heated argument Feriha says to kunj that even if he thinks of divorcing her she will destroy twinkle’s life. Kunj finds no other way to solve the problem so he finally divorces Feriha . Feriha leaves the house while shouting that everyone in this house is mental and that she will bring everyone on the footpath. When she reaches emir house he tells her that he was taking revenge from her because she left him just to marry hadi.

Feriha is shocked and is left devastated while emir kicks her out of her house and life.On the other hand, Uv and twinkle get to know Kunj has divorced Feriha .He starts shouting at twinkle and calls it her plan. He chases twinkle in the house when a sofa drops on his foot and he’s hurt and when he catches twinkle she accidentally hits him with a knife that injures his hand. Twinkel runs out of her apartment while Uv is chasing her when Kunj clashes with twinkle and takes her to his house. Twinkle is found to be pregnant but Usha and Kunj force her to live with them and leave Uv .
Last Part
Uv is at his house. He is remembering his childhood when his father used to suspect his wife and used to blame that she had an affair with his boss and then used to beat her with a belt and this is shown the cause for his behaviour. On the other hand , Kunj goes to twinkle room and starts talking to her about their past and how they used to be some time ago. Twinkle is on the bed and Kunj is on the floor talking when they tirelessly fall asleep. Twinkle suddenly wakes up and sees Uv in front of her.uv has a pistol in his hand and is pointing it towards kunj. Twinkle cries while Uv orders her to quietly come with him or he will shoot Kunj . She agrees while leaving unnoticed Kunj sleep. Uv takes twinkle to his house and tells his childhood story to twinkle. He takes off his belt and moves towards twinkle. Kunj wakes up and finds out that Uv has taken twinkle and tells her mother who is shocked.

He sits in the car and starts driving to Uv house. Meanwhile, twinkle is shown running away from Uv and he shouts at her and catches her. He grabs her firmly and says that she is impure and she was a treacherous wife and pushes her with a great force and she falls. Kunj reaches the building. He reaches the house but the door is locked. He starts opening it. Uv is horrified and locks himself in the room and kills himself..Kunj opens the door and finds twinkle on the floor shredded in blood. He takes her to the hospital. All the family members arrive at the hospital and they start praying for twinkle’s health. It is found that twinkle child has died in the womb and she is suffering from excessive bleeding and needs blood. Kunj operates her. Twinkle’s pulse is declining. Kunj cries in front of her. Twinkle’s pulse stops! Kunj is shocked . But her pulse revives and she starts breathing. She moves to her house where she finds Kunj is moving to South Africa. She asks him to not leave her and finally declares her love for him. Kunj is satisfied an tells he also love her and promises twinkle for a more happy and peaceful life ahead and they decide marry and to live happy life with Zaan. (Kunj and Maya’s son ) They start laughing . It ends with Kunj and twinkle hand in hand.

The End….

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  1. Purnima.agrawal30

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    Awesome os zaku..

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    Hi zaku
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    Very nice but quite complicated

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    Zaku meri jaan…so intense dear…I must say…I can see the difference..well I had a confusion.. How can cousins marry..!!?..but leave all was amazing..??

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  9. Sayeeda

    Zaku …..dear u nailed it ….soooooooo gooodd one…
    Feriha nd Emir reminded me of one of my fav Pakistani serial Feriha ..
    Yr u r damm good at ur at writing …
    Answer me one thing ; R u a boy??
    If yes then I’m so happy to have a talented younger bro like u …

    1. First of all Thankssss
      Nope I am a girl…Shayad bio mei yeh bhi likhna padhega
      Post ur ff soooon plz

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    wowwww i am a silent reader but your os made me to comment di it wasssss tooooo goood plz keep writing os like this i wanna know do you write ff also???

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  15. u took d story jst 2 d new level…
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    gr8 n superb one…
    love it 2 d core…

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