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Guys hello well this is my first OS..hope u all love it..spare me as its toomuch long..
but grace some patience..
and plz note whole story is not mine..
my bro and sis has helped me in it..(who actually are proffession)they helped me reproduce it..
its just with their help that i have written it..
yup its a bit worsy ..but still..
It was a bright morning. Twinkle was busy in the kitchen, her ears listening to the song Kunj was humming, as he was bathing.
They lived in a duplex house. Kunj chose to have the upper portion and Twinkle mostly dwelt in the lower.
When Kunj was around her eyes would be the only sense that worked, when Kunj was around but not in front, ears would be the only one working.
When he was away, it was just her mind and his thoughts in her mind that worked.
She was cooking for him, even after his repetitive instruction, not to.
She loved cooking for him; she loved doing things for him. She loved him, more than she loved herself. She loved him like no one has ever loved before.
As the singing slowly faded away and the door knob clicked, she saw him coming out and striding away to his room.
She could not resist him. His tall six feet, slim frame, his fair skin which almost shone in the morning sun,
  everything in him was so irresistible, except the fact that, he was not showing any love towards her.
Twinkle meticulously plated breakfast for him. As he came down, formally dressed, she extended the plate to him.
Kunj sighed. He looked at the plate and then at the floor. Without raising his head, he uttered,�I dont want you to cook for me.
I will take care of my needs and strode away towards the door.
It was the usual scene. Twinkle often made only one serving of a meal.
Kunj would not eat it most of the time and she would manage with it. She got used to his silence and distance.
She never complained. She was not sure how to tell it to someone. Parents, according to her were her last choice.
She did not want to trouble them. She wanted of tell it to UV, her brother. She thought let it wait for some time.
Things will get changed, she thought.As she saw him walking away, she stopped him.
Just a sec�, Twinkle spoke. She had so much love and numerous questions in her big innocent brown eyes.
Kunj stopped moving. He did not look back.
Few of my gold ornaments are missing�
Where did you keep them?
At home. In my wardrobe
Search for one more time
No I did, several times. Those were my favorite ones.� Twinkles tone saddened.
Ok. Let us see what could be done�, said Kunj and moved out.
It was probably the longest conversation they had spoken in the past few weeks.
As Twinkle peeped to see him leave, Kamini, her neighbor, smiled at her.
Come in, Aunty, Had breakfast?�
Yes dear. I did. Thank you.She said
She walked swiftly towards her cupboard, drew out her reception Album. Probably it was the last time Kunj had smiled at her.
She ran her fingers through the picture of her Kunj smiling.
It has been one and a half years, she had felt his warmth.
Twinkle and Kunj never go out together. Kunj did not let Twinkle to stay close to him even when he was sick.
He was an independent person. But something had made him rigid. That something took him away from her.
Above all, that something had made him hate her.
She felt a harsh pain in her head. Twinkle thought something in her made him hate her.
She was puzzled as what it was. It was the worst feeling. She never knew what her mistake was, yet she was being punished.
Tears rolled down her cheeks, as she recollected the phone call which Kunj made just before their wedding.
Hello�, Twinkle smiled as she attended his call.
My love heaven is just a day away. By this time, tomorrow, you would be my wife. Its just you who can bring so much happiness and beauty to my life�, Kunj started.
Enough , my dearest, have something in store after the wedding too.�
You will not run out of Love and I will not run out of words, describing your love for me.
Oh my god. Hey listen, dont make me blush.
Missing those cheeks and the blush, Kunj sighed.
Hey Sweets, listen, I am starting from home to wedding hall. See you in the evening.
We would have been paired for the family ritual then�, Twinkle smiled as she cut the call.
Her eyes and cheeks were wet as she ran through that beautiful conversation in her mind.
It was the final lovely conversation she had had with Kunj. After the reception he bade a bye and smiled at her before he walked to his room.
That was the last time she saw him smiling at her.
Her head throbbed. She rested her head against the cushion. She cried until she dozed off.
Twinkle had stopped concentrating much on her surroundings. She locked herself into her small world;
her small world with her love; her small world which was now full of confusions and miseries.
She looked herself in the mirror. She had carelessly rested her face somewhere while she was asleep. There were few black markings. Twinkle was busy rubbing them off her face.
It was 7.30 PM. Kunj usually, never had dinner at home. Twinkle was very tired that day. She toasted few slices of bread and was stuffing it into her mouth.
The doorbell rang.  She hesitantly opened the door. To her surprise Kunj was standing there.
Her lips curled up spontaneously at his mere sight.
He did not wait to see her smile. He walked into the house.
Had lunch ?�, Twinkle started.
Yes�, he replied looking at his mobile.
I want to talk to you
Guess you are already talking to me�, Kunj was still looking into his mobile.
Not like this. It is something serious
Kunj let out a sigh and placed his mobile down. He looked at her, crossed his hands across his chest. He gestured as though he was ready to listen.
I am kind of sure and kind of confused too..said twinkle..
Kunj started to move out..
Twinkle then added y dont u understand me Kuunj?
Accuse me, Hurt me, and understand me. It is always me me me and only me, right?� Kunj raised his voice.
Tears rolled down her cheeks.
Kunj continued,
As if everything around is so pleasing for me. Dont pull words from my mouth.
Stop imagining, finish your dinner, If you have not and go to bed.� , he ordered and strode towards the stairs.
Twinkle stood there helpless. She wept uncontrollably.
He was mean to her. She was angry on him.
She was angry on herself for making him behave this way. She sat on the couch , covered her face and cried. She never knew when she fell asleep.
Kunj woke up as he heard some noise; noise of a chair being pulled. He was irritated, as he woke up from deep sleep. He was not sure from where it came.  He thought it might not happen again and covered his head. He now heard the sound of door knob click. He was now startled.
He immediately rushed down. It was all quiet and normal.Twinkle was sleeping on the couch.
He felt relieved and as he was about to go back to his room, he saw a shadow running out from his house and to his bewilderment, the main door in his house was unlocked.
The door wobbled as though someone had just pulled it hard. He went close to the door and peeped outside. The apartment veranda lights were on. The path looked normal. It did not show any sudden movements as his house door did.
Kunj let out a sigh.
As he went near, he heard her mumble. Kunj, I love you. I am not sure what you hate in me. I will not repeat it. I want you to love me. Say I love you. But just say I love you. I will die for it. I love you, Kunj
Kunj was taken aback. He had not showed any love or mercy for her right from the day of marriage.
She had shown him only love.
There were days, when he had shown his worst face to her. She never complained. She felt hurt, but she did not hate him for that.
He slowly tried to pull her quilt away. She slowly woke up. She was startled to see him on her bed.
She jumped off her bed. I am sorry. Not sure how I ended up sleeping on your bed. Sorry. Should have been by mistake�, she was panting.
Hey, no. I just came to your room�, Kunj spoke.
There had been so many mornings; Twinkle had wished to wake up in Kunjs arms. Today was a different experience. He had come to her room.
Kunj spoke in a low tone.
When did you come here. You were sleeping in couch right?
Hmm. Yes. Not sure when. I just woke in middle of the night. My head and body ached badly. I thought it might be due to the couch. So came to bed.
Ok. Dont forget to lock the main door. I am moving to office Kunj spoke and by all good instincts ,
he turned to look into her eyes; the same big, round, deep brown eyes. They showed so much love and sorrow at the same time. she had deeper sorrows, he thought.
The casual talk seemed like great words for her. She was in cloud nine to think that he had taken time to speak to her and asking her to be careful. It felt wonderful.
Can you wait for a moment? I shall make breakfast, long since I had prepared for you�, she rushed to kitchen.
No thanks. You are staying with me. I should take care of your safety. Hence I asked you to do so. No room for advantage�, Kunj blurted out and slammed the door behind him.
Twinkle stood there, feeling hopeless.
Not again, she thought. His words hit her harsh. She felt her head spin.
She held her head and landed on the sofa. Tears rolled down.
she was too much depressed….

“Not all are lucky enough to love and to be loved.

If you don’t find love in the other heart, don’t demand it.

If love does not bloom in your loved ones heart, dont worry. Be happy, it at least grew in yours!!”

Twinkle wrote these words and ran her fingers through it. Nothing can be as painful as love,she said..
and added…i dont know if u ll love me or not..but i ll always love u..
and the story ends here..
i know Twinj are not one in this..
but just wanted to convey that few stories are like this also..
Plzzz comment guys..
wanna knw how is the story..
and if u liked it..
as i have a story with me..
but i dont now if i can reproduce it properly
sorry for mistakes..
and yeah chappals tomatos..trauntrums are all invited here..
with roses too

Credit to: crazy

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  1. I loved it. Awesome story. It will be nice if you can continue this story for a few episodes and then unite twinj and then end it. Good job yaar.

    1. I all try jaya..
      But for now can’t give word abt it

  2. What are those white question marks against the back box
    Due to those many a times my submission failed
    Well the os was sooooo emotional that I imagined myself in her position
    All that I wanna say is u r blessed

    1. Oo sorry I din knew how did they come..
      But may be coz f word version was different than that of my android cell version..
      So sorry for that..
      N sanam I m too glad that u loved it

  3. Miss Crazy, are you really crazy that you think such? Its such a wondetful, unique and different story. Sometimes others may really not reciprocate your love but if you know you love a person then their even hatred cant stop you from loving. Keep it up. I relate this story’s moral to a particular point of my life. Thanks a lot for writing such a beautifully differentcstory. Every story need not end in love.

    1. I m really very much glad n happy that u liked it..
      N sorry too as coz f my ff ur that point f life might have repeated its scenes n memories front f ur eyes..n might have hurted u..
      Sorry for that yar

  4. vry nic yr …yes u r right every person is nt lucky to be loved.. i am touched by ur words… write as many stories u can… i am here to read

  5. 1 request crazy …. pls write a os on friendship …..plz think abt it nd plz reply i want to knw ur opinion abt this idea

    1. Yup..
      I m surely write it if I want me too..
      By May first week I ll write it for u buddy

    2. N yeah as u requested I have a story n wrote it too..
      But finishing baki hai..
      Ll upload soon

  6. Osm as usual ur such an fab wrter loved it so so sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

    1. ? .thankuuuuu so muchhhh

  7. Goli maaro chappal aur tomatoes ko. Apko meri taraf se 10000000000000 roses. Loved ur story……

    1. Apko na kahooo..
      Tum seems best instead..
      N tq for so many roses..
      Well now I m drowning n them..
      Did u know this ?

  8. twinj fan-(tamanna)

    amazing awesome.. .It is a emotional os…loved it to the core…

  9. it was great…i loved it very much..if u can continue about how wil they unite together,that would awesome…

    1. Will try but can’t promose

  10. Crazy u know what u r too good I just loved it awesome one shot

    1. Thanku souch dear

  11. Please continue with this one coz I think there is something that is missing I just wanted to know the story behind Kunj behavior please otherwise awesome and good job

    1. I m trying dear..I m trying but iss shaitani dimak mein koch aahi nahi raha hai..
      Karu toh kya Karun..
      But ll try

  12. the stry was mind blowing bt i didnt understand the reason behind kunjs behaviour….

    1. Being truth ful I don’t know too..
      I just wanted to convey a msg that 1 sided love is also a grt thing

  13. Ohh my god it is such an unique story. It’s a lovely dear. Loved it???? to the moon and black??

    1. Love u tooo core

  14. U r making me crazy…it’s so good & truly sm luv stories r like this also…

  15. It is awesome but pls try to unite them thanx

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