All alone ragini season 2 episode 9


I dont knew why but i am not satisfied with this season 2 i think i am disappoint you too sry for that…and i am unable to handle so many pairs soon i will end this ff sry for that

Ananya his family is roaming all delhi ..
And ananya and naksh started to feel for each other but they doesnt express their love by thinking their fathers friendship might ruin because of them.
They all visits to delhi mall and starts roaming..
Ananya stands infront of mirror and tries a white mix green saree on her ..
Naksh sees her face and senses that she like it but ananya keeps aside and goes from their..
Naksh silently goes and packs that saree..

After completing shopping four of them leaves to their house..
Ananya and naksh were moving on bed here and their and feels restless by thinking that going away from each other..
So both leaves to garden without each one..
Both are facing opposite to each other and walks backside hits each other and falls in each embrasse…
Both smiles little by looking into each other eyes..soon both composes them selfs and stand straight..

Naksh:- you here at this time..
Ananya:- i am not feeling sleepy so thought to come out and you..
Naksh:- same story.
Ananya:- for me its a new place and house thats why i didnt get sleep but this is your place and your house still.
Naksh:- yaa you are right but my sleep doesnt knew thats all na if it want to come it will .if it dont want to come it wont come.
Both looks at each other for a moments and laughs loudly.

Ananta:- shhh slowly or else uncle aunty will wake up..
Naksh :- slowly says ok..
Ananya smiles..
Naksh:- shall we sit near pool side.
Ananya:- yaa ok..
Both sits near pool by placing their legs inside pool.

Both were talking about their families and ananya saying about her sibblingss.
Naksh:- you are lucky.
Ananya:- why..
Naksh:- you have so many sibblings do you never feel lonily.
Ananya:- my brother and sisters and your…
Naksh shouts:- no.. i dont want to becone yourbrother or sister and looks on as he relived his feeling some what..
Both stays silent..
Naksh:- dont you ask me what i want to become to you.
Ananya:-haa what you want to become..
Naksh slowly takes her hand into his both feels something different..
He about to make her look into his eyes but he slips into water and drags ananya too.
Both stands in pool and stands close to each other..
Naksh:- i want to become your life patner and holds her hand and says once i became successfull i want to asks your hand from our parents..
Ananya gets emotional and hugs him happily..
Ananya:- i love you too.
Naksh:- i love you yoo..

Next morning at mumbai..
Prudhvi and surbhi jumps fromcollege wall..surbhi laughs while prudhvi feels tensed and breathing heavily..
Surbhi:- you are breathing heavily just like you partispated in maratho.
Prudhvi:- i never bunked classes that to in this emotionally bkackmailed me…
Surbhi:- come on yar today is my moms death anniversary and every year i will go to orphanage and this time i want to go with you and here you are showing tanturms..hmm i am going you go to your class..
Prudhvi:- how cani go back..
Surbhi turns back and says .
The way you jumped from that side to this side like that now jump from this side to that side..
Prudhvi sees her anger and runs behind her..
Prudhvi smiles by seeing surbhi playing with kids like she was also kid..
Prudhvi in mind:- un beliveable this girl was complete mad and made me mad too all my family members wants to meet her who has changed me in a week..
Surbhi comes and pats on his shoulder and he comes to his senses..
Surbhi:- shall we goo.
Prudhvi nodes..
He goes home ragini sees him shocked while prudhvi smiles cutely..
Ragini:- you at this time..
Prudhvi says what ever happen..
Ragini laughs loudltmy and says that she should definetly meet her who made his sin to bunk classes..
Prudhvi brushes his hair and runs to room…
Ragini laughs by seeing him running..

Just then manvi and akash comes and hugs her back…
Ragini:- holds them back and says my kids are so happy may i knew the reason..
Manvi and akash:- tomorrow ananya di is coming thats why….
Here ananya and naksh were hugging each other..
Naksh:- i will miss you..
Ananya:- me to..
Naksh:- we write our final exams well i will go for mba and later join bussiness and in between these all i will propose your family about our marriage..
Ananya smiles and hee too.
Arnav khusi and naksh comes and drops ananya to station…

Next morning
Laksh and dp were waiting at stationand happily goes and hugs ananya…
Ananya:- i miss you both very much..
Lak and dp:- we too.
Sanskar:- then what about others.
Ananya:- haa i missed you all but not as much as chachu and dadu.
They three hi fives to each other..
Sanskar:- three dramaibazzz lets,go home..
All gets happy by seeing ananya..

Precap:- clash between prudhvi and surbhi..
Ragini explaing prudhvi and prudhvi saying sorry to surbhi..
Vidya comes to maheswaris mansion.

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  1. Sally_blr

    Why are you ending this? Their love story just started Sindhu. Im so upset. I was just waiting for their love story to start. Anyways as you. If you feel uncomfortable ok. I will really miss it yaar.

    1. Sindhura

      Not so soon sally i will complete every one love stiry

  2. Inu

    Superb epi.

  3. Jazzy

    superb and i like it a lot continue dear

  4. Crystal089

    Awesome yaar but plsz don’t end plsz

    1. Sindhura

      I wont end now dear i willcomplete with out hurrying

  5. don’t end yaar plz take ua own time to update but not more than week , we will wait but dont end..plzzz…uodate is as usual superb..TC

    1. Sindhura

      Sure but i wont end that soon

  6. superb Akka don’t end akka

    1. Sindhura

      I wont end that soon dear

  7. Awesome and y r u ending this ff soon plz don’t end it di I love this ff alot

    1. Sindhura

      I wont end it now dear i am saying after few episode i will satisfy you all

  8. Silent_writer


  9. Nice episode…waiting next part soon…

  10. Fairy

    Sindhu dr y r u thnkng lyk dat yaaar!!u r one of d finest writer here
    ….v love u sooo much n u nver ever dissappointed us. .u had always gven us bst storiesss…n dis story is also one of demm!!i know its hard to manage so many couples bt u r doing it perfectly!!loved it soo much. Update ws superbbbb yaar…waitng for precap eagerlyyyy!!! U r my superstar ..i adores u since i ws a silent reader…u means a lot to nver say dat u dissapointed us coz it reallly hurted me u soooo much…n rest is all ur wish….tc n post nxt part sooon sweety okay 😉

    1. Sindhura

      Thank u so much fairy
      And i am not not ending this ff that soon
      Thanks alot

  11. Dharani


  12. Awesome dear

  13. Hemalattha

    fantastic part dear that you gave to us.really awesome all that scenes.the first scene really so made it my dear.

  14. Asra

    awesome dear….plz don’t end it dear…i love thz ff very much….waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear….

    1. Sindhura

      Thxs and sure i wont end it soon

  15. Nice episode and will I plz send the pink of previous parts of season 2 and plz give the prev lino also when I post the next part bcz if possible we miss a part we can link to the prev link plzzz

    1. Sindhura

      Ok dear i willdo that innext update and i will give previos episodes links alsoor if ypu want type allalone ragini season 2in dearch blog you will find all at oneplace

      1. U plz send me the link

  16. Superb dear

  17. Ragz_teju

    amazing yaar… loved it to the core…

  18. Nice update

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