All alone ragini season 2 episode 8

All were sitting on dinning table with dull faces..
Swara:- come on laksh she went for one week she will be back.
Manvi:- haa papa this is one wek will be pass just like that and i have a doudt if i go like this will you people be sad like this..
Prudhvi:- we will be happy because of no sound engine in house..
prudhvi:- fine ok sorry behena.
Manvi:- its ok bhaiya..
Sanskar gets ananya call that they reached delhi safe and once she reached hotel she will call again.
Sanskar says this to all and all feel revealed….
In delhi….
Khusi is arranging table ..
Arnav comes and sits ..
Arnav:- ananya reached delhi and when she will be free i will bring her home ok.
Khusi:- haa ok..
Arnav:- where is naksh..
Khusi:- he went to jogging.
Arnav:- hmm …
Khusi:- payal dii called yesterday..
Arnav:- oh why
Khusi:- vidhya got admission in mumbai..
Arnav:- thats great..

And sees naksh coming and greet both his parents..
Arnav:- naksh do you remember ananya ,sanskar uncle daughter.
Naksh:- yaa dad i remember..
Arnav:- she came to delhi for project after that you have to pick up her this weekend she will spend time with us..
Naksh:- ok dad but how can i recognise her i dont remember her that much..
Arnav:- no problem i will send her picture to you ok.
Naksh:- ok dad…
Arnav:- get ready for your college.
Naksh:- ok bye dad bye mom.
Arnav and khusi:- bye..
Here prudhvi going to college and surbhi comes and taps on his shoulder..
He turns and finds her..
Surbhi:- hi prudhvi..
Prudhvi:- hi (before she about to speak he turns and about to go but remembers her teary eyes yesterday and words about her to mom and turns back)..
You are saying something
Surbhi:-we dont have our first class will you join with me to coffee .
He hesistates..
Surbhi:-please and blinks her eyes
Prudhvi smiles and says ok..
They both sits in canteen all looks at them shockingly..
Prudhvi:- why all are looking at us like that..
Surbhi:- i am the first girl you were talking with and ofcourse having coffee too so its a heart break to almost all girls and boys.
Prudhvi:- why boys heart wil break
Surbhi:- by seeing me with you.
Prudhvi smiles and even surbhi too.
Prudhvi:- i think our next class will start lets goo.
Surbhi:- how boring yar lets bunk class.
Prudhvi:- no .
Surbhi:- yes.and if you say no means.
Prudhvi:- its a big no..
Surbhi:- ok fine if not today then another day i will make you to bunk class.
Prudhvi:- oh is it a over confidence.
Surbhi:- no just a confidence .
Prudhvi:- lets see that day and for now lets go to class.
They both goes to their classes…

Naksh is sitting with his friends and gets a message from his dad..
He goes to aside and opens message and sees ananya photo and thinks wow she is beautifull.
Oh god manik dont she is sanskar mamu daughter and dad best friend so keep a safe distance from her….but she is beautifull after all she went on ragini mami.
He goes back to his classes..
Afer one week.
Naksh is setting his hair infront of mirror and getting ready..
Naksh:- hmm looking good manik just impress her..
Naksh comes down stairs ..
Where arnav is already waiting for him.
Arnav:- shall we go..
Naksh:- yes dad..
Arnav and manik goes to ananya hotel and waits for her outside..
Naksh is talking in phone and suddenly he feels differently so he turns and sees ananya coming with luggage and hugging his dad. he gets mesmerised and thinks.
That she was beautifull than in photo and he gets disturbed by arnav call and goes towards them.
Arnav makes introduce of ananya and naksh..
Both smiles at each other and all leaves to arnav house…..
Khusi goes and hugs her happily and welcomes her inside..
They all sits and talking happily..
Ananya becomes friendly with all while arnav share some secerts of sanskar and laksh..
Khusi:- ok you take rest we will see city in evening ok…
Ananya nodes..
Khusi takes her to guest room…
Manvi and akash both sits sadly..
Virat comes and sits next to them and asks what happen..
Manvi:- ananya dii went to delhi for one week and we are getting bored
Akash:- and missing dii very much.we are not far from each other for these many days..
Virat see both and say ..
Lets go to my home today bhai cane from hostel by completing his studies..
Akash:- wow viren bhai came thats great.then we will definetly meet him what say manvi.
Manvi:- haa definetly..
Laksh comes to pick up them as they asked him he agrees and takes them to virat house..
Three of them spend some time in virat house by meeting all and viren…
They goes to their house..

At dinner..
All sits silently..
Ragini and swara signals each other ..
Dp and laksh both looks sadly at ananya empty chair in between them.
Sanskar and rp giggles by seeing their state…
While laksh and dp both glares at them…
Sanskar:- come on she went for only one week she and its already 3 days passed.
Dp:- emotionaless father and grand father.
After dinner
Sanskar smiles by remembering faces of laksh and dp.
Ragini sees him smiling and sits next to him..
Ragini:- dont hide i knew that you to miss her then why are u hidding from them.
Sanskar :- if i too keep sad face infront of them their situation will be more bad thats why..
Ragini:- i getting tension by the tine of her vidaii what you all will do.
Sanskar:- is it compulsary that we have to marry and send her away.
Ragini:- seriously sanskar if my fathe also thought like you then i would be in my home instead of your wife..
Sanskar pouts sadly..
Ragini laughs and hugs him ..

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