All alone ragini season 2 episode 5

Paras as akash..
Shad(qubool hai) as prudhvi..
Imli as vidhi pandai.
Surbhi jyothi as surbhi malhotra.
Ananya as teju onlyy..
Nakash as manik..
His intro will be late .

Virat chopra son of pradeep chopra and priya chopra…
Virat calls his father and asks him to come..
Akash calls his parents and says that they are coming home with virat and pradeep uncle..
Pradeep comes and picks up three
Manvi:- how are you uncle.
Pradeep:- i fine sweety how are my son trobling you.
Manvi:- i am fine uncle and yes your son us troubling alot..
Akash:- then what about you both troubling me.
Virat:- look who is talking .we are good enough compared to you..
because you were troubling principals and teachers..pradeep smiles by seeing their silly fights…
Virat says everything what happen in school…
Pradeep laughs loudly..
They reaches home..

Swara sees pradeep and goes towards him.
Swara:- how are you bhaiya..
Pradeep:- i am fine and how are you.
Swara:- fine and babhi.
Pradeep:- she is fine..where is ragini..
Ragini comes from kitchen and hugs pradeep and asks his well beings..
Virat:- hi gf how are you.
Ragini:- fine bf..
Akash:- you are lucky that prudhvi bhaoya is not hete otherwise you were over in his hands..
Pradeep:- haa prudsmiles by seeing their silly fights…
Virat says everything what happen in school…
Pradeep laughs loudly..
They reaches home..

Swara sees pradeep and goes towards him.
Swara:- how are you bhaiya..
Pradeep:- i am fine and how are you.
Swara:- fine and babhi.
Pradeep:- she is fine..where is ragini..hvi is more protective towards you than your husband,by the way where is he..
Ragini about yo speak before that sanskar and laksh comes with ananya and prudhvi..
Sanskar:- hi brother in law how are u..
Pradeep:- fine and hugs laksh..
Ananya and prudhvi takes blessing from pradeep..
Pradeep:- by seeing ananya we can that she went to ragini so that fine but prudhvi being so down yo earth after being crazy couple son is unbeliveable..
Swara:- because bhaiyaa my son respects his badai parents alot..
he went on them she and in future if he gets all qualities from sanskar i mean in loving also we should not feel shock..
Prudhvi:- why all people are talking now a days about only love that to about me i hating this see na badai maa.
Ragini is hugs him and says to swara and pradeep not to tease him.
They both bows down and nodes their head..
Laksh:- but babhi whats wrong in it..
Ragini:- laksh dont tease my son..
Laksh:- fine babhi..
Swara:- enough of your dramas and go and get fresh go to your rooms.
All kids leave from their pradeep sits with and says what ever happen in their school..

Sanskar:- akash is turning in to complete monkey i will send him to military school..
Swara:- what jijju for this small thing you will send him away..
Laksh:- you are firgetting bhai even we tried to do samethings in our childhood.
Sanskar:- not we its you who always wants run away from subjects..
Laksh:- ok ok i am accepting he went on mee..
Soon kids too join and virat too sits with them.
Swara:- virat eat this one its your favorite right.
Virat:- thanks aunty..
Swara smiles..

Ragini serves everyone .
Ananya:- papa..
Sanakar:- hmm.
Ananya:- in my college we are going to industrial tour for delhiin next week and groups will be assigned i want your all permission shall i go.
Sanskar:- for how many days anu.
Ananya:- one week.
Laksh:- 1 week how can chachu stay without you.
Dp:- even we all….
Ananya:- its just one week can i go and looks at all.
All nodes their heads and gets happy seeing ananya happy..
After some time virat and pradeep leaves in their car..
Virat:- dad its just one week ananya dii asked then why all are behaving like sad..
Pradeep:- ananya is very special to to virat she brought happiness into family by being first kid and she is lovely too that all loves her.
Virat:- thats true dad ananya dii is very cool and calm ofcourse look alike ragini aunty thats why she us so beautifull otherwise she will look like chudail manvi..
Pradeep laughs:- you both fight with each other but while teasing others and playing pranks both will become one what type of friendship is this haa..
Virat:- we have rights on each other to fight or play pranks dad but not others ..
Pradeep and virat reaches their home….
Swara and ragini were preparing dinner and ananya and manvi were helping them by cutting vegetables and all..
Ragini is doing chapathi and swara was frying them.
Prudhvi and akash too joins..

Prudhvi:- badai maa i will help you Akash:- and chotai maa i will help you..
Swara:- no need akash your hand will burn.
Akash:- even your hand will burn naa still you are doing so why not me..
Swara:- akash..
Ananya:- let him do na chotai maa he will learn atleast something.
Akassh pouts and looks a t manvi.while anaya and prudhvi hi five to each other…
Manvi:- dont tease my bhai by thinking he is alone (standing straight infront of akash by keeping her hands on her waist)
I am their with him and you both bhaiya and dii dont dare to tease him..
Ananya and prudhvi both looks at each other and then they look at something and smriks..
Soon manvi and akash were covered with atta and water ..
Prudhvi and ananya laughs while swara and ragini were shocked looking at their state and kitchen state..
Akash and manvi starts chasing them with water jugs..
They four were running one after other….
All were happy seeing their cute fights..

Ananya runs back of laksh and hides…
Manvi:- papa move aside..
Ananya:- chachu save me naa pls.
Laksh:- manu leave her raa your elder sister naa.
Manvi:- achaa what ever dii did to me is it ok.
Laksh:- thats was with love raa.
Manvi:- acha fine.
Ananya comes out from back of laksh and next minute both gets wet .
Laksh:- what the hell manvi..
Manvi:- come on dad dont get angry what ever i did is with love.
Sanskar, dp,rp all were laughing loudly…
Prudhvi comes being wet..
Prudhvi:- badai papa see akash na he blackmailed me and see what he did…

Few minutes back…
Akash was running back of prudhvi…
Prudhvi:- arey yar akash leave it naa..
Akash:- pouts sadly and say i knew it you wont love me ..
Prudhvi:- why wont i love you akash .i love raa you are my sweet brother..
Akash:- really.
Prudhvi:- hmm.
Akash:- then hug me..
Prudhvi :- thats it ok and about to hug him
Prudhvi opens his closed eyes and realises by seeing akash laugh..
Flashback ends..
All laughs..

Prudhvi:- badai papa , badai maa you also ..
Sanskar fake anger:- akash … and see him for minute and burst into laugh…
Prudhvi:- badai maa..
Ragini goes and hugs him while he hugs her like kid..
Ananya :- me and hugs her..
Manvi and akash goes and hugs swara..

In rooms..
Swara cleans prudhvi hair while ragini cleans ananya hair..
Manvi and akash were cleaned by laksh and sanskar..
Swara cleaning laksh hair towel..
Laksh:- manvi is becoming naughty by everyday just like you.
Swara:- whst i did..
Laksh:- look at me what you did..
Swara:- you were fine what i did..
Laksh:- you made me mad in your love and now our kids are making me yo dance on their fingers…
Swara laughs and hugs him…
Sanskar and ragini were laying down by hugging each other….
While ragini smiles and caring his chest while sanskar caring her hair..
Sanskar:- days are going fastly our kids are growing up..
Ragini:- hmm and we are growing
Sanskar:- but still i love you..
Ragini:- and i love you..

Precap:- ananya preparing for tour

Akash and vidhi
Prudhvi and surbhi
Ananya and naksh
Manvi and virat

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