All alone ragini season 2 episode 4

Ragini is sitting on dressing table and sanskar is standing opposite to her..
Ragini is setting his tie while sanskar is smiling at her intensily..
Ragini keeps her head down snd says stop it sanskar you are making me shy….
He drags her closely holds her..
Sanskar:- my charm still works on you..
Ragini:- if i become old also your charm will work on me because u are my love of my life ..
Sanskar:- i love you yar and hugs her and if you became old also you have to romance with me..
Ragini:- you are saying like only i will become old you are elder than me so (and drags him more close by his collar) you will become old first..
Sanskar cares her cheeck and arranges her head according to him and kisses her on lips..
Both were lost in each other…

Ananya and prudhvi comes down and sees manvi sits pouting..
Prudhvi goes towards her and kneels down.
Prudhvi:- what happen choti..
Manvi:- bhai mumma was busy in kitchen and badai maa was not seen and now who will tie my shoe lays..
Prudhvi smiles and starts tieing her lays and finishes it..
Manvi hugs her and thanks him by kissing.
Akash comes and pulls ananya who is sitting near dinning table.
Akash:- dii my tie..
Ananya:- come i will tie for you…
Ap and sujatha sees these all from kitchen and smiles seeing their bond..
Laksh comes down and sits with all kids and searches for sanskar
Swara:- for whom you are searching hubby ragini too no ware so thoda guess karo where might these both..
Laksh:- bhai is always in romance mood with babhi..
Swara:- all wont be like you naa lucky ragini..
Laksh:- achaa did you forget how i showed you yesterday how romantic your hubby is and i think you didnt realise dont worry today also i will make you realise..
Swara:- shut up laksh kids are here only what if they lisen to us..
Laksh:- achaa ok then with out them its ok naa.
Swara:- chi…
And serves all breakfast..

Ragini is setting her sari and scolding sanskar who is wearing his coat and adjusting his hair..
Ragini fake anger:- because of you see now we became late and what sanskar for doing it you need to see time..
Sanskar drags her and holds her romance and to get intimate with wife love needed not time..
Ragini:- but we are late sanskar what will all think and kids..
Sanskar:- we cant do anything dear we are already open romantic couple to them ..
Ragini:- haa but not tjis type one..oh no i have to see myself if i found any marks i have to hide it.
Sanskar smiles and sees her searching her neck and waist..
Sanskar:- dont worry this time i gave love marks to those places where it can be hide behind your blouse..but see what u did and shows his neck which has nail marks..
Ragini touches and asks is it paining..
Sanskar:- i am loving it and i am ready to take these every minute.
Ragini hits him with pillow he runs towards dinning hall..
As expected everyone teases them for being late……
Laksh takes ananya and prudhvi to colzz and drops them…
Sanskar drops manvi and akash to school and he to goes to office..

In colzz.
Ananya bids bye to prudhvi and goes to her class..
While walking prudhvi dashes to someone so he turns and finds it as a girl and says sorry.
That girl hurriedly going she turns and says sorry and rushes from their immediatedly due to her rush he couldnt see her face properly so he too leaves to his class..
In ananya class..
Principal comes and says that as they are in final year they have to go for industrial tour to do a project that to delhi so take permission from your parents and your groups will be assigned and will be informed you soon ..he goes from their……
Prudhvi is talking to his frds and sees a girl passing infront of them and talkinh to her frds.he lisens that girls voice and thinks to see
her and goes from their and about to cross her but soon bell rings and goes to their class rooms..

In school..
Manvi sits with her gang and playing pranks joyually and cracking jokes..
Suddenly her hair was pulled she turns back and see a boy who was laughing and running..
Manvi is running back of him calling virat wait or else i will kill you..
virat:- idiot after kbewing that if ibwait what you will do then why i will stop ..
Manvi:- virat watch out..
Virat see front and widens his eyes and thud..
Virat first collides with principal later due to uncontroll force manvi to falls on virat.

Principal:- you both are coming to my cabin right now..
After he goes
Virat and manvi looks at each other and burst into laugh…
After a while both are standing infront of principal and akash was also their..
Akash in middle and manvi and virat were standing on each side.
Akash slowly:- now what you guess did that hitler called us..
Manvi says everything three laughs silently…
Akash gives hi five to virat..
Akash:- but guess because of you i am also standing infront of him.
Manvi:- so mean bhai..
Virat:- haa how nany time we both two standed because of you then at that time why dont you say that because of me you both are standing sorry but no..
Manvi:- why he will say sorry rude maheswari.
Virat:- right manvi..
Principal:- virat malhotra will you dhut your mouth or shall i call your father pradeep malhotra..i knew that you both families close but that doesnt mean that you three will turn this school up and down.
Akash:- but sir what i did i am innocent..
Principal:- mr. Innocent boy your maths teacher complained me that you jumped from class window to escape his class if you were bunking now god knews what you will fo in college days..
Manvi and virat giggles but stops. Seeing princy angry look..
Principal:- i am giving you three last warning ok next time i will directly talk to your parents so for now get out..
They three comes out and laughs loudly but soon thinks that next time thry have to be carefull otherwise it will be a problem infront of their parents..

Precap:- dont knew every confusing writing new generation and old generation

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