All alone ragini season 2 episode 3

Hi frds i am going to show their kids life and how their parents play role in their lifes at their different stages..but for that i need to think alot..

Its morning..
All were in their cars going towards college..
Sanskar:- ananya and prudhvi this two years were your peak stage to choose your future and make it bright dont stop enjoying and dont even stop studying. I hope you both are understanding what i ment..
Laksh:- prudhvi you should also take care of your dii ok..whom ever friends you choose but you should control your mind not other and we all will always believe you ok..
Prudhvi:- ok dad i will take care of dii..

Akash:- what papa and chotai papa..di and bhai your both first day so enjoy and bhai you make girl friends and dii you make handsome boyfriends… later you can study..
Sanskar:- laksh by seeing akash whom you remember and giggles Prudhvi:-but i dont want to make any girl friends..
Laksh:- do you remember something bhai once some one said same words but that person himself became romeo..
Sanskar:-when you will find true love and soul mate you will change for her only not for all..
Manvi:- i will never understand you both and dii and bhai if you dont go inside college naa then i will run to your colz..
All smiles and accompany ananya and prudhvi to their +11 classes but different sections….
Laksh and sanskar went to their offices..
Here in mansion..

Ragini is taking to khusi on phone..
Ragini:- did naksh feel good joining in colzz..
Khusi:- haa just before 30 minutes your bhai went to make him join.
Ragini:- oh how is bhai health..
Voice:- what will happen to me kiddo.
Ragini:- arnav bhai how are you..
Arnav:- i am fine raa. When will you all people come here..
Ragini:- we are planning for this vaccation but promise me you have show me whole mumbai ..
Arnav:- sure..
Ragini:- ok then bye bhaiyaa i have work.
Arnav:- bye kiddo..
All ladies were sitting and taking each other…
Dp and rp were in drawing room.

Manvi and akash went to schools..
Ragini:- maa this time arnav bhai is asking us to come mumbai for vacations..
Sujatha:- sure we will go ..its been so many years that i did not saw them abd their kid..
Ragini:- he is just like arnav bhai perfection and serious type guy..
All smiles…
Laksh:- bhai once check this files and see can we take next step in this project or not..
Sanskar:- come on laksh wats your opinon on this project.
Laksh:- as per my knowledge we can accept this project per we have to go in deep also thats why i need your opinion too.
Sanskar:- lets do it laksh..
Laksh:- ok bhai then lets plan for a meeting..
Sanskar:- ok first we will discuss then we will inform to kapoors ok.
Laksh:- ok….

At evening..
Dp and rp comes with akash and manvi from school…..
Swara was feeding milk to them where ragini preparing snacks for all….
Meanwhile prudhvi and ananya also comes..
All sits together..
Sujatha:- so how is your colz..
Ananya:- so nice dadi..
Prudhvi:- they will start classes ftom tomorrow….
Ap:- what about you people sanskar and laksh.
Sanskar:- lucky is going to handle a project by his own badai maa.
Lucky:- but by bhai guidence only.
Sanskar:- i only checkedonces you finalised so credit goes to you.
Lucky:- no you..
Sujtha:- credit goes to us.
Lucky:- how chachi.
Dp:- haa how credit stealer.
Sujtha:- we bought you with out selfishness and bhaisa and ram jii thought you business ethics and principals..

All smiles..
Sujatha sees dp and says ..
Some one is impressed so without any heed they can prasise me jijii.
Rp:- oye dont fly so high..
Sujatha:- bhaisa see na ram jii again calling me oye and all.
Dp:- ram how many times i should tell you respect your wife by calling with love but not oye…
Swara:- ok ok..manvi you eat and start doing your home work which you left incomplete and akash your maths home work..
akash:- but chachii i hate maths..
Laksh:- but that subject is crucial and important dear..

Akash:- yar i will choose a carrier which doesnt has maths.
Ap:- what ever carrier you choose you need maths..
Manvi:- how dadi.
Ap:- you say few carrier i will says how maths will relate to it.
Akash:- doctor..
Ap:- to get seat you need to crack enterance exam in that maths will be their..
Manvi:- lawyer
Ap:-no of case numbers shoukd be in mind so need of maths.
Akash:- engineer..
Ap:- maths will ne their..

Manvi:- papa class.
All:- what..
Manvi:- i mean what ever you all studied maths will be their.
Sanskar:- haa beta in life also maths will be their…
Manvi pouts cutely while all laughs..
Swara was sitting in hall with akash and manvi while they are doing home works..
Ragini takes milk glasses and goes towards ananya and prudhvi room.
Ragini knocks door..
prudhvi:- badai maa plss dont knock door you can come straight in to my room.
Ragini gives milk:- but its manners beta before going to any room you have yo knock although they are your personel people.
Prudhvi:- yaa but not u.

He sits and ragini massages his hair
Ragini:- how about colz.
Pru:- good.
Ragini:- any beautifull girls you met today.
Pru:- maa you also..
Ragini kisses his forehead and leaves from their..
Prudhvi:- maa if i choose someone they will definetly be like you only.
Ragini:- you cant choose love by your choice any way good night.
Prudhvi:- good night..
He goes towards window and looks at sky..
Ragini entres ananya room and gives her milk…
In swara room.

Swara:- how much you cried today patidev jii
Laksh:-why will i cry.
Swara:- you cried for their first day school and i thought its your habit and you will repeat again.
Laksh looks at her with pout and swara started laughing .
Laksh pulls her and says know i will do my daily routine job..
They both dozes off..

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  1. Silent_writer

    Awwww so sweeeet its awsmeeee dear koved it

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    Sooooooooooo cute. Loved it. And I feel Prudvi is gonna fall in love. Please in next chappy specify who is playing the characters. It will add more charm

    1. Sindhura

      Actually i didnt thought of it …
      Characters and all
      I will try..

      1. Sally_blr

        If you are only concentrating on Ragsan then no need. Thats ok

  3. Inu

    superb epi loved it. are u a swalak fan. If so i have wriiten a swalak ff here. Can u read and suggest me some ideas cuz its my first story. The story name is do dil hai ki ek ke roop mein haaraya.

    1. Sindhura

      I will definetly read dear

      1. Sindhura

        I didnt find it anyware can you give me link

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    Superb but missed ragsan scenes

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        U r always welcome Di

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      I will try

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    wow wow they all are so cute and together makes a happy family..

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    Amazing amazing tooooo awesome. Love it thank you sooo much for giving me links. I’m very addicted to this ff. Love all the scene from core.

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