All alone ragini season 2 episode 2

Ragin and swara were working and talking to ap and sujatha who were helping their daughter in laws by cutting vegetables ..
Kids were sitten in room and talking with each other..
Dp and rp were talking.
Dp was smiling to him self rp notices it..
Rp:- if u share with me i will also smile naa..

Dp:- nothing ram we got complete happy family responsible sons respectfull daughter in law..
Cute grand daughters and grand sons..our family completed perfectly..
Rp:- a happy family picture..
Dp:- ananya is just like ragini and haa 50% she looks like her only and prudhvi went on sanskar and
Rp:- akash went on laksh and manvi mini pack of swara mischievous and danger naughty.
Prudhvi is very protective and akash little bit anger person ..
Just then ananya comes running.
Ananya:- badai dadu see na akash is teasing me..
Akash too comes running..
Manvi:- what ever akash bhaiya said was truth only naa how can you say that it cant happen.
Ananya:- dadu and hugs rp..
Rp:- hi chotai shaitaan you wont back off your akash bhai..and prudhvi you say what happen..

Prudhvi:- what will i say and how can i say ..
Rp:- why are you blushing..
Akash:- dadu can you say what will and what will not happen in future.
Dp:- no..
Akash:- thats what we are discussing..
Ananya:- he is saying that i will fell in love when i go to colzz and all boys will fight for me and dadu i dont want to fell in love and i will not also
Dp and rp looks at each other and laughs..

Anaya the pouts and and sits angrily..
Dp and rp stops laughing and sits onboth sides of her..
Rp:- your chotai papa and chotai maa did love marriage ..
Dp:-do you knew your mom and dad did love arranged love marriage..
All:- love arranged love marriage..
Dp and rp looks at each other and smiles..they hide some story and tells ..
Dp:- laksh and swara were first meet by fighting and soon turned into love and then married..

Rp:- and coming my son and my daughter .first sanskar saw ragini and started to feel for her and then ragini was stdying and sanskar was doing business and soon they got married and ragini too started loving him and i think you all can see how they love each other.
Prudhvi:- they were my ideal dadu I always wonder how come people stay so calm and pleasent at all conditions..and ofcourse most romantic couple….
All laughs…
Swara:- smiles looking at ragini..
Ragini observes and asks her wat happen.

Swara:- i mean to say that you both are still romantic couple yar..
How come to maintain it.
Ragini:- what rubbish swara..
Swara drags her to a mirror type thing and makes her turn to side and show her love bite on her hipe.
Ragini immediatedly covers it with sari and blushes.swara laughs and hugs her..
Swara:- say to jijju to romance and ask him to not leave any evidence of it on you or on him by you.
Ragini hits her playfully on her shoulder .
Ragini:- slowly swarawhat if kids lisens to us..
swara:- uffo every one in world knew that you both will be romantic couple in all ages..
Ragini blushes but hidess.
They both hugs each other…
Manvi entres and sees swara hugging ragini.
Manvi:- mumma why you took badai papa place today.
Ragini and swara both sees at each other in confused state..
Swara:- what do you mean manu.
Manvi:- badai papa hugs like this Badai maa always today why you hug badai papa will be sad that you took his place i will say to badai papa see and runs from their..
Ragini and swara both opens their mouths and looks at each other.
Ragini:- she is more mischevious than you swara unbeliveable.
Swara:- what i did i am innocent see and pouts cutely..
Ragini laughs and again they both shares hug…
Here in office laksh and sanskar were sitting on couch in their cabin and talking to each other..
Laksh:- i wont believe prudhvi and ananya is going to join in college..
Sanskar:- hmm this time i hope history wont repeat.
Laksh:- what type of histroy..

Sanskar:- that old histroy when you and badai papa cried when ananya joined in school that time its some what ok but this time its looks weird .
Laksh:- why so its weird .its our love towards her..
Sanskar:- a man at 66 age and a man at 40 age wont look good while crying.
Laksh:- we wont cry its just tears flows from our eyes thats it.
By the way bhai anaya was pure symbol of you and bhabhi love thats why she is thats much cute and innocent that any one can attract to her and from now we have to be carefull and protect her from bad boys or boys itself bhai.

Sanskar:- hmm you are right lucky..any way lets go to home ..

After a while they all reached home for dinner and sitting all together..

Sanskar:- ananya snd prudhvi do you people packed and crossed checked very thing which needed for your joining..
Ananya and prudhvi:- haa..
Laksh:- anu beta be carefull with boys around you dont believe anyone easily ok and dont fall into anyone trap….

Swara:- hmm i hope i had a chotai papa…
All looks confused..
Sujatha:- i too wish now if i had a chotai papa like laksh and he too warned me like this then i would be in different world..
Now every one understands..
Rp:- then all our wishes are same All laughs together..
Dp:- ok tomorrow me rp dadaji and laksh sanskar are coming with you to drop ok.
Ap:- not again..plss this time dont do like you four did in their school joining time.
Manvi :- what they did badai maa.
Ap looks at all and says how they cried at ananya and prudhvi first time joined in school.
Ananya and prudhvi smiles..
While manvi and akash laughs

Akash:- then you people cried when me and manvi joined.
Swara:- no we left relaxed instead of crying me laughed..
Manvi and akash pouts and hugs
Sanskar and laksh…
Manvi:- badai papa u knew what mom did today .she took your place..
Swara and ragini both stares at each other..
Ragini gets embrasse and swara tries to stop in between her smile..
Sanskar:- what she did beta..
Manvi:- mom took your place by hugging badai maa like you do every day..
All burst into laugh while ragini and sanskar gets enbarresed..

At night…
Ragini removing all her jewellaries and sanskar was back hugging her..
Sanskar:- today manvi opened our secreat infront of all..
Ragini turns and surrounds her hands around sanskar and says..
Ragini:- mr.maheswari now you should stop romancing freely like before.
Sanskar drags her closely to him.
Sanskar:- why my jaan.

Ragini:- our kids two are grown and two are growing fastly then they are behaving mischiovsly so we should be carefull.
Sanskar:- thank you that you said to romance carefully but not to stop..
Ragini hits him playfully while they burst into laugh…

Precap:- colz first day
And elders expressions

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