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All alone ragini season 2 episode 16 (last episode)


Aananya was walking towards terrace by seeing surrounding by hiding suddenly someone pulls her by hand and pins her to wall.
Ananya:- what naksh i got afraid ..
Naksh keeps his hand on wall and says when i am here who will frighten you.
Ananya:- hmm you are you are their na then no need of anyone else..
Naksh pulls her close and cares her hair and says.
By the way untill now i lisened that your were apple pie to all your family members and i saw now. It seems its difficult for me to get you .
Ananya:- you will get me for sure just show them how much you love me thats it.
Naksh leans close her kisses her on forehead while ananya closes her eyes..
Both sits on swing.
Ananya:- still how many days Naksh:- if i complete this project successfully then i will get my position in companyboermesntky and then i will ask dad that i want to marry you.
Both smiles and lost in beauty of dark sky..

Prudhvi:- let me sleep na surbhi.
Surbhi:- how much boring lover you are.god knew what will happen to me when i get married to you.
Prudhvi:- for that i should settle in our company.
Surbhi:- i knew for our marriage it will take need to remind me.
Prudhvi:- some one is eager to marry me.
Surbhi:- oh plss go and check your face in mirror..
Prudhvi:- offo i knew i am handsome ..
Surbhi:- handsome my foot ypu dont even knew how kiss.
Prudhvi:- what you said..
surbhi:- i said bye so called handsome..
She cuts cslls.
Prudhvi:- u said that i dont even knew how to kiss.hmm,now i have yo show you who is prudhvi laksh mahewari after all some where i went on my dad.get ready surbhi malhotra..

Next day..
All were playing cricket even surbhi and virat joined them.
Ragini is batting and sanskar is blowing arnav is wicket keeper..
Sanskar bowl and ball hits to wickets..
Sanskar shouts out and claps hands happlily.
While ragini pouts and looks at arnav.
Arnav:- oye my sister was not out.
Sanskar:- she is were at back of her naa ..
Arnav:- thats why i am saying she was not out.
Arnav comes close to him.
All kids stands snd smiles..

Sanskar:- we both are same height and weight so i wont afraid of you.
Laksh:- but my biceps were large than you both right so sanskar bhai, my babhi was not out.
Sanskar keeps hands on his waist and sees ragini smiling cutely at him.he smiles and goes back by saying fine she was not out.
Khusi:- if it goes like this na thats it come all of you leys have some snacks.
Sanskar:- still your smiles has that power on me.
Ragini again smiles..
Kids were playing aside of them sitting separetly.
Arnav:-sanskar i am coming to the straight point that i want ananya as my bahu if you dont mind.
All gets shocked especially laksh face went pale immediatedly.
Ragini and swara observes their husbands face expressions.
Ragini:- bhai you asked all of suddenly what we should answer.
Sanskar:- we need time arnav.we have to ask ananya too and it will be little difficult for us as she was first kid of our house and many things were attached with her emotionally.i hope you understand laksh:- we are not saying no arnav bhai its just we need time.
Khusi:- sure..

After that surbhi was going somewhere while prudhvi follows her..
Surbhi:- why are you following me.
Prudhvi:- too prove you something that i can do which you think i cant do.
Surbhi:- what are you saying.
Prudhvu immediatedly kisses her says by running.
Prudhvi:- i want say that i knew how to kiss and runs away.
Surbhi touches her cheecks and smiles..
After one year leap whole maheswaris house was decorated and a beautifull and handsome groom and bride were taking pheras.
All were showering flowers on ananya and naksh while manvi is looking at door and goes into flash back..

At airport.
Manvi:- why are you leaving virat . You can study here also na.
Virat:- its just matter of one year manvi.
Manvi:- thats what one year be here only na plss.i cant stay with out you .
Virat cups her face and says even i cant stay with out looking at u or talking with you but i have to go manvi to make our future secured and dont forget that i love you..
Manvi hugs him and says i love you too.
Virat:- i will go fastly and i will come fastly ok.bye..
Manvi:- bye..
Flashbacks ends..

Here ananya hugging ragini..
Ragini smiles and cares her hair.
Ragini:- becarefull ananya and take care of them ok.
Ananya:- hmm maa.
Sanskar too hugs her..
While naksh about to bend but ragini hugs him.
Sanskar to hugs him..
All kids surrounded laksh and dp.
All were looking at them like they are aliens.
Laksh and dp both looks at each other..
Swara:- papajii and laksh crying is not a bad thing you can cry.
Laksh:- oh plss we wont cry.
Dp:- because we knew that she will be most happiest person because my arnav adopted her as daughter not daughter in law..

Ananya hugs laksh and dp,rp too joins.
All looks at them emotionally.
Prudhvi is side hugging manvi while akash hugging swara..
They all hugs each other…
Virat joins manvi ..
Ananya:- as virat came now no one will be visible to her..
Manvi blushes..

After 2 year..
Ananya was sitting on sofa surrounded by her dads and dadajii and dadii who all are feeding her as she was 7 month preagent..
Prudhvi and is walking and surbhi is running after him to have break fast..
Manvi and akash were seeing theur family by holding their waist with hands in sherwani and lehngas…
Ragini:- why are you watching them like that.
Manvi:-see maa today we both are getting married but it seems no one carez about us.
As bhai said you all are feeling happy that i am leaving naa.all looks at her emotionally.
Prudhvi comes and hugs her from back.
Prudhvi:- manu that time i said jokingly maa why we will be happy if you go from us..
Naksh:- haa everyone loves you manu.
Akash:- and mee.
Manvi:-you are not going anyware na shut up.
Akash:- but after surbhi babhi came she bacane daughter of house and prudhvi bhai became
outsider. So in thst case from today even i am also going to be outsider..
Prudhvi:- that true..

Both hi fives each other and stops laughing as all sees them angrily.
Ananya:- ok its time for marriage lets go to mandap.
Manvi and virat gets married and akash and vidya looks at each other and remembers their arranged come love marriage.
All elders stands together and blesses all their children.
Sanskar bends towards ragini holds her hand and says ..
See now we became grand patents too.
Ragini smiles snd leans on his shoulder..
Laksh:- see swara i think my self still small boy but my kids made me father in law and grand father..
Swara laughs and leans towards his shoulder..


  1. Awesome di.

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    Why u ended it in hurry…. But it was awwsome……

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    Waiting for ur new raglak ff dear…

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      My heart with you ragini


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      Actually i amalready writing another ragsan ff
      My heart is with you ragini

      1. I am already reading my heart with u ff akka

  6. mind blowing episode

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  7. Awesome ending.. But why did suddenly stop ur ff….waiting for ur new ff….ragsan scenes are super… And also swalak…

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      i am already writing it desr i almost compke 27 episodes.
      Name was
      My heart is with you ragini

      And another ff

      Yrkk kaira and naksh tejaswii

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    Superb epi.

    1. Inu

      Perfect ending. Happily ever after.

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    awesome superrbbb di loved it

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      I am going to start it dear
      May be this sunday or after that

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      Mi am writing another rag san ff already

      My heart is with you ragini

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    2. Madhuchhanda

      Ok Di I will surely read it

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    i didnt thought of this soon ending

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  19. Its stupendous
    Sorry couldn’t comment on last few episodes

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