All alone ragini season 2 episode 15


One week passes ..
Ananya was roaming in room near window here and their as soon she hear horn sound she runs to window and sees naksh coming down she smiles immediatedly and goes down.
As soon she reaches down she goes and hugs arnav and khusi..
Arnav hugs ragini.
Arnav:- how are you ragini.
Ragini:- fine bhai and how are you.
Arnav:- mee fit and fine although facing so many totures from your babhi.
Ragini laughs..
Swara comes and hugs him.
Khushi:- if you both hugging business over can i hug you people.

Rag swa khusi hugs each other.
Naksh sees ananya and smiles while she too smiles and sees naksh smiles weird and see the direction where he is seeing and sees akash smiling by showing teeth ..
Ananya laughs more but controls.arnav introduces naksh to all..
Prudhvi likes him alot for unknown reason , he takes himto his room to freshen up..
Naksh:- thank you prudhvi.
Prudhvi:- welcome.
After freshing up akash comes to naksh room and says all were waiting in ananya dii room as it their meeting point and he came to take him.
Naksh entrs ananya room and says no obe is here.
Akash:- i will go and call all untill then you can spend tine with dii and i will make sure that to reach your room it will take time..
Naksh looks on.
Akash:- dont be surprise jijju i knew you both love each other and runs away.
Naksh smiles turns and finds ananya standing infront of him.
Ananya sees towards door before she could speak anything naksh drags her to corner and hugs her tightly while she wraps her hands around him and closes eyes by feeling his presences.
Naksh:- i missed u so much.
Ananya:- i love you naksh.
Naksh:- i love you more…
While they both lost in each other after a while lisening to foot steps both parts away from each other and sits like nothing happen.
Vidya:- how are you bhai.
Naksh:- i am and you.
Vidya:- fine.
Naksh:- last year to colz right.
Vidya:- ha
Manvi:- so what you doing naksh.

Naksh:- i sm managing dad business manvi..
Manvi:- cool..
Surbhi calls prudhvi..
So he goes aside ..
Prudhvi:- hi
Surbhi:- what are you doing.
Prudhvi:- cousion came so talking with him.why.
Surbhi:- lets go to have icecream and you and me.
Prudhvi:- no i am busy i cant come.
Surbhi:- ok fine dont come i have another option now.
Prudhvi:- what option.
Surbhi:- i will take veer. He never says no to me and cuts call immediatedly.
Prudhvi:- hi hi wait..shit and he Immediatedly goes out but manvi stops.
Manvi:- bhai where are you going.
Prudhvi closes eyes and turns:- not now manvi plss i have to go its emergency.
Manvi:- are you a foctir saying emergency abd going.

Prudhvi sees ananya pleads threw eyes.ananya nodes.
Ananya:- manvi leave him. Prudhvi you go safely and come safely ok and if possible in one piece.
prudhvi:- dii and runs away.
Manvi:- why he is running like that.
Akash:- seriously you dont brain or act like you didnt understand.
Manvi:- what.
Akash:- surbhi di and bhai were making each other jeously in this one week and as per my count its surbhi turn and i think.
Ananta :- it will be last ..
Naksh:- i am not understanding.
Vidya explains to him everything.
Naksh:- then i have to meet her as per relations she gone be my sister.
Manvi:- like.
Naksh:- she gone marry prudhvi and i…ananya touches his hand to stop him to speak further..
Akash giggles.
Manvi:- and you will be her brother i understood.
Akash:- ya ya intelligent of india.
Manvi smiles at him like mocking.
While naksh breaths out and ananya sees him.
Arnav all were talking..
San to lak and khusi.
See i told you by seei g each other they will forget us and ragini said no no why i will forgot you and see she completely lost in her bhai..
Lak and khusi giggle:- bhai do you think u are still young to feel jeously and he is her brother and thats not fair to say all time bhabi should give more attension to you.
Sanskar:- she should and she has to i dont care…
Khusi:- our kids at marriage age and you still.
Sanskar:- if my teeth came out also i will.
They laughs loudly which makes swa rag arnav to look at them.
Arnav:- what were you talking that you were laughing loudly say to us we will also laugh.

Sanskar:- why you were so busy with your sisters right be like that only we wont share our jokes with you.
Arnav:- your(ragini) husband jeously track again came and laughs with her..
Ragini sees him silently while laughing when he turns his head acting like being anger…
Prudhvi goes and sees surbhi talking with a men opposite to him whose back visible to him….
Prudhvi goes catches his collar makes him face him and gets shocked seeing her brother.
Brother:- what happen bhai ..
Prudhvi leaves his collar and adjusting his shirt and says sorry i though someone else.
Brother:- oh i though you got jeousl by assuming me as veer and you will propose her but hmm.i think u have dance menaka to bring moments in this vishvamitra..
Surbhi burst into laugh both hi fives to each other while prudhvi brushes his hair in embaressement.
Brother:- ok you guys enjoy i am leaving..
Surbhi looks at him and makeshim sit.
Surbhi:- so what sir why you got so angry by thinking that i was with veer.
Prudhvi:- dont you knew.
Surbhi:- how i can i knew if you dont say anything.
Prudhvi:- i thought you will understand.
Surbhi:- i want to lisen by words from you but it seems no use to keep hope on you bye..
She about togo.
Prudhvi shouts:- i love surbhi malhotra will be ready to become surbhi prudhvi maheswari.
By lisening this she turns and finds him standing ..
Surbhi:- i am ready and love you too she runs and hugs him..
While all claps…
First i love your both mom dads sisters brother later you will come is that ok.
Prudhvi:- doudle ok.
He again hugs her..
While they comes back into senses by lisening clapping sound.
Prudhvi:- come lets go to my home my cousion came as by relation wise he will be your elder brother..
Surbhi:- i will come later..
Prudhvi:- hmm ok but when.
Surbhi:- on holi….
Prudhvi:- ok then .shall we go
Surbhi:- hmm.

Ragini :- come on sanskar dont do like a kid.
Sanskar pouts turns his head to another side
Ragini:- wont to talk to me atleast look at me.
Sanskar silently in mind:- i knew your trick u will keep you face expressions in such a way that i will melt but not this time.why she all of sudden became silent by say ing this he slowly turns his face and he his shock ragini kisses his lips and runs away.
Sanskar falls on bed and think ahh anger my foot and smiles shly..
Here all were sitting on dinning table where ananya and naksh were sitting opposite to each other but they cant do naughty things as laksh sits always next to ananya..
They all smiles while ragini feeds naksh food and swara from another side while arnav glaring him angrily by making small eyes while khusi teasing him..
Khushi:- nice happened to you instead uou they are feeding your son.
Arnav:- if i knew my own son will turn my enemy then i would not bring him her..
Laksh:- now you understand why my bhai feels about you like that when you steels babhi from him.

Arnav:- babhi ka chamcha eat first.
Laksh:- chamcha or katora what ever but i belong to babhi favorite
Naksh smiles seeing their bond and his dad who completely changed in to different character caring kiddish by seeing his sister who are feeding him now after attacking me with their love..
And sees ananya who was pampering by chotai mamu..
Ananya too sees him and smiles..
At night ..
They both were sitting in balcony.
Naksh:- ananya..
Ananya:- i am thinking after your final exams to ask your hand from sanakar uncle and ragini aunty but after seeing all love towards to i understand that i shoukd ask each and every member.
Ananya:- in my life all were important naksh all from elders to Vidya arnav uncle and khusi aunty and you had a different place from all others.
Naksh:- may be i cant give you this much big family happiness to you.
Ananya keeps her head on his shoulder and holds his hand and says..
Be with me like this naksh it equal to a big family love and i love you.
Naksh kisses her forehead and keeps his forehead on hers..

Next morning..
All were sitting just prudhvi comes down chasing manvi ..
All looks at them.
Manvi:- badai papa..
Prudhvi:- badai papa not today .i will tie her plait to fsn and i will on it.
Manvi:- see how sadit he is..
Sanskar:- hold on first of all why are wet prudhvi.
Manvi:- this zero size buffalo poured water on me
Laksh laughs loudly:- what a name zero size buffalo and hi five to prudhvi.both laughs.
Sanskar:- manvi ..

Manvi:- i asked to wake him and dropme in colz but he didnt pay heed to me.
Prudhvi:- this girl is whisoering slowly bhai wake up and how cani wake up.
Manvi:- if you are sleeping then how did you lisen that i was whispering ..
Prudhvi stammers.
Ragini:- that means you were doing drama like sleeping.
Sanskar:- so you started it.
Manvi :- and i ended it like this and pour remaing water on him he sits down immediatedly and that water hits on arnav face.
Manvi bites her tongue while ragini opens his mouth..
All laughs.
Sanskar laughs and hi fives with manvi and says nice shot.
Arnav:- sanskar.

Sanskar turns to him immediatedly water slapes on his face ..arnav laughs..
Swara:- you all made this floor wet who will clean.
Khusi:- ofcourse who made it wet they will only.
Ragini counts:- 1 2 3 4 ..hmm i will bring busket and clothes..
Four of them sees each other.
Prudhvi:- maa but from these 3 i was victim right…
Khusi:- haa lets leave him.
Arnav:- no way he will also.
San manvi:- haa.
Four of them cleans while remain Laughs.
Swara:- now hall was cancled from cleaning list for holi..
Ragini:- haa swara.
All glares at them.
Khusi:- what are you watching continue ..

After two days whole house was busy as it holi..
Sanskar welcomes surbhi and her dad ..
He makes to meet arnav khusi and naksh.
Surbhi:- so your were my new elder brother..
Naksh:- smiles.
Ragini and swara welcomes them and hugs surbhi..
Swara:- wow surbhi you were looking beautiful..
Surbhi:- thanks moms..
Both smiles.
Swa rag:- Go to upstairs all were their only.
Surbhi:- ok and naksh bhai you to come what will you do hear.
Both goes up towards their room.
After some time naksh drags ananya to corner and pins her to wall.
Ananya:- what are doing naksh what if any one will see us.
Naksh:- i want to apply colour on you firsr..
Ananya:- but.
Naksh:- dont worry no one will notice you ok.
He slids his hands in to her pallu and touches her side waist with colour filled hand.
Ananya closes her eyes and naksh sees and kisses on her forehead cheecks chin nose and finally kisses her lips too..

After a while they both breaths heavily ananya pushes him and runs from their.
Prudhvi too applies colour on her neck and covers it with hair and say perfect.
Surbhi:- darpok.
Prudhvi tightens his grip on her waist and drags her more close.
Ti his surprise she kisses him on his lips and runs away leaving stunned and blushed prudhvi…
Sanskar hugging ragini from back and says..
Sanskar:-do you remeber few years before on holi day we came to kbew that you were carrying akash.
Ragini:- and i have ananya news on your birthday ..

They both hugs each other and rewinds their past memories..
Arnav:- this naksh was missing always and when ever he is missing ananya too mising.
Khushi:- you were thinking wrong.
Arnav:- no i almoat observed 7 time not all time i will misunderstood right both were missing at sane time and when he comes back ananya also visible ..
Do they love each other if its yes then i am so happy wow.
Khusi:- betai se jyada baap excited wah..
Arnav:- arey wont you happy if ananya came to our house asdaughter in law wait now onlyvi will ask sanskar about their marriage.
Khushi:- arnav wait lisen to me.if they both love each other leys them express why are you taking step by asking sanskar. Let him express may be he wants to tell about their relation ship once he get settled or after ananya exams.
Arnav:- ok but i am very excited..
Khusi smiles…

Arnav:- i am so happy wow ..
First time my son did some profit work.
Khusi:- arnav..
Arnav smiless

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