All alone ragini season 2 episode 12


Prudhvi is getting ready to take surbhi out and ananya is talking with naksh .
Manvi and vidya are sleeping..
Akash slowly entrs into room with bucket full of water and sees confused towards bed..
Here ragini comes inside room and see sanskar sleeping peacefull with a cute smile on his face.
Ragini goes and takes alarm clock and goes towards sanskar and takes bedsheet from his ear and puts alarm sound.
By that sound sanskar jerks and wakes up and breaths heavily and sees ragini laughing loudly
Sanskar:- what ragini with in a minute my heart would stopped..
Ragini bends and keeps her hands around her and says..

Ragini:- untill my heart beats nothing will happen to your heart.
Sanskar drags her close to him and says.
Sanskar:- what happen to my wife today she started romancing with me and dear wife jii time is chaning and we are getting old.
Ragini:- hmm thats true our kids are growing and infact they are falling in love.
Sanskar:- only prudhvi fallen in love right then all kids mean ahh did ananya to but who was that boy..
Ragini:- relax i just said like that and tell me one thing what will happen if she fallen in love ahh before laksh and badai papa its seems you will faint in ananya matter and about to get up.
But sanskar drags her back and says.
Sanskar:- my anu is just like my lovely wife and if anyone love hers means thats doesnt matter but if she loves someone meabs that guy must be awesone.
Ragini:- hmm even my husband is awesome and kisses him lightly on his lips and goes ftom their..

Ananya in phone

Ananya:- hmm so what mama and mami doing.
Naksh:- they are busy in their world and i am busy in with my life.
Ananya blushes..
Naksh:- now u wont blush yar its hard for me to control and more over you are far from me also.
Ananya:- even i am also missing you.
Naksh:- love you.
Ananya:- love you too.acha i lisen that mama and mami is love marriage what their story.
Naksh:- i will tell when i meet uou its a long story.
Ananya:- why not now.
Naksh:- i have to go to office should hard work earn good nane then only na i can ask your hand from your family.
Ananya:- hmm when will you cone here.
Naksh:- when ever you want.
Ananya:- ok bye getting late to colzz.

Here akash goes and brings prudhvi..
Both sees only one person is on bed.
Prudhvi:- hmm so your problem solved see manvi is here.
Akash:- how can you say that was manvi.
Prudhvi:- will ever manvi woke up early that to at 7.
Akash:- hmm your are right..
Prudhvu:- so ready..
Aka and pru:- 1 2 3 slapsh..
Vidya get ups with a thud and cleans her face ,akash stood like statue while prudhvi runs from their.
Just then manvi comes out of washroom by noice and sees what happen and guess and starts laughing..
Akash:- explains vidya everything and says sorry.

Vidya goes towards him and says ..
Vidhya:- its ok , you did not knew it was me or you didnot do wantedly with me but.she slowly takes water jug and pours from his head and says.
Even me too and starts laughing.
Manvi and vidya hi fives to each other..
Akash smiles and chases both whole room.
Ragini and swara lisenes their screams and laughs.
Laksh:- it seems devils woke up and started working and sees prudhvi coming down in blue mix pink checks shirt and dark blue pant with brown colour jerkin.
Laksh:- babhi your ladla is going to date today..
Ragini:- laksh..dont tease him yar..
Prudhvi hugs ragini and says..

Prudhvi:- badsi bless me she will show me hell today..
Sanskar and All laughs just then a voice
Voice:- did you say anything.
All looks aside and prudhvi gets shocked while all giggles by seeing surbhi and alaap.
Ragini stops her laugh and welcomes her prudhvi smiles but stops by seeing her angry glare.
Prudhvi to laksh:- uncle dad said to give this file to he said that its important and some what confidential.
Laksh:-ok thanks..
Swara:- come surbhi alaap have break fast with us..
Alaap about to sit but surbhi stops him
Surbhi:- no aunty another day..
Prudhvi:- dont show my anger on food yar.

Surbhi about to speak .
Alaap:- dii never show anger on food and we ate already i will give company for you.
Surbhi:- dont mind aunty we already had and his final exams starts from today so i have to drop him.
Bye aunty.
Ragini cares her cheeck and says.
Ragini:- next time you have to eat with us.
Alaap:- sure aunty.
Sanskar:- from where you are taking her out.
Prudhvi:- from colz.
After a while all leaves to their colz.
Prudhvi and surbhi both goes in prudhvi bike.

Manvi and akash introduces vidya yo virat.
Virat:- nice to meet youbeautifull.
Manvi and akash both gets jeously and manvi hits on his hands.
Manci:- dont flirt with her i will kill snd you and she us like your sister and my bff.
Virat:- like sister naa not real sister right so relax.
Vidya laughs and understands manvi :- sister is a sister right bhai.
Virat holds his heart and says:- ahhmy heart is paining but its ok sister fromnow i have to do more exercises.
Akash:- why.
Virat:- to protect my beautifull sister from boys like you and takes her with him.
Akash opens his mouth and looks at manvi.
Akash:- dii see na what he said about me.
Manvi runs after virat both runs all ground.
Vidya:- they both are bestfriends from childhood.
Akadh:- haa and we are famiky friends too.
Vidya:- you people are lucky you have a big family.
Akash:- haa thats true about you.

Vidya:- i am only child and cosine brother naksh is their na he doesnt naje me feel lonely..
Whether Brothers are elder or younger they will be protective.
Akash smiles and virat stops infront if them breathing heavily while vidya gives him water.
Virat smiles and takes it and says thank u sister.
They all leaves to classes..
Prudhvi :- where you want me to take..
Surbhi:- coffee shop.
They both goes and sits.
Surbhi:- prudhvi its a self service shop so ..
Prudhvi:- ok i understand i will bring it.
Surbhi:- hi one second let me say how i want.
Prudhvi:- i knew surbhi.
One spoon sugar not so strong and not so light and not more hot not cold medium right i knew i remember i will bring same coffee as you like.
Surbhi smiles seeing him ordering coffee.
And hides smiles by seeing him return.
Prudhvi:- now where we will go.

Surbhi:- temple.
Prudhvi:- what.
Surbhi:- why dont you knew temple meaning and why they will go their.
Prudhvi:- i knew yar.
Surbhi:- then lets go.
In temple after praying while coming back she sees a girl stuggling to tie thread and before she lift her prudhvi lifts her and lands her on his shoulder that girl smiles and ties thread..
After leaving that girl..
Prudhvi sees surbhi sitting on temple steps and taking with one of beggar and giving medicine packets to them.
While leaving from their he asks her the reason of disturbuting medicines.
Surbhi:- i gave them all types of medicines for small diesases because they cant afford to go hospital tgats why.
Prudhvi:- which restutent you want to go.
Surbhi:- home made food.
Prudhvi turns to her with question mark.
Surbhi:- i want to eat food from your both momhands i want to feel hiw mom made food will be by getting teary eyes.
Prudhvi stops bike and makes her stand infront of him.
Surbhi:- what happen.
Prudhvi:- i am really sorry for what ever i said to you. I am really sorry and holds her ears

Surbhi:- hi prudhvi i understand whst you might feltvbut i got angry on you for speaking without lisening fully and speaking about my mom but i understand immediatedly because my dad said that if any one speak to you in anger then you habe to leave them alone for sometime and when they ask you forgiveness for that rude behaviour then you have to firgive them.
And i wont forgive you because i am not angry on you ..
Prudhvi smiles and shakes hand with her.
Surbhi:- will you take to your home for dinner.
Prudhvi:- sure..
Abd calls to home and informs to swara and ragini.

Precap:- surbhi lunch at maheswaris..
Ananya vedio call with naksh

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