All alone ragini season 2 episode 10


Sanskar:- prudhvi..
Prudhvi:- you have to pick up vidhya pandai who is related yo arnav uncle she is coming threw train ok.
Prudhvi:- ok.

Sanskar sends picture of her to him and says to take manvi too so that vidhya wont feel uncomfort with you.
Prudhvi nodes and takes manvi and goes…..
Ananya was sitting near window and talking on phone with naksh..
Ananya:- its just happwn one day and you are saying that missing.
Naksh:- i wont lie dear really i am missing you alot.are you not missing me.
Ananya:- ofcourse i am missing you..
Naksh:- ok bye i have to study to get good marks in finals and yaa i love you.
Ananya:- all the best and i love you.
Ananya turns and finds akash with sad face.
Akash:- you love some one and you didnt say to me.
Ananya:- its not like that aku and about to hug him but he backs off.
Akash:- first you say what is my jijju name and from when this happened.
Ananya:- his name is naksh singh raizada arnav uncle son and it happen when i went to tour
Akash:- wow and hugs her and promise i wont say anything to anyone not atleast our brother and sisters..
Ananya:- thank you aku.

Akash hugs her and says i love you so much dii.
Ananya:- i love too babu..
Manvi and prudhvi receives vidhya and drives back to home but suddenly his car stops .he gets down and seez as his car engine is heated so he sees a coffee shop near and says to manvi that he will watwr untill then wait in coffee shop.
He makes them sit outside coffee shop and he goes inside..
Surbhi and her frds..
Frds:- so finally you won bet you made friendship with him and infact you changed him..
Surbhi:- oh i dint bet i just said that he is normal like all the but he is some what shy types and he is good person yar.

Frds see prudhvi back of surbhi and signals her..
Surbhi see her backside and gets shock by seeing prudhvi.she goes towards him to explain.
Prudhvi:- i thought you were different from others and your friendship was gueniue but you betted on me and proved that you stoop so low.
Surbhi:- prudhvi i didnt bet on you i just said that i will make friendship with you.
Prudhvi shouts:- thats called a bet surbhi malhotra and still you were not accepting that you did wrong oh i forget you dont have mom to say whats wrong and right na then how come we will accept a good behaviour from you..
Surbhi:- (cracking voice tears filled in her eyes ) says dont says anything about my mom prudhvi and i am saying you one more time i didnt bet on you and goes from there by wiping her tears..
Prudhvi holds his head by realising what he actually said was wrong and in anger .later her frds comes and says that we are making fun of you on that day and she defended you by saying that you are good but different and i will make him to do friendship with all and she did thinking you as a friend but she did not kept bet on you and you should not have talked about her mother atleast today because tomorrow is her mother barsi..
prudhvi really feels guilty and runs back to outside but doesnt find surbhi ..he takes manvi and vidya to home by being upset..

Sanskar, laksh and swara ,ragini welcomes vidya and talks with her.
Swara observes prudhvi upset face and signals ragini to see him.
Ragini too sees that he was upset and seeing his mobile.
Prudhvi:- msm to surbhi.
I am sorry surbhi i shouldnt talk like that and about your mother too i feel guilty and your frds told me truth i am sorry .just once lift my call.
Here surbhi reads his message but doesnt reply and cries and threws phone by seeing him calling.
Prudhvi gets switched off message and gets upset and goes to his room..
Surbhi cries recalling prudhvi words and sees her mother photo beside her bed and cries more..
Ragini and swara goes to prudhvi room and sees him standing near window and looking out.
Swara goes and places hand on his shoulder which brought prudhvi back to his senses..
Prudhvi:- maa do you need anything.
Swara:- hmm truth.
Prudhvi:-what …
Ragini:- true reason behind your being upset..
Prudhvi says what ever happen from starting to coffee shop incident how he misunderstood her and in anger what ever he spoke.

Swara:- its wrong prudhvi she just wanted become your frd so that her frds will stop commenting on you.
Ragini:-she is innocent prudhvi thats why without any relation she made friendship with you by thinking you are alone and haa if she made mistake also you dont have any right to say about her family and about her momwho is no more at all.what if soneday any one taunght us if you did any mistake.
Prudhvi:- i cant imagine sonethink like that badai maa and some where i dont like lies
Swara:- your not i mean infact no one is satyaharishan here and no one can be ..if a small kid demands something wrong wont
we lie to divert her attention and how many times you and ananya lied to tease manvi and akash.
Prudhvi:- thats for fun maa.
Swara:- lie is a lie prudhvi dont defend by saying jokely lie and serious wala lie and you are reacting like he bet on you loved you and dumped you.
Prudhvi:- i dont like when she lies to me.
Swara:- why..
Prudhvi:- because i dont knew.

Ragini sits next to him …
Ragini:- Do you love her..
Prudhvi stands up immediatedly and says me and love.
Swara:- why do you came from heaven or earth that you cant love idiot.
Prudhvi makes a puppy face and sits holding ragini.
Ragini:- do you knew how we got married.
Prudhvi:- your and maa was love marriage right.
Ragini:- haa love marriage only but do you knew how we fell in love.
Prudhvi nodes no.
Ragini and swara both looks at each other..
Swara nodes and says everything from starting how laksh married swara and how sanskar married her how they kids came into their love..
Prudhvi:- you were not angry on maa and paa badai maa.
Ragini:- i should thank them you knew if they had not loved each other i would not found your badai papa..
Prudhvi hugs ragini while she cares his hair..
Ragini:- think about surbhi and how to say sorry to her and dont take tension about your feeling towards her because one particular situation will come then you by yourself get to knew what you feel for her..
Prudhvi nodes…

Prcap:- malhotra meeting with maheswaris

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    Superb. NO other words to say. Swalak and ragsan are lovely parents.

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    awesome dear….ananya and akash scenes r supper…and purdhvi swarag scenes r osam…swalak and ragsan r amazing parents….loved it…tkcr dear….

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