All alone ragini episode 9


The episode starts with ragini and swara bringing luggage for their outing
Sanskar takes it and keeps in back of car.
Laksh comes their and smiles to sanskar.
He too smiles a little bit because of ragini force.
Sanskar opens door to ragini beside him.
Ragini:-actually i want to sit with swara if u dont mind shall i sit back.
Sanskar :-ok your wish.
Rags sits back so that laksh sits front beside
laksh .
Ragini is enjoying nature by opening window.
The air makes her hair blow back and her face has a little smile with closed eyes.
Sanskar watches her threw front mirror and keeps on looking her with a smile.
Laksh:-bhaii watch out.
Sanskar comes to senses and escapes car in

mean time and stops car.
Sanskar is breathing heavily.
Laksh:-are u k bhai.
Sanskar:-i am ok chotu are u ok and realises
what he said and says i mean laksh are u ok.
Laksh:-smiles and says i am fine bhai and thank u for asking.
They both turn back to swara and ragini
They both says they are fine.
Finally they reach to their farm house.
Swara and ragini likes it verymuch.
Sanskar takes ragini and swara taken by laksh .
They are showing their farm house to their wifes.
Laksh:-swara fo u know bhai used to call me
chotu in childhood and u heared na he called
me today agsin thats mean he still cares for me thank u swara thank u so much.
Swara:-its ok laksh but atleast say now wat
happen between u both then it will be easy for
us to solve in less time.
Laksh:-plz swara dont push me when i feel comfortable then i will say everything
Swara:-ok lets go and takes his hand and roams
are over house.
Sanskar shows every corner of house to ragini and his and laksh moments with a smile.
Ragini:-u still love laksh sanskar u cant denny
that fact see one day i will make everything fine between u both.
Sanskar sees her smiling by looking at him and asks.
Sanskar:-what happen why r u seeing me like this.
Ragini:-your smile is very cute like a small kid never loose it .
Sanskar:-smiles when u r with me i will never loose it.
They both shares eyelock and turns and starts

They finally reach to hall.
They all finished lunch and startes playing .
All sits together in hall.
They all play dumbshores .
They go for evening walk.
Swara and laksh are walking by holding eachothers hand and sees sanskar and ragini
are walking a head of them by maintaing distances.
Lsksh:-when their distances will go between
Swara:-if it doesnt go then we will make it to go.
Swara:-ragini is afraid of snakes and darkness wat if she goes missing.
Laksh:- idea is ok but it can be dangerous to ragini wat if something happen to her.
Swara:-sanskar will find her in time.
Laksh:-be carefull.
Swara:-goes to ragini and asks.
Swara:-ragini come we will go that side i will show u something.
Ragini:-no yar its so dark their u know naa i
afraid of darkness i wont come.
Swara:-i am their naa .plzzz.
Ragini :-ok.and sees at sanskar.
Sanskar:-becarefull and he leaves from their.

Swara and ragini goes from their and swara turns and shows thums up to laksh.
Sanskar watches them and gets doudt.
Sanskar:-hmm laksh.
Laksh:-holds her ears and says sorry bhai i dont know because of my one mistake ur whole life
Sanskar:-its ok laksh actually i got u know that its your not mistake someone used u without your knowledge.
Laksh:-what but who.
Sanskar:-first i should get info about him after that i will say everything to u.
Laksh nodes and says can i hug u.
Sanskar opens his hands and laksh hugs him.
Swara comes running.
Swara:-sanskarr and breathes heavily.
Sanskar and laksh breaks their hug and cones
near swara.
Laksh:-what happen swara.
Sanskar:-where is ragini.
Swara:-i dont know she is missing.
Sanskar:-what r u mad cant u take care of her after knowing her fears also u behaved like this unbelievable and runs towards their direction.

Swara and laksh hifives to eachother.
Laksh:-are u sure she will be ok
Swara:-dont worry i left her in place where some lighting will be and sanskar also can find her immediately.
Laksh nodes and hugs swara from side.
They both can hear sanskar calling ragini loudly.
Swara:-i hope he will confess his feeling today.
Laksh:-lets hope for good.

Sanskar:-ragini ragini and goes and sees a shawdow and runs to her and gets shocked to see ragini state.
Ragini who sits like statue with sweating and shivers.
Sanskar goes to her and makes her stand and call ragini.
Ragini looks here and there in shocked state.
Sanskar:-ragini look at me.
Ragini:-shouts no snakes will come it will come and pushes him and moves back by saying no no .
Sanskar goes to her and hugs her try to console her.
Rags again pushes him
Sanskar closes his eyes and opens and goes near to ragini and cups her face and kisses her by forcing.
First rags tries to push him

Slowly she comes to her senses and closes her eyes and hugs sanskar while still their are kissing.
Rags one hand holds sanskar shirt at back and another at his shoulder.
They both starts to kiss eachother.
Sanskar is bringing her more close to him by holding her waist and making her more close by pushing her waist towards them
Its suddenly starts to rain they both drenched but still kissing by changing their face position.
By a thunderstroam they both come to their senses.
Sanskar and ragini looks at each other.
Sanskar slowly touches her face and lips by his fingers.
Rags closes her eyes
He slowly clears water drops on her lips by his fingers. Andcautomatically kissing her again.
This time they both r kissing deeply
Swara:-it took so much time and its raining also i am getting worried laksh wat if anything happen to them.
Laksh:-nothing will happen come we will finds them.
Swara shouts ragini.

Laksh shouts sanskar bhai
sanskar and rags stops kissing and separates
But because of their passonate kissing their lips slowly separetes from each other.
Sanskar is still holding rags waist and rags hugging him.
They both lost into eachother and in what situation they are .
And they lisens voices of swara and laksh.
They both compose them selfs and stands their looking here and there.
Swara and laksh finds them.
Swara goes and hugs ragini laksh hugs sansjar
Swara:-asks are u ok.
Sanskar then realises for wat he came and immediately he goes near to her and asks are u ok.
Ragini:-haa i am fine.
Sanskar reminds just wat happen between them and moves back
Sanskar:-ok lets move.
Laksh and swara observes their silence and signals to each other.
They still maintains their silences at dinner and all leaves to their rooms.
Laksh:-what might happen between them they are behaving odd
Swara:-what ever happen may be romantic and winks at him.
Laksh:-achaa then wat about u then and hugs her .
They both hugs each other.
Sanskar and ragini unable to sleep by thinking their moment .

They both rolls to another side and they faces each other.
And keeps on looking at eachother and automatically smiles appear on their faces.
And both sits on bed and tries to talk with eachother but they couldnot.
By thunders rags gets afraid and hugs sanskar.
Sansker gets shocked by sudden hug but finally he too hugs her.
Sanskar:-dont worry ragini i am here with u.
Rags:-adjust her head on sanskar chest and slowly sleeps.
Sanskar cares her hair and adjust her hair back of her ear and he too sleeps.
Its morning sun rays disturbs them.
Rags finds herself on sanskar and gets up by smiling at him and slowly gets up without disturbing him and covers him with blanket and goes to washroom.
Swara and laksh are covered in one bed with closeness .
Swara gets up and takes another blanket and covers her with it and goes to washroom

They all reach to their homes.

Precap:-sanskar proves him self innocent

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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