All alone ragini episode 8


Rags coming out from washroom with wet hair.

Sanskar sleeping she goes near him and sits beside him.
Rags:-sanskar wake up na we are getting late.
Sanskar:-5 more minutes ragini let me sleep and he turns facing her by pulling blanket he also pulls rags hand.
By that rags falls on him and her hair fall on sanskar they are so close to each other they lost for few minute
The water drops falls on sanskar face from her hair which disturbs sanskar .they both compose them selfs .
Sanskar about to go but turns and say.
Sanskar:- do had head bath today.
Ragini:-haa why r u asking like that.

Sanskar:-are u a kid ragini yesterday only your fever got controlled and today early morning u did head bath and he about to speak before that
Rags holds her both ears and says sorry like a small kid.
Sanskar gets mesmerised to her and comes close to her and rags steps back she finally collide with dressing table .
Sanskar leans towards her and rags closes her eyez
Ragini opens her eyes and
Sanskar takes her hand and gives dryer and asks her to dry her hair and turns and starts to smile.
Rags:-also smiles and drys her hair.
Ragini finally comes out from room.
All gets happy .
Ragini:-to ap and sujatha.
Sorry maa from the day i came i didnot came out i am very sorry.
Sujtha and ap:- no problem ragini.
Dp :-how r u feeling now ragini.
Ragini turns and says fine badai papa and takes blessing from all.
Swara comes and hugs her.
Laksh comes from stairs and sees ragini and smiles with hestitation.
Ragini too smiles uncomforatably
Sanskar comez and sees laksh and ragini uncomfortableness.
Sanskar:-maa i am taking ragini to her mom house .
Sujtha:-ok but after doing breakfast

Sanskar and ragini nodes.
They all complete break fast .
Sanskar and ragini reaches their house.
Ragini about to inside but stops .
Sanskar comes their and holds her hand and says lets goo ragini.
Sanskar takes her inside while ragini looking at him with little smile.

All elders are sitiing.
Swara:-maa i haveca plan to make ragini and sanskar close and even laksh and sanskar close.
She says we four will go to picnic and remainig xplains they all get excited and .
Dp:-i hope these two brothers missunderstanding cleared.
Ram:-i hope my son and daughter in law understand each other more.
Ap:-lets hope for good.
Sujtha:-will sanskar accept to this.
Swara:-for that also i had a plan maa and xplains her .
They all smiles .
Laksh dp and ram leaves to office.

Sanskar brings ragini.
Dadi comes and hugs her by crying.
Dadi:-how r u lado how is your fever now.
Ragini:-fine dadi.
Dida:-comes and says ragini will u not hug me.
Ragini goes towards her and hugs her.
Dadi:- thank u sanskar for bringing her and taking care.
Sanskar:-he takes blessing and says its my duty dadi.
Ragini goes towards sumi and hugs her.
While she goes to shekhar .

They both hug and shekhar cries.
Shekhar:-sorry ragini i couldnt see ypur pain i am really sorry beta.
Ragini:-wipes his tears and say dont say that dad and plz dont cry if u cry i cant be happy dad.
Shekhar smiles and kisses on her forehead.
They spend some time together.
While sanskar and ragini about to leaves sumi takes them to their mandir .
Sumi catches sindoor and asks sanskar to fills ragini mang.
Sanskar takes sindoor and fills her mang.
Rags sees sanskar with smile and tears in her eyes.
Sumi blesses them to be always happy.
Sanskar and ragini travels in car.
Ragini:-why u did not go to office with dp and laksh.
Sanskar:-their bussiness is different and mine is different.
Sanskar:-i am doing my own bussiness without anyones help.
Ragini:-u mean self bussiness.
Sanskar:-hmm and nodes his head.
Ragini:-wow congrates.

Sanskar:-thank you.
Ragini watches panipuri and watches sanskar.
Sanskar understands her and says not now but i will take u sure after 2 days ok.
They both enter their house.
Sanskar goes to room by saying he should call someone call urgently and leaves from there
Swara comes and asks ragini
Swara:-i need to talk to u ragini.
Ragini:-bollo swara.
Swara:-not here lets sit outside in lawn.
They both go outside and sits.
Swara explains her everything watever happen between laksh and sanskar and how laksh wants to appolozise to her.
Ragini:- laksh wants to appolozise to me but why.
Swara:-ragini wat ever he did to u.
Ragini:-plz swara dont talk about it again i feel uncomfortable and ya i had no problem with laksh.
Swara:-ok but lets bring laksh and sanskar together.

Ragini:-what can we do sanskar is not allowing to talk about him.
Swara:-they both are brothers ragini they grown up together they cant stay annoyed with each other.
Ragini:-says yes with hestitately.
Swara:-dont worry ragini sanskar is not angry with laksh but annoyed with him if they two spend sometime together everything will be ok.
Ragini:-ok wat is your plan swara i will help you.
Swara :-you really want to help me or for someone else.
Ragini:-swara and hits her.
Swara:-ok ok sry and says her plan.
Ragini:- are u sure swara it will work.
Swara:-ha baba .
Ragini and swara leaves to respective room.

Laksh room
Laksh:-swara what did ragini said did she
accepted to your plan.
Swara:-calm down dear and yes ragini accepted

Laksh gets excited and hugs her.
Swara also hugs him.
Laksh breaks hug and says will bhsi accepts to ragini.
Swara:-the way i know ragini i am sure she will
make sanskar to accept.

In sanskar room.
Ragini is sitting on bed and thinks how to make
sanskar to accept to this trip will he accept to
Sanskar comes from balcony and sees ragini thinking and comes and sits beside her.
Sanskar:-what happen ragini what r u thinking.
Ragini:-if i ask u something or if i ask u to take me some place will you.
Sanskar:-haa sure say it wat u want or where u
want to go.
Ragini:-to a picnic and not only me and you swara and laksh also.
Sanskar gets angry and about to leave.
Ragini holds his hand and says plzz.

Sanskar:-he did a lot with u and u just forgive him.
Ragini:-i did it because he is my sister husband
Sanskar:-and what ragini.
Ragini:-and he is my husbands brother.
Sanskar gets shocked and turns to her while ragini bends down her head.
Sanskar lifts her head by holding her chin .
Sanskar:-look at me ragini.
Ragini lifts her head.
Sanskar:-do u really forgive him do u feel comfortable staying with him at same roof.
Ragini:-i dont know sanskar but ya i am trying to forgive him and i am happy that he is taking care of my sister thats enough for me.
Sanskar:-i cant understand u ragini
Ragini:-u will sanskar because even u cant stay away from your brother but something
bothering u thats why u r annoyed .all sister and brother will do same like us sanskar elders are to forgive our younger sibblings.
Sanskar:-ok fine i will come but for sake of u ok.
Ragini:-thank u sanskar.

Sanskar:-ok take some rest and where we r going.
Ragini:-says some place near mumbai and says we should leave early morning.
After sometime they complete their dinner.
Ragini and sanskar comes back to their room and sits at their beds.
Ragini sits idle.
Sanskar:-are u getting bore.
Ragini:-some wat.
Sanskar:-come we will see a movie in my laptop.
Ragini in excited tone :- do u have any horror movies.
Sanskar widens his eyes and says u and horror movies are u sure.
Ragini:-say straight na that u r afraid and u r taking my name that i will get afraid.
Sanskar:-very funny come then and he goes on bed and starts seeing movie.
After some time unknowingly both comes close to each other and their heads meet and they both shout in fear.
Ragini:-i am afraid.
Sanskar:-i am also not afraid .

They both again start to see movie they both catch their both hands and completes movie.
They both are feeling afraid .
Sanskar about to go but ragini stops him and says.
Ragini:-how many days u will sleep like that.
We will share same bed with maintaing some distance between us.
Sanskar about to says but ragini says plzz.
Sanskar accept and sleeps on bed.
Both are facing opposite to each other their a distance between them.

Precap:-ragini and sanskar are very close too each other and their first kiss
Their four people picnic

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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