All alone ragini episode 7


Laksh standing near window swara comes and hugs him from beside.
Swara:-wat r u doing my hubby and turns him.
And watches him with tears.
Swara asks wat happen laksh.
Laksh xplains everything about his and sanskar conversation and hugs her and starts crying.
Laksh:-i dont know that because of my childish acts this much problems will come and turns to swara and says will bhai forgive me and ragini.
Swara:-they will laksh but it will take time thats do u remember our night by that i can say that u r no more kid and winks eye to him.
Laksh:-really ok then lets rewind that night again and comes close to her and cups her face and kisses her on lips .
They spend their night.
Scene shifts to ragini room.
Ragini roams here and there and waits for sanskar.
Sanskar comes and sees ragini roaming in room and asks her wat happen.
Ragini goes near sanskar and says.
Ragini:-i am getting bored sanskar and u are not even allowing me to come out of room.
Sanskar:-when u r ok then ur wish u can roam in whole house afterall its your house also.
Ragini:- i am fine if u want see and takes his hand and places on her forehead.
Sanskar looks on and ragini realises just wat she did and moves back
Sanskar looks on and tries to change topic.
Before that ragini asks.
Ragini:-shall we go out for a walk atleast.
Sanskar:- ok but on one condition.
Ragini:-wat .
Sanskar:-u should wear jacket ,gloves, socks ,and even u should cover ur ears.
Ragini:-i am ready to do that but when people see me like this then they will think bhoot ayaa.
Sanskar laughs loudly ok but atleast minimum precaution .
Rags:-ok and goes and comes with shawl and scraf. Now ok.
Sanskar looks at her and say ok lets go.
Rags:-u also wear jacket.
Sanskar goes to wear.
Rags:-haa do u eat dinner.
Sanskar:-haa you.
Rags:-haa maa made me to eat.
Sanskar smiles and comes ok lets goo.
They both r walking around their house as they had a big lawn.

They slowly starts talking.
Rags:-can i ask u one thing.
Sanskar:-if u want to know about why i did like this then u have to.
Rags:-i will wait sanskar.
Sanskar:- wat do u know about me and u immediately belived me that i have a reason thats why i did it.
Rags:-same question to u also wat do u know about me that u defended me and fight against your family.
Sanskar sees her with shockingly.
Rags:-i lisened to u sanskar.
The way u understanded my slience in the same way i too understand some big reason behind your silence too.
They both sit on a bench which arranged in thrir lawn.
Cool air is blooming.
Rags suddenly shivers .

Sanskar about to give her jacket but she stops him and says kets go inside if u give ur jacket to me u too feel cold wat if this time u got fever.
Sanskar:-you r there naa my friend to look after mee.
Rags:-looks at him with smile frd.
Sanskar:-haa frds the way we married its difficult for both of us thats why first lets be frds after i sortout everything then decision is your.
They both gets up starts to leave.
They both song and their music
(Paki rajista meethi batiraii
Do u rember this album song frds i just love it
If dont once watch it. Lovely song actress is sameera reddy).
Rags:-sanskar can i ask u one more question.
Sanskar:-yaa u can snd why are saying can i yar u have rights to ask me anything directly no need of permission.
Rags:-in your garden their will be no snakes naa.
Sanskar:-he stops and says what .
Rags:-i have a phobia about snakes i am so afraid of them.
Sanskar:-no yar no snakes here relax you are sweating lets go inside.
They both go to room
After entering they both look at bed and watches eachother.
Rags:-u sleep on bed i will sleep onsofa
Sanskar:- no u sleep on bed i will sleep arrange another bed.
Rags:-then i will arrange u sleep on your
sanskar:-how many time i said yar its our ragini and stops and stammerss i mean not about bed. leaving bed remaining all are ours and we will have our own beds and
Rags:-its ok sanskar relax i understand what u meant.
They both sleep on different beds.
Sanskar on floor and ragini on bed.
Sanskar:-do u want to meet your parents tomorrow.
Rags:-i cant face them wat if they asked me so many questions why i hide from them
Sanskar:-u didnot do any mistake ragini u just thought about their happiness no need to feel guilty or afraid of someone i will be there for u.
Rags:-sits an by looking at sanskar asks in all situations.
Sanskar:- he too watches her and says in all situations at any cost i will not leave u.
Rags:-why sanskar why u stand for me.
Sanskar:-dont know may be your were in same position in which i was once faced thats why i understand your pain without any hints.
Finally they bith doze of to sleep.

In laksh room.
Swara resting her head on laksh and both are covered with blankets .
Swara:-i promise laksh i will make everthing ok between you and sanskar jijju.
Laksh:-thank you and wat u said jijju.
Swara:-ofcourse he is my sister husband naa.
Laksh:-then ragini is my bhabhi but i cant call her like that untill she forgive me and sees swara and adks she will forgive me naa.
Swara:-ofcourse laksh ragini dontknow how to get angry on other she just know how to love others.
Laksh:-i hope she will forgive me.
Swara:-she will without any doudt.
For that i already planned something.
Laksh:-wat u planned.
Swara:-surprise my husband.
Laksh:-hmm and hugs her all the best that your plan should work .
Swara:-it will u see not only you two brother even they both will come close to each other.
Laksh:-love you swara.
Swara:-love you too laksh.

Precap:-sanskar and ragini going to shekhar house.
Swara discussing plan with all maheswaris.
All smiles and says done

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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