All alone ragini episode 65

Sanskar gets a call from school and laksh also they both rushes to school with ragini and swara..
They went to principal office and sees akash and prudhvi standing with ananya ..
Rags goes to them and sees their both dresses were messed up and ananya hair also..
Rags:-wat happen t u three were in this postion and hugs them.
Swara:-are u ok.
Principal:-see this side also madam actually these two kids were not ok.
They all four sees another side and sees two boys were standing and their were injured somewat.
Sanskar:-wats happening mam will u explain us.
Principal:-even we want to lisen from their mouths but they were not opening their mouths.
Laksh goes towards ananya and sits on knees and talk.
Laksh:-my princess wat happen to u are u ok why ur hair is messed up.
Ananya hugs laksh and criez
Ananya:-lucky chachu these two were teasing me daily today while i am walking they made to fall and pulled all my hair see i got hurt on my leg and akash and prudhvi saw this they got angry and go towards him and talked to him but first this boy bet akash and then prudhvi.
Then only these two started fighting.
Laksh sees ananya wounded foot
Principal:-see how she is answering.
Before sanskar opened her mouth.
Rags :-yes we lisened it and seeing it also by pointing towards ananya.
Wat ever u doing when these both are teasing ananya daily.
Principal:-she didnot said anything swara:-she is a small kid how she will complain u have to take care and for your kind information first these two started fighting not my kids .
Rags:-by the way where r their parents and wat after lisening wat ever happen u still blaming my sons..
Principal:- without scolding them you were questioning me.
Swara:-yes cant u understand.
Rags:-by the way i am proud my sons that they took a stand for her sister and if these sort if things are going to happen in your school then i am going to take tc for my four kids ..
And leaves from their rashly by taking three of them and too maanvi.
San and lak were shocked to see rags and swara angry faces.
Laksh:-bhai first time i am seeing bhabhi i this much anger.
Sanskar:-even me i never knew that she too gets angry..
Laksh:-i thought they will scold them but they defended them.
Sanskar:-be silent if they hear thats it.
Soon they reach to their mansion.
Rags makes kids sit on sofa and goes inside her room.
Swara goes to kitchen .
Dp and all family members gets worried seeing them in that state and asks sanskar and laksh.
They both explains complete situation wat ever happen in school.
Rp:-wat ragini that to shouted on principal naaa i wont belive it.
Dp:-haa ragini and gussa no way.
Ap:-when it comes to kids everyone will behave like this onlyy.
Rags and swara takes kids to washroom and freshen up them.
And makes them sit and doing first aid..
Prudhvi gets down and goes to rags and cups and akash comes and hugs from back..
Prudhvi:-badai maa are u angry on me.
Rags:-no why will i angry on my prince.
Prudhvi:-i bet him na but he made ananya dii cry.
Rags:-no i am happy that u both stand for her but u should not beat others ok ..
If he beat u also first u shoukd try to handle calmly then also if they didnt lisen then teacher.
Akash:-if then also they didnt lisen means.
Swara:-then your parents.
Akash:-if before coming to u wat if they made ananya dii or manvi more cry.
Rags gets stunned to his question…
Sanskar and laksh starts laughing.
They take him and lifts him.
Laksg:-you werw right champ but u should not beat others ok ..we should try to talk and handle hmm.
Sanskar:-look who is taking the angry young men ..laksh is saying not to get angry on others this akash went on u only in matter on angry.
Laksh:-achha then prudhvi went on uu.
Sanskar:-in which way ..
Laksh:-he is silent like u but when he gets angry thats it .
Sanskar:-very funny…

Precap:-sanskar hugging ragini ..

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