All alone ragini episode 61


Sanskar goes to room and comes in way of ragini and keep on stoping her and she too keep on escaping from him .
Finaly she free and about to he catches her hand and drags towards her.
Rags:-leave me sanskar ..
Sanskar:-noo wat will u do.
Rags tries to escape but the more she tries to escape the more she tightens his grip around her waist.
She gets tired and keeps her handFolded near her chest.
Sanskar:-this much anger on me.
Rags:-wat will they think sanskar about me.
Sanskar:-i sm sorry ok.and coming to thinking they will think that they both love each other unconditionaly.
Rags:-keeps pout face.
Sanskar kisses her on cheecks and says i am sorry ok.
Rags:-its ok.
Turns to him and says i dont knew untill how many days i should where it ..
Sanskar:-why ..
Rags removes her hair from neck and shows sees its deep marks.
Sanskar tounches it and is it paining.
Rags nodes no and hugs him.
Sanskar kisses her on marks and rags now ok u must getting late go to office now go and pushes him..
Prudhvi starts to walk and his first bday is also approched and they Celebrate same the way they did for ananya..
Problems stopped coming to them they were living happily and soon
Kids turns into 4 and 3 years..

Its time for ananya school.
Sansar laksh dp and rp came along with ragini to drop her school.
Ananya goes happily inside school but laksh and dp starts crying.
Sanskar and rp and ragini laughs Sanskar:-dad see them for school they were doing like and all are watching us stop now.
Ragini:-badai papa dont worry she will come by afternoon naa.
Dp:-from now i will drop her and pick her ..
Laksh:-wipes her tears and says we dad even mee.
Dp:-haa ok.
They smiles.
Dp:-sanskar u drop ragini to home and then go to your office ..
Sanskar:-ok and leaves with ragini.
Sanskar drops her at home and leaves to office.
Ragini goes and says wat ever happen at school.
All laughs meanwhile swara says even i am thinking to join prudhvi in play school..
Ap:-hmm thats good idea he will get bore being alone in home..
At night at dinner…
Ap and sujatha smiles and winks at each.
Sujths:-di i lisen that today morning someone cried..
Ap:-haa sujatha even i lisen whom might be it.
Dp:-now u both stop it ok.
All laughs ..

Ap:-if ur condition is like this when she is going to school in future wat will be you people condition when we do her bidaiii…
Sanskar starts coughing ..
Dp also.Laksh threws all water from his mouth.
Rp also coughs..
All ladies looks at them.
Ragini runs to sanskar and hits on his head slowly and makes him drink water by rubbing his chest.
All gives water to respective husbands.
Sanskar holds her hand drags her and winks eye.
Rags gets tensed and see around whether they are seeing them or not and removez her hand and goes back sansky smiles.
Lsksh:-never mom.
Rp:-never and ever.
Ap:-wat r u saying.
Laksh:-takes ananya into his lap and says i will never do her bidaii thats it.
Swara:-even i came by doing bidaii from my home and mom is not saying she will send her now in future..
Laksh:-mee too saying in future only i will not
Ap:-wont u marry her wat will do if she also loves some one.
Dp:-ghar jamai..
Rp and laksh looks and says wat a idea bhaii..
Laksh:-you were great dad wat a idea…
Dp:-thank u thank u.
Ap nodes head in disbelief ..
All laughs…

Laksh kisses ananya and she will Never leave me ..
Ananya:-chachu i want to marry now.
All laughsss.
Sanskar in rags ears:-see here i am thinking to give her a brother or sister and she is thinking to marry.
Rags:-sanskar slowly wat if anyone lisens…
Sanskar:-ok then lets continue this discussion in our bedroom ok.
Rags smiles and turns his face Blushes…
Sanskar:-if u blush like this infront of mee then see i lift u and take u to our room right now if u shout also i wont leave u and pitches her side waist.
Rags:-widen her eyes and jerks and looks at sanskar ..
Sanskar winks at her by doing eating drama

Precap:-funny moments in family and a picnic

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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