All alone ragini episode 60


Rags sits with ananya and prudhvi and plays with them sanskar is sitting on chair opposite to them and smiles at her and she does too.
Sanskar gives flying kiss to ragini and rags too smiles..
Slowly sanskar getsup and comes close to her rags signal towards kids but atlast he comes and lays back of rags by supporting his head on his hands.
He slowly passes his hand on her Bare back and she immediately jerks and takes his hand.
Rags:-wat r u doing sanskar kids are here ..
Sanskar:-what i did i am just romancing with u secretly that it and kisses her hand .
She immediately takes her hand and smiles.
Aftersome time sanskar goes close to her and kisses her backbone skin.
Rags immediately closes her eyes Sanskar slowly moving towards her neck by kissing ..
When he about to kiss her neck rags stops him and sees ananya watching them.
Sanskar gets embaressed and moves away from her and plays with kids soon prudhvi sleeps.
Sanskar:-ananya are u getting sleep.
Rags hits him
Ananya nodes no.
Sanskar:-do u want another brother or sister to play.
Ananya claps and smiles.
Sanskar:-then tell your mumma to cooperate naa..
Rags:-sanskarr wat r u asking her.
Sanskar:-fine then let me ask u .
First i asked u to a girl u gave me know i am asking u to give a boy give naa.

Ragini blushes and hides his face in sanskar chest .
Sanskar hugs her and ananya also Ragini and sanskar both were talking on normal things and sees ananya has already slept and makes her sleep properly and arranges pillows around her ..
When she about turns sanskar drags her and pins her to wall.
Rags smiles at him and he too ..
Sanskar and ragini are kissing each other and ragini is cluching his shirt more tight as its became difficult for them to breath.
They both breaks their kiss and Looks into each other eyes.
Sanskar leans forward and kisses her on shoulders and neck.
Rags kissing him on his cheecks.
And her lips are tounching his neck which makes him to lose his control.
His kisses her continuesly and it become wild and its made a mark on her neck and a mark on his shoulders ..
They were wrapped in a bed sheet and their clothes are shattered all Over room.

Next day morning.
Ragini standing infront of mirror and sees marks on her neck and tries to hide with her saree but she unable to suddenly sanskar comes their and sees her struggling and goes towards her and hugs her from back.
Rags:-go i am not talking to u and removes his hands.
Sanskar:-wat hsppen wat i did.
Rags turns and removes her hair Shows some marks on her neck .
Sanskar tries to stop laugh and say achha then about it and turns and shows her nail marks.
Rags opens her mouth and turns him and hugs him immediately in embaressement.
Sanskar laughs and asks her to look at him.
Rags nodes her head but he lifts her chin and turns her around mirror and kisses her on neck on marks and rags closes her eyes .
Sanskar keeps his chin on her neck and hands on her waist like surrounded.
Sanskar:-hmm i had a idea about this how to hide.
Sanskar:-simple untill this marks disappears wear a suit.
Rags smiles and says good idea
goes and changes dress and comes dress is like collar neck.
Rags about to but stops and turns and says.
Rags:-wat if they ask reason for wearing this dress.
Sanskar keep his hand on his shoulder and says .
Sanskar:-say to them that my husband loved me yesterday some wat violently and winks at her.
Rags smiles and pushes him and goes from their.
Rags and swara makes everything ready as their elders are coming.
As they all reached ananya runs and goes towards dp and rp calling dadu.
They lift her and kisses her after they too take prudhvi ..

They all sits at hall.
Sujtha:-rags are u ok beta why r u wearing salwarr usually u wont wear naa.
Sanskar controls his laugh.
Rags:-sees him angrily and says maa actually after making ananya ready its became late and i too tired so i thought to wear it .
If u dont like then i will change and leaves hestitately.

Sanskar:-haa change and come.
Rags turns and sees him angrily.
Sujtha:-no need beta wat if its salwar or saree it doesnt change my bahu beauty ..
Rags smiles and asks them fresh and she will make arrangements for break fast.
They all leaves sanskar about to talk to rags before that leaves from their looking at him angrily.
Laksh:-bhai now wat u did why babhi is angry at u say sry to her.
Sanskar:-oye babhi ki chamchi ..
I knew how u make her happy ok and leaves from their hitting his head.
Laksh to swara.
Laksh:-now wat i did .
Swara in laksh ears explains him why she may be wear dress and why she is angry on him.
They both laughs and leaves from their.

Precap:-sanskar attempts to say sorry and rags acts like she annoyed..

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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