All alone ragini episode 6


Swara comes to ragini room with breakfast.
Servent comes says someone came for u.
Sanskar goes out.
Ragini welcomes swara.
Swara sits .
Swara:-how r u ragini and touches her forehead.
Ragini:-takes swara hand into her hand and a
Says i am fine swara and why r u so silent.
Swara:-i am fine first u have your breakfast.
And makes her eat.

Ragini:-swara i need to fresh do u have any dress .
Swara:-i will bring it wait and about to go .
Sanskar entres with a bag and says .
Sanskar:-no need swara i brought her dresses from your home.
Swara and rags looks on.
Swara smiles and goes from there.
Sanskar looks at ragini and handover her bag and says u can get fresh but be carefull u still have fever.
Ragini nodes her head.
Swara comes to dinning table where all are waiting.
Laksh immediately gets up and asks how is ragini.

Dp:-did she said anything about yesterday incident
Swara with smile:-she is fine papa and yaa i think she and sanskar already talked to each other she is nirmal to him .
Sanskar is really caring towards her.
Dp:-i said na annapurna ragini is matured girl see she accepted .i want to see her.
Swara:-sry to stop u papa but i think we should leave them for sometime.
They all accept and leaves from there.
Laksh is thinking deeply.
Swara places her hand on his shoulder.
Swara:-dont worry laksh verything will be ok.
Laksh:-how can i face her swara.
Swara:-dont worry everything will be ok.

In kitchen.
Sujatha to ap and pari and uttara.
Sujatha:-i am very happy to get ragini as my bahu no no she is not my bahu she is my second daughter.
Uttara:-wow maa i am very excited to get ragini as my bhabhi.
Ap:-thats right u r very lucky sujatha infact sanskar is so lucky.
Scene shifts to ragini.
Ragini is taking clothes and sanskar standing near her and looks tensed.
Ragini :-by turning to him i am ok sanskar i will get ready and i will come out.
Sanskar:-u dont lock door ragini.

Ragini:-wat and looks at him with shocked e pression.
Sanskar:-i doesnt mean that i mean u still have fever wst if u feel dizzy and door is locked thats why .
Ragini:-it ok sanskar i am fine.
She goes inside
Sanskar is roaming here and there in room by seeing time and thinks she took so much time to come and goes near washroom door .
He about to nock meanwhile rags opens door and shocked to see him and steps back .
Floor is slippery due to that rags about to slip in time sanskar holds her by waist and drags her to him forcefull so they both collide to eachother as their is no gap between them.
Sanskar leaves her suddenly but ragini again slips and sanskar again holds her by catching her waist tightly

Because of his tight grip aroung her waist she closes her eyes.
Now they are more close to each other as their face also touching .
Their is a little gap between their lips which are touching when where they breath in and breathout.
They closes their eyes sanskar lost in her beauty and comes close to her to kiss her by holding her waist with one hand and another one in rags another hand .

Raginis one hand is on near collar and another hand in sanskar hand.
Ragini cluches his shirt near collar when he about to kiss her.
They suddenly hear a voice of uttara calling bhabhi and they both opens their eyes .
Ragini about to go but sanskar stops her and lifts her.walks towards bed while they both lost into each eyes he make her rest and goes out room
Ragini who is breathing heavily by thinking wat happen betwwen them.
Ragini:-wst happen to me why i feel secured when he hold me .why i didnt stopped him when he about to kiss infact i felt good by thinking he is going to kiss me and keeps her hand on her eyes and sats wats wrong with me.
Sanskar in garden.

Sarkar:-wats wrong with me wat will she think about me .why it always happens like this why i couldnt control my self when ever i am with you.
When ever i see your face and that lips i feel like kissing u .i shoukd have control my self wat if i kissed u today oh my god .wat r u feeling about me .i should sort this matter fastly so that i can say to u that…. i love you . I love you a lot.and smiles thinking about past incident between them.

Suddenly a hand is placed on sanskar he turns and sees ramprasad.
Ramprasad:- sanskar why r u smiling alone.
Sanskar:-dad bevause.
Ramprasad:-smiles and keeps his hand on his cheeck and say sorry my son without understanding you i slapped you sorry and yaa shall i say why u r smiling although facing so many problems.
Sanskar looks confusingly.
Ram:-because you love ragini sanskar that love which i can see in your eyes i can see it all the best beta and thank you for giving us such a wonderfull girl as our bahu come daughter.
Sanskar smiles as ram leaves .

Sanskar lifts his head and sees laksh and he stops smiling and leaves from there but laksh stops him.
Laksh:-bhai u said right i was selfish then and niw also today u made u realise my mistakes and yaa before u could produce evidence i will say myself wat i did on that day.
Sanskar:-no need laksh i just want to prove my innocences but i am not blaming u for that because u were really did it in fear and you were kid also so mistake is not your.
I just want to prove myself innocent but not blaming u so leave it.
And about u leave but..
Sanskar:-say it fastly i have work
Laksh:-will you forgive me bhai for hurting your wife.
Sanskar turns towards him and says that depends on my wife and as i know her she cant be angry on anyone .

So its ok laksh and leaves to ragini.
Sujatha and uttara pari and ap swara sits with ragini and sees ragini smilez and he too smiles.
They all sees him and leaves from their by saying spend sometime together.
After they all went sanskar comes to her and again checks her fever and gives medicines for her and ask her to drink juice.
Rags nodes no.
Sanskar:-no way you have to drink.
Rags:-but sanskar from morning u r giving something for everyhour plzz i dont want this.
Sanskar:-dont be kid ragini u r taking medicines and see you were so weak untill u get fit lisen to me afterwards your wish untill then u have to .
And makes her drink juice.
After compketing unknowingly sanskar stands and leans towards her face and cleans her mouth with his hand and realises wat he did
Ragini and sanskar share eyelock.

Precap:-frdship between sankar and ragini.
And developing feeling between them.

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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