All alone ragini episode 59


At night when pranay and keerthi left..
All sits together and talks…
Ap:-sanskar ragini laksh swara tomorrow we all elders are going to our kuldevi temple with ananya as prudhvi is still small so he stays with swara ok.
Ragini:-maa why not we ..
Swara:-why not we.
Dp:-sanskar is injured laksh met with accident and even now ragini is also hurt thats why you four be here only we will come in 2 days..
Sanskar:-u can leave ananya with us aa maa.
Sujatha:-sanskar anaya is so scared about today incident she needs a change let me take and dont worry we will take care of her.
Sanskar:-i doesnt mean it maa i knew you people will take care of her more than us but.
Dp:-its finalized sanskar
Rp:-we were not asking u permission instead we r saying our decision ok.
They all looks into each other and nodes in yes manner.
Sanskar leaning towards wall and sits and ragini sitting by leaning back to sanskar he is hugging her from back and ragini holding his hands and caring him.
Sanskar:-wat r thinking.
Sanskar:-look at me..
Ragini turns and sees him.
Sanskar kisses her on forehead meanwhiles ragini closes eyes and know she is resting her head on his chest and he caring her hairr…

Ragini:-plzz take care of yourself i cant live without you..
Sanskar:-hii nothing will happen to me u were their naa to take care about me.
Ragini:-when i am not their around you then.
Sanskar:-where will u go by leaving me.
Ragini:-i wont go anywhere i mean like see wat u do ur self in hospital..
Sanskar:-oh in that way ok then i
Will take care ok but on one condition .
Sanskar:-kiss me.Rags smiles and kisses him on cheeks he to smiles
Next morning all parents left early morning itself ..
Rags goes to room to check ananya and sees her just sleeping like his dad by spreading hand and leg she tooks photo for them in that postion and smiles..

Rags is preparing breakfast soon swara comes and helps her after a while sanskar and laksh compleyes their break fast and leaves while going sanskar kisses rag and ananya ..and say bye beta Ananya:-bye papa..
Rags and sanskar feels happy that she started speaking.
They went out laksh says bye princess.
Rags speaks something in ananya ears laksh and swara looks at her.
Ananya :-bye chachu.
Swara and laksh smiles and laksh jumps like a kid and shouts..
Laksh:-hii she called me chachu bhaii and hugs ananya and kisses her..
Swara and rags are having normal talks and it becomes evening ..
They both return home and gets changed and plays with their kids.
Laksh:-babhi dont make dinner for me and swara..
Laksh:-actually their is a business party and dinner is also their thats why.
Rags:-ok when will u leave then.
Laksh:-with in hour.
Swara;:-then we will take ananya also.
Sanskat:-no need u guys go and enjoy.
Laksh:-who will enjoy in business
Parties bhai if my prince and princess are their then it will be awesome.
Rags:-u cant handle two at a time.
Swara:-prudhvi is sleeping so we will leave him here and we will take ananya .
Rags:-leave both kids and u go Laksh:-but.
Sanskar:-laksh do wat i say .
They both gets ready and leaves.

Ragini keeps prudhvi in toddler and leaves near sanskar who is watching tv and ananya too.
Ragini is working in kitchen ..she completes curry and she is preparing atta dough. Suddenly sanskar comes back and hugs her ragini:-wat r u doing her where are kids..
Sanskar:-i made them sleep so that i can help my wify.
Rags:-in wat way u were helping me by hugging..
Sanskar:-no and he too keeps his hands in dough now they both fingers are playing in atta sanskar is tounching rags face by his face by holding her finger tight in atta dough.
Rags:-sanskar let me work naa.
Sanskar:-when i said no and kisses her on neck
He slowly moves his hands and passes threw her bare waist by removing saree and drags her towards him and tightly hugs her by putting pressure on her waist.
He is kissing her neck and shoulder continuesly..he makes her turn and when he about to kiss her on lips prudhvi gets up and starts crying.
They both comes to their senses.
Rags:-because of this only i didnot made them sleep .
Sanskar:-u mean.
Rags:-if we made them sleep after dinner they both wont get up till next day morning but u made them sleep see now they will not sleep untill late night.
Sanskar:-i dont knew about ur plans right u should have said me first that u want to spend with me at night and winks at her.
Rags smiles and sends him to manage prudhvi and ananya.
Rags turns and smiles and makes remaing food and serves all ..

At party..
Laksh :-dances with swara in part
Both were enjoying with each other.
Swara is hugging laksh and dancing slowlyy.
Laksh:-are u ok swara.
Swara:-hmm just got afraid about wat ever happened with us in these few days …
Laksh:-thank u for trusting me.
Swara:-doudting u is equal to Douting on myself..
Laksh:-love u dear.
Swara:-love u too

Precap:-cozzy moments between ragini and sanskar..

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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