All alone ragini episode 58


Hi i will write complete flash back of laksh within 2 or 3 episode after ..

Laksh:-keerthi i talking you only these all people are questioning our relations they are saying that i used u and i was respondible for your condition say it keerthi and shakes her up and gets out of control and slaps her..
Pranay geys angry and goes towards him and he too slaps hard pranay watches towards keerthi and gets shocked seeing her fingers moving and stands like statue…laksh too watches it.
Pranay and laksh watches her moving and calling them bhaii.
They both sits down on knees and cries ..all looks at them shocked because they were crying like kids.
Keerthi tries to getup and about to fall laksh and pranay both catches her and makes her sit properly.
Pranay:-chotu are u ok.
Keerthi:-i sm fine bhai and how can u hate my laksh bhai so much after u he is my second best brother..and i lisened all u talks from these years how can u blame laksh i knew its not his fault he trapped him like that by escaping himself safe …
Laksh:-i just want to knew who cheated u …
Pranay:-haa say it i will kill him..
Keerthi:-its your frd omi.
Laksh:-wat..omi.. basterd if u said it before i would cut him into two pieces but why u didnt say that he cheated u.but i didnt see him Again the day u hanged ..and u were hanged right .
Pranay:-when police bring her down and they senses her pulses i requested them not to say anything or else they will make it issue and i take her to london and then i came to knew that she is pregent and their only she delivered a boy too but she is still stay like sense less body if i came to knew one slap from u will bring her back then i may brought her first only ..
They both laughs…
Keerthi:-where is my son bhaii.
Pranay :-he is studying in uk.
Keerthi:-do he knews that i am.
Pranay :-he knews.
Laksh:-do u said that i am her chotai mammu.
Pranay:-know only i came to knew that you were my small brother and i have to admit wat a brother..
And seez whole family tied up and signal them to leave…
Goons unties all..
Laksh introduces them to all…
Pranay orders to bring first aid boxes…
Laksh:-where is omi..
Pranay:-he died in an accident.
Pranay:- actually i want to catch him to knew about laksh but he tried to escap in that he hitted to lorry..
Laksh:-he deserves it for cheating a girl.
Pranay sees ragini bleeding lips and slap marks goes to her and says.
Pranay:-i am sorry i doesnt want to hurt u but situation made it i am really sorry.
Ragini:-its ok pranay jii if i was in your position may be we also do same as u did..
Pranay:-u knew when i enquired about each and every person i came about u alot infact i was quite impressed to see a person Like u in these days and yaa thats why before any one can take sanskar married u hurriedly right sanskarrr..
Sanskar smiles in embarresement.
Pranay laughs and says trust me in future if i see a person like u then mee will follow the path sansky showed.
All laughs..
Sanskar and ragini sees at each other and blushes.
Pranay :-no problem from today i got 2 more precious sisters and lifts prudhvi and says he gone on u laksh and shows to keerthi also.
And turns and sees a girl standing a side of dp he goes towards her and bends down and forward hands.
Pranay:-hi princess can i kiss u.
Ananya looks at sanskar and he nodes yes.
Ananya comes out and pranay kisses her but ananya runs toward s laksh and says.
Ananya:-i dont like this uncle.
Ragini:-u shoukd not say like that beta.
Laksh:-haa why r u saying like that
Ananya:-because he slapped u and hugs him.
Pranay sits on knees and says i am sorry but u knew who i am.
Ananya nodes no.
Pranay:-i am ur badai papa…can i have a hug.
Laksh asks her to go and hug.
Ananya goes and hugs him.
Ragini goes to kitchen and brings water for all while serving to goons she goes towards that goon to which she slapped and pulled hair and says sorry ..
All smiles..
Laksh:-bhai untill know do u knew that bhai hates tounching her hair.
Sanskar laughs.
Ragini feels embaressed.
Ap asks them to stay for dinner …
All ladies preparing dinner and Talking to keerthi …while taking keerthi sees ragini lips and asks her to get first aid ..sujatha sends her to room ..
Sanskar sees ragini going to room and follows her ..
Ragini takes medicine from cupboard and turns and finds sanskar infront of her…
Sanskar takes medicine from her hand and slowly applies to her corner of lips and she closes her eyes due to pain and sanskar sees
this blows air on her lips ..which makes ragini to open her eyes and sees him tears.
Ragini hugs him and says plzz dont blame your self for this and i love u.
Sanskar:-i love u too and by the way i dont knew that my wife hate if any one touches her hair but untill know i touched many times
Ragini:- any one is different u were different and when u touch it shows love and caring but he
rougly handled my hair and i hate it.
Sanskar :-hmm lets see to night how u feeling when i will touch ur hair and winks at her…
Rags hits him jokingly.
Sanskar:-i want to ask one more thing.
Sanskar:-when laksh said that he is the person hurted me u beat him to death why ..
Rags:-what why i love u so much and how dare he is to hurt u because of him ur having band aid and i will not leave any one who hurts u ok.
Sansky:-calm down my wifyy.
Rags:-breaks hug and says any way its becoming late i have to go to kitchen and kisses him on cheeck and says before coming out removes my lipsstick mark and come otherwise all will make fun of us..
Sanskar nodes and rags leaves
Leaves from their..

Precap:- elders trip and some romantic moments between couples

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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