All alone ragini episode 57


Sanskar and laksh are coming home along with dp and rp .
They all sits and women serves juice to them and ragini stares at sansky and sanskar gives her a signal that he is fine and ragini smiles at him and he too..
Ananya comes to sansky and lucky watches both with band aids and goes towards them and kisses both and sits between them.they both also kisses ananya fore head and prudhvi.
Suddenly a door bell rings and when sujatha about to go ragini stops her and says .
Ragini:-maa u plzz sit i will go and check.
Ragini goes towards door and opens the door and sees her family in injured state and gets worried and shouts.
Ragini:-papa wat happen to u and about to go near him while shekar signal no ..
Soon a hard slap on ragini where She falls on ground in their house and her lips starts to bleed.
Seeing this all family members stands in shock and sanskar runs towards her and asks .
Sanskar:-are u ok.
And soon realises a gun on his head and turns and sees few masked men
When sanskar gets up and about to defend few more people immediately goes inside with gun and one of men take ragini and Keeps gun on her which makes sanskar stops and sees whole family is under control ..
Ananya gets afraid and stands back of laksh by holding his leg and he too hides her..
Sanskar:-leave my family what do u want..
Goons hits sanskar and ragini tries to go towards him but goon pulls her back by catching her hair she shouts in pain and gets angry.
Ragini:-i am saying u now only i Just hate if anyone tounches my hair and u were holding it tight and remember on thing if a single hair fell u were dead in my hands.
All looks at her shock.
Ragini sees sanskar and signals him and sanskar too understands that she is trying to misguide them.
Sanskar gets up and says :-haa man after i am her husband still she wont allow me to touch her hair and u r unknown and she will Make u kachumbar haa i am warning u leave her hair and looks at laksh.
Laksh understands and continues.
Laksh:-haa boss these girls and women are so particular about few things if they wont happen according to their wish thats it uhhh.
All looks confused but understands later.
The goon tries to leave hair when she tries leave he again catches Hair more tight.this ragini gets angry and hits him on stomach and stamps on his foot which made him release het hair.
Sanskar and all looks shocked at her act..
Daadi:-excuse me ragini really doesnt like those people who handles her hair roughly so he is gone dont worry.
The person moves back.ragini shouts and says how many times i should say i hate it but u were
Not lisening and i will show u how it will feel if someone pulls your hair and starts pulling his hair with both hands.
All starts laughing goon get angry and takes ananya and keeps gun on her and shouts.
Goon:-if u dont leave him then see wat will happen to ur baby princess.
Ananya cries and ragini leaves him goon catches his head and says mad women.
Goon says to ragini to come here and she started moving all gets tensed and laksh remembers something and says.
Laksh:-babhi he is the one who hurted bhai in hospital.
Ragini goes near him and slap him harder..
Goon:-heyyyy and gets slapped
Continuesly and leaves ananya and shouts keeping hand on his cheeck and say u were really mad women dont knew how ur husband is torelating you.
Sanskar:-o hello mind your tongue.
Soon someone shouts to shutup.
All goons gets alert and catches them again.
Boss:-tie them to chair..
Soon they all tied to chairs and signals their boss.

A person entres house with wheelchair ..
Sanskar and laksh:-pranay And shocked to find keerthi .
Laksh:-keerthi she is alive bhai.
Pranay comes and slaps him and says after seeing her condition you were saying she is alive noo she just have some senses thats it she is not alive because of u she is in this condition.
Laksh:-wat u were thinking wrong let me xplain u..
Pranay:-wat u will xplain haaa.
How much she loved u but wat u did.
Laksh:-love no u were thinking wrong about us we bothr good frds we both dont think about each other like that first tell me wst happen to her i thought she died.
Pranay:-oh u felt happy by thinking she dead but knew u were sad by seeing her alive right.
Laksh :-no pranay…lisen to me once..
Pranay :-shut up just shut your blo*dy mouth.
Swara:-u shut up u were blo*dy not him dont u dare to talk to him like that cant u hear he is saying that he is innocent
Pranay:-do u knew their both relation
Pranay:-then how can u take his side.
Swara:-because i love him and trust him.
Pranay :-even i love my sister and used to trust laksh but he cheated me by betraying my sister..
Laksh:-how many times i should its not me …
Pranay signal goons to untie him from chair but tie his hands back.
Goons does same.
Pranay goes towards him
Sanskar:-hii u cant fight with him by tieing his hand if u dare untie his hands and then fight.
Pranay:-i dont care whether his hands tied or not and unties his hands and slaps him hardely.
Laksh:-lisen to me pranayyy..
Pranay:-wat reminded that u still want to xplain me catches his neck and keeps infront of her sister face ..
Pranay:-see can u feel her pain can u and she has a delivered a noy but she doesnt knew you knew how it feels can u understand wat i went threw these years no right and again hits her.all cries seeing their sister position and keeps their head low.
Laksh cries and removes pranay hand from his neck and sits with keerthi and takes her hand into his.
Laksh:-keeru get up na say u your brother that he is taking our relationship as wrong way .say to him that u used to think me like your brother get up keeru say to your brother even i want knew truth which u hidded from this brother get up ..
Haa by not getting up u proved That i am not your own brother but for atleast getup for your own brother sake ..who loves you madly and u used to talk always about him how he used to take care of you.

Precap:-laksh slaps keerthi..
Pranay slaps laksh for slapping her and turns towards keerthi and gets shocked.

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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