All alone ragini episode 54


Sanskar is getting ready and ragini comes to room to keep ironed clothes but sanskar stands on her way ragini smiles and tries to moves in another side sanskar again blocks her way ..
Ragini:-sanskar move naaa.
Sanskar:-no ragini.
Ragini:-why ..
Sanskar shows tie ragini smiles and says.
Ragini:-let me keep this clothes in drawer and then ur work.
Ragini comes back and doing tie and sees sanskar who is seeing here and their by acting like he is annoyed.
Ragini smiles and does tie so tightly.
Sanskar:-aahhhh you presense is enough to kill me and you were trying to kill me physically.
Ragini:-when my husband started acting like annoyed with u then i have to do this all na and about to leave.
Sanskar holds her hand and drags her towards him and he hugs her from back and they both are seeing themselfs in mirror.
Sanskar:-why r u staring me like that.
Sanskar:-how can be nothing say naa.
Ragini:-turns and keeps her hand on his neck and says then why r u staring me and why.
Sanskar:-ofcourse with love my Wify and drags her towards him by holding her waist.
Ragini:-same answer even me staring at u with lots of love and hugs him.
They both are hugging ragini stands on lifting legs and goes towards his ears and says i love you and again watches his face and says always.
Sanskar:-i love too wify for ever
He kisses on her forehead and when about to kiss her on lips she Keeps his watch inbetween them.
Sanskar eyes her pout face.
Ragini smiles:-u were getting late husband jiii.
Sanskar:-fine wify jii and tickles her and ragini laughs and pushes him and runs from their.
Sanskar smiles and sets his hair with his fingers and leaves to office by waving bye to ananya…

At office.
Sanskar is working and his pa comes and gives him a parcel.
Sanskar opens parcel snd gets shocked he has photo were swara and prudhvi are there and a cross mark on photo .
He turns photo and sees if u want to save and if u can then save ..
He gets angry and meanwhile tension and searches for from adress.but its not return.
He about to call laksh but laksh calls him .
Laksh:-hello bhai were r u i want to meet u right know i am coming to Your office ok.
Sanskar:-hi laksh calm down even i want to meet u come to office i will wait for u and plzz dont drive fast ok.
Laksh cuts call and looks at a photo in her hand where ragini and ananya are their and it has a message like.
You respect your bhabhi a lot and love ananya more than your kid right then try to save them from me..laksh sweating badlyy and Starts his car and moves towards sanskar office.

In sanskar office in his mind.
What happen to laksh why he is so tensed may be he to got threat like i got it but whom it may be and why he want to hurt swara and her baby and i wont allow to happen that at any cost and sees his watch and think its so late where the hell is laksh …
After few minutes sanskar again gets a call and it shows laksh
Sanskar:-where the hell are u laksh …
Person:-sir here one person met with accident we sent to mumbai hospital and we see last dialled ans called wat is the relation between u and him.
Sanskar is in shock and not speaking to caller.
Person:-hello are u their here patient life is in danger come fast.
Sanskar ends call and runs to mumbai hospital and enquires in reception.
Reception:-yes just know we took him in OT may i knew who are u to him.
Sanskar:-i am his brother sanskar maheswari .
Reception:-ok and handles him a paper and asks him to fill it as it needed.
He fill and submit paper and few money when he about to ho receptionist call him back.
Recepnist:-we got few thing from him plz take it.
Sanskar takes watch spects and gold chain and a cover and sits near thearter he call to home.
Sujatha pick and says hello.
Sujatha:-sanskar its u but are u crying wat happen.
Sanskar says everything and asks her to bring all to mumbai hospital.
Ap sees sujatha standing still and goes towards her and says .
Ap:-sujatha are u ok and sees her catching phone and sees her face who is crying.
Sujatha wat happen is everything ok say …
All comes to hall because of so much noice.
Sujatha says about laksh accident and ap about to fall but sujatha catches her and swara faints but ragini holds her and prudhvi on time and makes her rest on sofa runs from their and brings water to ap and swara.
They all rush to hospital and sujatha call rp and inform him also and rp inform to dp.
They both are also coming to hospital.
Rp:-bhai we should not allow ananya or prudhvi to see laksh in hospital they both will cry mainly ananya .
Dp:-hmm i will control ananya she will lisen to me.
Sanskar holding laksh things and sitting at chair opposite to OT .
He closes his eyes and tears are flowing from his eyes .
He wipes his tears and says to him self nothing will happen to my bhai nothing will happen and wipes his tears and sees a cover which has
With love.
He sees cover and thinks its like Same cover which i got this morning…
He hurriedly opens cover and sees a photo and gets shocked and stands up from his place by reading message from photo.

Precap:- a man attacking laksh in hospital making sanskar injured…

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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