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At night ananya is sleeping on bed who is covered with pillows around her.
A small dim light is their in room sanskar is standing near window wearing a white shirt wear 2 to 3 button opened. A blissfull wind is passing him and he closing his eyes and enjoying it soon suddenly two hands were hugging him from back and a voice heared that i love you hubby.
Sanskar touches that hands and Turns and sees ragini wearing that white mix pink transperant saree and her every curve is clear to him
He slowly sends his hand threw side way of her waist and drags her to him ..they both were hugging each other sanskar holds ragini hair and kisses her on lips after that ragini goes and stand door where he comes from back and pins her to wall he clushes his finger into her finger from back and kissing her after few minutes
He takes to her near bed and see ananya sleeping peacefully.both eyes each other then he takes her to sofa and they intimate …
Next morning…..
Sun rays falls into their bed room where sanskar is lying on sofa and ragini side to him by hugging seems they didnot slept whole night.
Sanskar:-if i knew it sleeping on small sofa brings us more close then i will never use bed or Covering it with pillows.
Ragini hits him which makes him laugh..ragini sees time and gets up to get ready and later sanskar all does same.
All family members gather and leaves to temple.
All were praying ….
Sujatha sees his son and daughter in law with their granddaughter and prayes that their should be no huddlers in their life ..
Pandit blesses both kids..Someone again takes photos of whole family.this time sanskar and laksh both washes him and tries to catch him but leaves before them.
Laksh:-bhai on that day of our shopping also i feel weird that someone is watching us and now someone is taking our photos.i hope everything will fine.
Sanskar:-dont worry lets talk to police.
Laksh:-they will not take care of us Untill we get any threat or any proof.
Sanskar:-thats true and first we have to be carefull and should keep our family safe.
Ragini places a hand on sanskar ..
Sanskar turns.
Ragini:-what happen why u both r here .
Sanskar:-nothing just like that.
Ragini:-pandit is calling u both come inside.
Three goes inside while going Laksh turns back and sees sanskar:-laksh dont worry everything will be ok come lets pray to god to make everything fine.
They both go and prays to god later they go for orphanises and oldage home and spends their time with them untill evening and finally .
Sanskar and ragini makes ananya cut cake in orphanise in between kids.
Ananya gives cake to all while ragini helps her..
Ananya feed a little cream to prudhvi..
Both smiles ..
Prudhvi catches ananya finger and starts playing with her…
They both are like inseparable…
All leaves in their respective cars
Laksh and sanskar were sitting front sanskar is driving car.
Ragini and swara were sitting at back where ananya and prudhvi Sleeping and swara and ragini and looking at each other and swara signalling ragini to speak.
Ragini nodes head.
Sanskar turns towards laksh whose is lost somewhere sanskar too calls him.
Swara keeps hand on his shoulder and asks is everything ok.
Laksh then comes to his senses and says haa i am fine..
Swara:-are u sure.
Laksh:-yes swara i am sure u dont get worry ok.
Sanskar understands his tension and signals him by blinking his eyes and smiles laksh too smiles and nodes his head and turns his head.
Ragini and swara both watches them suspiciously.
Scene shifts to unknown person.
Unknow:-today they about to caught me but i escaped in mean time .
Person:-how can u be so careless.
Unknow:-i didnt do it unwantedly it just happened any way what ever information we got just be silent with that for atleast 2 weeks and then they will forget about so then we can excute our plan.
Person:-ok i dont want to loss at any cost and i hate that laksh maheswarii i just hate him.
Unknow:-i knew it dont worry u will take revengue on him after all what ever he did to your sister…
They both ends calls the person starts leaving towards a board where their family photos are attached the person walk front and dim light falls and that person reveals to man and he watches those pictures and goes near laksh photo and sees it angrily
And hits on photo and shout i hate you laksh maheswari i just hate and he took another photo from drawer and that too girl and says i promised u that i will destroy him and i will u see i will fullfill my promise which i made to uu.

A girl and a boy laughing and running all over garden and then few places walking by holding hands and then he sees that girl hanging herself in her room and see her dead body and shouts noo and suddenly laksh gets up shouting noooo swara who is sleeping next to him gets up suddenly and sees laksh who is
Sweating badly she runs and brings water and gives to him .
Laksh immediately grabs glasses and drinks water.
Swara:-what happen laksh are u ok.
Laksh hugs her and says i didnt did any thing its not my fault she took me wrongly.. do u belive me naa.
Swara:-haa but wat happen about whom u were talking.laksh breaks hug and says nothing i will tell u Later and asks her to sleep.
Swara sleeps and laksh thinks something seriously later he too sleeps.

Precap:-laksh past incident and after two weeks

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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