All alone ragini episode 52


The episode starts with ladies arranging everything in dinning table and ragini feeding ananya and seeing sanskar who is smiling at her.
Ananya threws dal on ragini saree
And ap face when about serve.
All first looks shocked but later starts smiling.
Rp:-wow ananya wat a shot give hi five to dadu and lifts his hand and ananya too lifts small hands and gives hi five.
Ragini:-i will change and come and leaves from their and dp also leaves from their to freshen up.
After few minutes sanskar get a call and leaves from their by finishing his dinner.
He goes near room and talks to on phone and sees ragini coming out and brushing her hair and hears a knock she sees sanskar and open door.
Both were standing opposite to eachother by leaning towards door Ragini:-someone plan is flopped and hides smile.
Sanskar:-smile smile but today i will do want i want to do .
Sanskar:-wait and watch and goes inside room.
Ragini:-yaa shall i wait in that saree and for that u should say exact time.
Sanskar:-exact time is when everyone slept yar.Ragini nodes and leaves from their.
Boys are at laksh room and all ladies are at ragini room.
Ragini thinks:-i thought all will sit in sujatha maa room.
Sanskar:-my plan is flopped yar shit how can they sit in my room.
Night passes like that all goes to their respective rooms.
Sanskar hugs ragini from backside and says.
Sanskar:-on that day u asked me that u will freshen up first right and as we both r busy soo..
Ragini turns and says lets freshen up together.
Sanskar smiles and they both freshen up together ..
Sanskar is wearing blue mix cream colour sherwani.
Ragini is wearing blue mix yellow colour saree she is wearing a necklace and ear rings sanskar comes and keeps her pallu on her head and says .
Sanskar:-you were looking beautifull ragini.
Ragini:-but my husband is more handsome .
Ragini takes a chain which has rs locket and makes him wear.
Sanskar:-for wat this gift.
Ragini:-as always for coming into my life and loving this much..
Sanskar kisses her on fore head.
Ragini makes ready ananya with pink cute short dress.

Baby name cermony starts …
Swara and laksh names them as prudhvi …all showers flowers on them and blesses.
Swara rests by sleeping prudhvi…
All elders talks as day after tomorrow ananya going to turn 1 year lets celebrate a big party.
All accepts .
Laksh:-bhai bhabhi if u dont mind i have a plan can i say.
Laksh looks at swara she signals him.
Laksh:-maa lets celebrate in our self and lets distribute few things In old age home and orphanises.
We got their blessing then my princess will be away from all evil eyes .
We party wat will happen we will have a lavish food which we can have daily but if we give normal food for whose we will get food for atleast one day.
I am not saying it to do its just my idea i am sorry bhai and bhabhi if i hurt u.
Ragini:-no laksh its a very good Idea infact we will do it.
All accepts her and gets happy to see laksh love towards ananya.
Sanskar laksh ragini and ananya goes to shopping swara stays at home because of her recent baby.
Sanskar and laksh starts fighting.
Sanskar:-blue gown will look awesome..
Laksh:-pink will awesome.
Sanskar:-why pink because she is girl.
Laksh:-haa and even my princess Will look like strawberry init.
They both fights meanwhile ragini comes and sees them fighting.
Ragini:-both of u stop it and shows a white gown which has a big flower at waist.
Sanskar and laksh both likes it and shows thumpsup.
Ragini even selected dresses for all when laksh is billing.
Sanskar says :-ragini …
Sanskar:-are u sure ur dress will fit U.
Ragini:-its not dress its saree and we will give to stich so it will fit.
Sanskar:-no need of trail room and shows her a room.
Ragini and sanskar remembers their trail room experience and smiles
They comes out some one takes pictures of them …
By single and by group…
Finally they leaves someone is watching them from behind tree.
Laksh feels weird and turns back and sees someone hiding behind tree..he about to go but sanskar asks him to come fast they were getting late.
Laksh sits in car and they leaves.
That person comes and checks the pictures which he have taken.
and smiles and leaves from their.
Laksh and sanskar are sitting in front seat ragini is back searching bags suddenly she saw a white and pink mix transperant saree
And seez towards sanskar who is already watching her from mirror and winks at her.
She smiles…
Laksh think:-why i feel like someone is stairing us … closes his eyes and says i am thinking too much just chill lucky.
They all reaches home and gives packets to all family memberz…

Precap:-ananya first bday

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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    1. Thank u arshi
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