All alone ragini episode 51

All welcomes swara and her baby whole house is decorated. Ananya is with dp and playing with his spects and calling him dhu(daadu) because she cant spoke well.
Ragini gives aarti to swara and laksh and their baby.
She goes towards outside to threw water and while coming inside someone catches her hand and pulls her aside before she shout someone closes her mouth.
Swara sits on sofa and all blesses baby and holding baby.
Dp takes ananya and shows baby to her and says.
Dp:- princess this your small brother do u like him.

Ananya claps and calls baba(baby)dp smiles and kisses her.
Rp goes and forwards hands to ananya but she turns and holds dp neck and hugs him.
Rp:-thats not fair bhaiya u were Pampering her all time that she doenst want to go to anyone.
All agrees with him and stands up and keeps their hands on their waist.
Dp:-what she is only my princess i am not going to give her to u .u all play with our princes.
Rp:-first u will say like that only after wards u will take him also your side.
Dp:-why not i am badai daadu to them and i am special.
Rp:-then wat about me people will say that chotai are always special naa but here see na babhi.
Ap:-jii thats not fair seriously when u were here ananya is not coming to anyone from your hands .
Sujatha:-haa thats not fair and this lucky he is also came into competation.
Laksh:-wat i did.
Rp:-u both are loving her alot that she doesnt want to come to us.
Dp:-laksh can u smell something And winks at him.
Laksh:-something is burning right papa.

They both laughs.
Ap comes and holds laksh and dp ears and shout ahhh.
Ananya sees dp and laksh fake cry and misunderstands and starts to cry .
All gets worried and tries to calm her .
Ananya is continuesly crying by touching dp and laksh eyes and They both understand and gets emotional and makes her smile.
Scene shifts to ragini who is shocked to see that man he takes hand from her mouth.
Ragini:-sanskar you i got afraid wat u did …
Sanskar immediately hugs her and she too responds they both are hugging each other so tight like two bodies became one.
Both are crying sanskar breaks hug and cups her face wipes her tears and she too does same.
Sanskar:-i am sorry ragini i dont knew that i hurted u alot which made u cry and by that i broke my promise which i made u not a single tears come from your eyes.
Ragini:-fault is mine sanskar i am unable to give you time and even i am unable to give to happiness from me which u…
Sanskar places a finger on her lips and asks.
Sanskar:-do u think that i will get Happiness from u only threw our intimancy…
Ragini:-no i mean…
Sanskar:-shhhh..lisen to me u make me happy in always because you and me are not different we were single soul right
and i am not that person who searches happiness from wifes body and ragini shuts his mouth.
Ragini:-i doesnt mean it i wont think about u like that.
Sanskar:-i knew it my ragini wont think like that..

Ragini:-but u were angry on me na for that night.
Sanskar:-no ragini i was not if it was not that night they were many nights for us and who told u that can happen only in night we can do when ever we want and winks at her.
Ragini hits him and they both hug each other.
Ragini breaks hug and kisses him on cheeks .
Sanskar shows another cheeck and she also kisses their he shows forehead and chin.
Sanskar shows his lips ragini blushes and asks him to close his eyes.
Sanskar:-no i want to see when u were kissing mee.
Ap comes out looking for ragini and call ragini.
Ragini:-maa i am coming 1 minute.
Ap says ok and goes from their.
Sanskar is watching her with smile ragini blushes and kisses him on lips and runs from their
But sanskar holds her hand and drags her towards him .She hits him with force and sanskar holds her by waist and he kisses her this time and leaves and says can we manage to night i want see u in saree or dress ragini runs from their being shy .Sanskar and ragini feels happy after somany days they were talking to each other.
Ragini comes inside and goes to kitchen and started preparing food for everyone.
Ap shifts swara to ground floor as she got just operated.
All were sitting at hall .
Ragini gives food to all and keeps different plate tp swara.
Swara:-why no spicy food for me
With sad face.

Ragini:-because you have to take healthy and milk based food .
Ragini:-u done same with me remember tit for tat..
Swara keeps pout sad face and ragini keeps smily face.
Just then sekhar family comes .
All sits with ragini and swara .
Sumi and all are playing with ananaya and new born baby.
They about to go but dp stops them as tomorrow is baby name cermony.
Sekhar:-denies it.
Sanskar:-papa we r not asking u to Stay with ur daughters or in their home we r asking u to spend some time with your sons in your sons home.
Sekhar get happy and nodes head in yes.
Laksh:-papa today whole nightlets have gents meetings where entry for only husband who r suffering from wifs.
All gents laughs by watching their wifes.
Rp:-what a idea laksh.

Laksh:-thank u thank u.
Dp:-whos son is he.
Rp:-whose son.
Dp hits rp and says idiot obvisous my son.
Rp:-then why r u asking again.
Dp :-i am sorry ok.
All laughs at their funny talks.
Ragini by watching sanskar talk teasingly.
Ragini:-so laksh today u all are doing night out right.
Laksh:-yes bhabhi .
Ragini:-decide well because onces doors are closed it wont open untill next day morning.
Sanskar watches her fake anger by closing his eyes little.
Ragini smiles.
Laksh:-bhabi done we wont come untill tomorrow morning.
Ragini:-ok then fix and smiles at sanskar and leaves to her room with ananya to freshen up her.
Sujtha:-i will sleep peacefully after So many years without any snoring.
All laughssss.

Ap:-if they can do boys night out then we can do girls nightout.
All says yes.
Sanskar in mind :-shit i thought tat today i will bring my wify close to me and all my plans flopped but something strikes into his mind and smirks..

Precap:-funny family scenes and ragini gets embaressed by pari

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