All alone ragini episode 50


The episode starts with laksh and sanskar taking swara to hospital and another side rp comes to badai to take them to hospital.
Sanskar is waiting for ragini keep on looking at door .
Laksh sees this and goes towards him.
Laksh:-bhai by your tension level are more than mine..and dont worry bhai bhabhi will come and laughs.
Sanskar:-he he very funny u cant Understand my pain untill u face it no no infact no one should face because it hurts a lot.
Laksh:-bhai as i knew babhi cant be angry on u.
Sanskar:- hmm i hope so this time see i will catches her so tight that she cant leave mee.
Laksh:-that much tight bhai she will feel pain naa and smiles naughly.
Sanskar:-i will hold her tightly with love and see my love towards her Will arrest her in my.. and see laksh is controlling his laugh.
Sanskar understand wat he is saying and gets embarresed and finally laksh laughs loud.
Mean while rp and shekar comes sanskar and laksh greets shekar and sanskar seeing back for ragini.
Finally she comes their by holding ananya and stands infront of sanskar both are seeing each other and wants to hug each other Surroundings stops them.

Laksh:-babhi can i take my princess.
Ragini smiles and gives to him .
Ragini:-did they start operation.
Laksh:-haa it will take 1 hrs.
Ragini:-ok and sees at sanskar and laksh leaves from their with ananya.
Sanskar moves towards her to speak before that sujatha call her.
Sujatha:-ragini beta just once come here.
Ragini sees at sanskar and sanskar sighs her to go.
Sujatha smiles seeing sanskar situation ap hits her and says stop teasing him.
Ragini:-jii maa .
Sujtha:-i brought few things for swara sake u just once check and see if any thing missing means say to someone they will bring and sends ragini to swaras alloted room and checks everything.
Ragini leaves from their and check Everything and sanskar about to go but sujatha stops him.
Sujatha:-sanskar just go and check whether laksh completed all formalities ornot.
Sanskar nodes and goes from their.
Ap:-why r u not allowing them to met sujatha.
Sujtha:-after staying away if we romance the feeling is different let them enjoy this type of feelings also.
Ap :-chii and hits her and both smiles.
All again gathers near theater this time ragini is standing near wall sanskar slowly goes towards her.
Finally both are standing next to each other and sees into eachother eyes.
Sanskar about to catch her hand meanwhile they hear a baby voice all gets excited and stands up from their places.
Doctor comes after few minutes
and says to laksh.

Doctor:-congrates its a boy.
Laksh gets excited and lifts lady doctor and turns her.
Doctors hits him on shoulder and asks him to keep her down.
Laksh keeps her down and looks at her innocently when doctor about to scold ragini goes infront of laksh and says.
Ragini:-sorry doctor in excitement he did it like this otherwise he will never behave like that plzz dont Scold him in this happy moment .
Laksh catches his ears and says sry.
Ragini:-see he is saying sorry and being a bhabhi too him i am too sorry.
Nurse just comes their and gives baby to doctor and doctor gives baby to laksh and says.
Doctor:-becarefull atleast dont turn this baby like the way u did with me and goes from their.
Laksh takes baby .
Laksh:- thank u babhi for saving me or else she may kill me.
Sanskar:-u should have control your self whatvif ragini didnt come inbetween to save u.
Laksh:-she will do my brain surgeory and goes near sanskar ears and says .
Bhai u were asking me to control first u ctrl yourself its clear on your face that u want hug my bhabhi and u were missing her badly.sanskar smiles and hits him
And sees baby and says.
Sanskar:-lucky baby has your eyes and face cuts .
Laksh:-really bhai..

Sanskar:-it seem my baby boy will also turn so charming like my baby brother.
Ap and dp also sees baby and dp shows ananya and says.
Dp:-anu see he is your small baby brother welcome him.
Anu:-claps her hand and says babuuuuu …dp kisses her
Nurse says we will shift swara to normal room u can go and see her and leaves from their by taking baby for few tests.
All goes to swara room.

Ragini about to enter but someone stops by holding her hand she turns and looks its none other than sanskar.
Sanskar:-i want to talk to u.
Meanwhile swara call her from inside.
Sanskar leaves her hand and with smile asks her to go inside ragini goes inside by seeing him.
Sanskar:-before everything leaves from hand i should say sorry to her before our misunderstanding increase. And he too goes inside all gets happy by seeing baby.
Sanskar:-thanks swara for giving me a champ.
And goes towards baby and says welcome my champ from today champ and badai papa are frds ..
Laksh is taking care of swara and fp stands back of him holding ananya
Ananya is giving hands to laksh but he didnot sees her. Dp sees and about to call laksh before thst ananya pulls his hair.
Laksh:-ahh and turns to ananya.
Anu:-again tries to hit him.
Ragini about to stop but dp says its ok fault is his.
Laksh:-wat i did dad.
Dp:-she is asking u to lift her but u Were not seeing her that why my princess god angry.
Laksh:-oh i m sorry my princess and asks her to come.
But ananya turns and hugs dp .

Laksh:-my princess got angry on me and faces her and holds his ears and says sorry princess u wont come to chotai papa.
Ananya goes to him and starts smiling immediately.
Sanskar:-carefull swara my baby is very possessive about laksh.
All laughs.
Ragini is feeding swara and where Sanskar and laksh holding their babies and plays with them.
Like that 2 days passess .
In these days sanskar and ragini
Tried to talk with eachother but unfortunately it became impossible for them which made them missing each other madly

Precap:- all family members welcomes them still sanskar tries his best for ragini to talk .

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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  1. First of all CONGRATS u have comp!eted 50 episodes dear.really u gave wonderful gift for ragsan fans thank u thank u very much.

    Really loving ur ff will nice,awesome fabulous, fantastic, no words to appreciate u dear
    Waiting for next episode

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Thank u so much means a lot

  2. Awesome i enjoyed it alot
    laksh,ananya bondng so sweet
    ragsan always rocks

  3. As always its nice……………..and congratulations on ur 50th episode……

    1. Thank u means a lot

  4. poor sanskar.didi give him a chance.the episode is nice.

  5. How old is ananya now?

      1. Age right u will come to knew

  6. hi congrats for 50episodes awesome journey love ragsan all the best…………… Keep on updating more

    1. Thanks means a lot

  7. Congratzzzz for the 50th episode sis… Im a regular reader of ur ff… I used to cmt in beginning later i turned to be a silent reader sry for that… N once again congratzzz for ur 50th epi..=D>=D>=D>

    1. Thank u so somuch

  8. awesome episode and congrats for the 50th episode dear

    1. Thanks a lot dear
      Means a lot

  9. Congratulations………………..very beautiful story…………….

  10. First of all congrats Sindhu Di for your 50th episode….??
    And as usual awesome episode…. Loved the way RagSan trying to talk to each other…there was a constant smile on my face will reading it.
    Plz update next part today only if possible…. Plz Di….

    1. Thank u so much it means a lot

  11. omg its very nice …i luv it ….

  12. congrates …its 50 part of ur ff….

  13. awesome 50 episodes congratulations Sindu rm

  14. Ha ha ha so sad sanky

  15. Wow superb epi. Congrats for 50 epi.

  16. Sry for late comment really its very nice bindu u wrote it like a mature girl has its very true ki after the birth of children differences btwn wife nd hus increases nd u explained it very well its really nice not like a story its like a real experience nice keep it up can i know ur agee plzzz

  17. Ha ha ha i know it thats y ur ff is nt soo chaildish iam not critisiging any other writers bt telling that this ff seems little realistic than compared to others its my opinion dont make an issue for this comment plzz any way sindu nice to talk with u iam pavani

  18. Pls post next part

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