All alone ragini episode 5

Sanskar giving medicines to ragini and covers her with blanket and stands near window.
Swara with tears .
Laksh consolling her.
Swara:-wantedely or unwantedly i hurted her a lot laksh.
Laksh:-no swara its not u its me who hurted her a lot i even wont deserve her forgiveness.
Shekhat to sumi.
I am bad dad sumi i never saw her sadness beside her fake smile .
Sumi:-dont think like that.
Shekhar:-why not wat sanskar knows about my ragini he just met her few days before but he understood her more than all of us .wst ever happen today i am so happy that sanskar married her.
Sumi:-today i came to conclusion that i cant take her mom place.
Shejar:-dont say like that lets hope for best and i dont know how she will react after coming into senses.
Dadi dida and dadu are sitting.
Dida:-so you know about ragini and u didnot say to me is this your frdship towards me.
Dadi:-she took promise not to say to anyone.
Dadu :-u both stop fighting this is happy moment that we got a very caring husband for ragini.
All smiles.

Ap comez and asks dp wat he is thinking.
Dp:-sanskar is right i shoukd have asked laksh opinion on ragini i was the main reason for her tears.
Ap:-its ok nothing had happen naa so leave it first think how to manage ragini.
Dp:-no need ragini is very good and calm natured girl she wont create any scene see how she will accept this marriage and thats the main reason i thought to marry her to laksh by her good nature but no problem she married to sanskar.
They both goes to sleep.

Swara comes down and stands near ragini room and goes inside by hestitaly but sees sanskar sleeping near her in sitting position
And smiles
Sanskar:-wakes up and checks ragini temperature.
Swara:-did she temperature controlled jijju.
Sanskar:-yes and you plzz makes arrangements for her breakfast and make it light as she is not feeling well.
Swara:-thank u jijju for taking care.
Sanskar its ok.
Swara leaves from there.
Sandkar touches ragini head and checks fever because of his touch rags opens her eyes and sees sanskar.
Ragini:-tries to wake up and asks sanskar wat r y dng in my home and checks all room and says this is not my room and reminds wat hsppen yesterday and check her neck and head she turns to sanskar.
Ragini:-u u wat u sanskar its means u r ok .
Ur acting with me. I did frdship with u and wst u did yo me why why me sanskar wat i did with u why why and she slowly feels dizzy
In mean time sanskar holds her and gives water and she becomes normally.
Sanskar:-i will answer to u ragini but i didnt did with u wantedly i have some readons plz try to understand and ya when time comes i will xplain u before that i need to prove myself innocent.
Rags:-i dont know about u anything but i thing i
am sure that u have a very big reason thats why u acted like mad infront of your family members but why u used me sanskar and this marriage
You didnt think to ask me my opinion.
Sanskar:-ragini first let me do my unfinished work by that u will get ur all answers and yaa i sm sorry i married u in this way without your permission but .
Rags:-but wat i need time sanskar all of sudden i cant accept my self as your wife.
Sanskar:-yaa sure take your time but we can be frds like before naa but if u still uncomfortable then i will act like mad as before so that u can be frd like before u and me used to be.

Ragini smiles
Sanskar smiles and says in mind i will never let this smile go from your face ragini i dont no why but i will never a tear come from your eyes.
I will go and bring break fast for you.
Ragini nodes .
Sanskar leavez.
Ragini in mind i remember everything sanskar the way u defend me yesterday but i was confused how could u senses my sadness when my iwn people didnot .
Why you concerned about me this much.
Wat do u know about me.

Precap:-sanskar and ragini comes close to each other because of slippary floor

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