All alone ragini episode 49

Ap:-enough sujatha this is the not way to xplain them.
Sujatha turns her head from sanskar and goes from their.
Sanskar:-maa once lisen to me..
Ap:-sanskar come with me and takes him to room just then laksh also comes into ap room as she asked him to come.
Laksh observes sanskar face which is very sad and has tears in his eyes.
Laksh signals ap as if everything Ok.
Ap nodes and asks them to sit with her.
Ap:-u knew sanskar when marriage happen between two people they will share everything which each other and once they share their love in special way their love towards each other also increases and it leads to a baby.
When baby entres in our lifes .
Both husband and wife turns into parents and their life will complete Turns and their worlds around them changes towards baby .
May be u both cant spend valueable time like before but untill kids grew up to few years we have to take care of them complete and when it comes to big family by beging a bahu she automatically takes care of us also that doesnt mean that they stopped loving u or not spending time with and one more when u both are busy in office works and Unable to give time or unable to take care of your wife still they understand you and they will take care of u althought they tired..
In same way u should also understand them infact u have to takepart of takingcare of your kids which makes to complete their work easily.
Sanskar and laksh both sees her emotionally.
Ap:-one more thing sanskar giving birth to baby is not easy the pains That time will get like 206 bones breaking at a time and u knew wat people will say after delivery .
They will say that its a reborn to ladies because few of them will die while giving birth to them.
After certain age beging a dad u have to take care of their future their wellbeings their behaviour .
Ap sees them having tears in their eyes and goes towards them and hugs them.
Ap:-i hope you understand ..
Laksh and sanskar both nodes and laksh goes from their.
Sanskar goes to sujatha who is in room.
Sanskar:-maa wont u talk to me.
Sujtha doesnt speak anything and sits on bed
Sanskar goes towards her and knees down and takes her hands into her.
Sanskar:-maa do u think that because of not spending time with me i got angry and hurted her Am i that bad with out understand my wife interest and i will force her too.
Sujatha shuts his mouth and says
Sujatha:-no no i am stupid to think like that how can i forget that how much u care for her because of her without liking also u shifted here i am sorry beta i became worried by seeing ragini sad.
Sanskar ragini gave all happiness to us like a angel naa thats why i got worried may be u hurted her.
Sanskar:-without my knowledge i hurted her a lot is she will also think in this way maa i scolded her because of that thing.
Sujatha:-no sanskar she wont missunderstand u but she will definetly scolds herself by thinking that he is unable to keep u happy.
Sanskar:-its not like that maa she gave me so much happiness which i cant even express.
Sujtha:-try to express to her .
Sanskar:-but how maa what should i say.
Sujtha:-to express your feeling for her their is no need of words just one action is enough.
Think well beta and kisses him on forehead.
Ragini is in room and watching moon and remembering sanskar and her moments in mumbai
Sumi comes and places hand on her.
Ragini opens her eyes and wipes
her tears and smiles.

Sumi:-wipeing tears doesnt lessen weight of heart .
Ragini:-tears why will i cry maa.
Sumi:-ha why u will say to me i am not your own mom right.
Ragini:-starts crying and says plzz maa dont say like that you were my mom and hugs her and cries.
Sumi:-i just said like that so that u can say why u are upset.
Ragini says everything.
Sumi laughs and ragini looks on.
Sumi:-my pagal ragini these all are common in every married life haa its difficult but we have to manage everything and tell me one thing.
Dont u be happy by keeping sanskar happy.
Ragini blushes and hugs sumi.
Sumi too laughs and hugs her back.
Sanskar from his room.
After marrying u and being in a special bond nw i got to knew that how difficult for me to live without Seeing u or lisening your voice or your face i got to knew how much i love you and crazy about u..

I want to meet u know but i cant here swara and laksh needs me and i knew that u too understand me and want me to be here just this night ragini i will never allow u to go away from me its my promise my love and smiles seeing her photo in his cell..
But you were sad by thinking i am Angry on u but how can i say that i cant stay anger on u..
I love you ragini i love so much.
This distances driving me crazy.
Ragini by seeing her phone says
I love u sanskar and this distances between us made u realise how much i love u how much your presences means to me..
I love you hubby.
Sanskar:-i love u wify…
Day ends for sanskar and ragini with so much difficult.

Sanskar goes sleeps on bed he lisens some one smiling and he turns and sees ragini sleeping beside him .
Sanskar:-you came ragini and tries to touch her but she disappers.
Sanskar hits her head and closes
His eyez dreaming about ragini.
Ragini get changed and brushing
Her hair and sees sanskar
Standing back of her and he says beautifull ragini smiles and turns but she didnot find him.
Ragini too hits her head and goes and sleeps on bed by thinking their moments.

Precap:-swara surgeory and some funny moments…..

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