All alone ragini episode 48

Sujatha takes ragini
Sujatha:-u knew wat. In these 9 months and later so many months we cant spend time with husband like before but still we have to take time for that also i knew that u want to give some special time to sanskar now naa.
Ragini smiles…
Sujatha:-take your time no need to hurry we will manage ananya..
Ragini smiles and sees sujatha going and went inside room
Immediately and sees sanskar getting ready to freshen up
Ragini:-sanskar i need to freshen up shall i go first.
Sanskar:-no ragini let me go i have very important meeting in office i have to leave.
Ragini:-mee too its urgent i should get ready and help other for house.
Sanskar in anger tone:-oh u already helping them day and night and plz wait for few minutes
I will get ready and come and after that ur wish how much u want to work u work and leaves from their without lisening to her.
Ragini stands their sliently with tearedy eyes and goes towards cupboard and takes clothes and goes out.
Sanskar in washroom opens shower and stands under it and thinks.
Sanskar:-shut i should not have shouted on her wat will she think That i was angry on her because of yesterdays night but my actual reason is different. Suddenly he opens his eyes and thinks wat if she crying and completes bath and rushes outside and sees room empty.
He dresses up and goes out and watches her already freshen up and making breakfast arrangements he feels bad that he might have hurt her and about to go but just he gets an another call And attends it and goes to dinning table and watches ragini.
Ragini by seeing him immediately arranges plate for him but he says that he has to reach office immediately their is important work and leaves from their without waving ragini or kissing her and her baby.

Laksh watches this all and thinks.
Laksh:-wat happen to bhai he never behave like this that to with ragini and goes to up and says
Everything to swara.
Swara thinks for a while and says .
Swara:-did we disturb them yesterdays night.
Laksh:-but bhai should be angry on us right wat ragini babhi did.
Swara:-its not like angry he is just upset dont worry ragini will take care of everything.
Laksh:-i hope so and are u ready tomorrow we have to admit in hospital as it delivery date is day after tomorrow.
Ragini sits sadly on chair and does not eat anything.
Ap and sujatha watches this and signals to each other.
Ap:-wat happen ragini.
Ragini doesnt respond.
Sujatha goes near to her and shakes her which makes ragini into senses.
Ragini:-haa maa wat happen.
Sujatha:-is everything ok .
Ragini:- haa maa
Ap:-are u missing ur mom and dad
Ragini:-no maa nothing like that.
Sujatha:-if u want u go with ananya.i will ask rpjii to leave to in badii.
Ragini:- no ma i am ok and sanskarr.
Ap:-dont worry about him we will say to him and why r u so dull.
Sujatha:-did sanskar said anything to u ..
Ragini:- noo ma he didnot said anything and bends her headdown to hide her tears.

Just then dp and rp comes and lisens last sentences.
Ragini immediately stands up and wishes both.
Dp:-did sanskar said anything to u and wat r u saying sujatha did sanskar.
Rp:-say it ragini i will twist his both ears if he made u cry.
Ragini:-no papa he will never hurt me.
Dp:-hmm and wat rp thats not fair.
Rp:-wat i did bhaiyaa.
Dp:-if u twist both ears then wat i will twist.
Rp:-oh thats it i will leave one ear
For u.
Ap and sujatha:-then for us.
Rp:-use your kitchen rolling pin .
All laughs and ragini too smiles.
Ap:-finally she smiled and signs sujatha.
Ragini takes ananya from rp and lifts her.
Sujatha:-jii leave ragini to badi for Today.
Ragini:-tomorrow swara is joining in hospital naa maa then how can laksh:-trust me babhi i will take care of her and haa u can come to hospital from their only so no worries.
Ragini :- but.
Sujatha:-no but and anything this is my order.
Ragini nodes and make few packing for baby and leaves with rp and dp to badi.
Ap:- if she doesnt want to go why r u forcing her.
Sujatha explains her doudt on their fight and says sanskar should miss her dii then only he can understand situation and sometimes we have to adjust when we have small babies.
Ragini trying to call sanskar but he doesnt pick call as he is in meeting.
Ragini this time she feel really hurt and wipes her tears before rp and
Dp could notice her.
They go inside .
Sekhar lifting baby and dp and rp say lift like this and lift like that by making actions.
Sekar sees them and they too after few seconds three laughs.
Dp and rp:-bye princess and take care ragini we knew that u were here for only few one but still we miss u
They both leave from their.
All are playing with ananya and Ragini is continuesly watching her phone and her family..
Sumi observes it and thinks a while.

At evening.
Sanskar reaches home and goes inside sujatha and ap sees him and stays slient.
Sanskar wishes them and goes inside and looks for ragini and then baby he observes baby daily things are not their.
Sanskar :-where did she go did i Hurt her so much that she went leaving me no she wont leave me and checks his phone and sees so many missesed call and hits him self for not attending her calls and thinks may be maa knew about ragini and rushes towards them.
Sujatha ap are sitting and helping each other..and sees sanskar coming towards them and sighs
Each other.
Sanskar:-maa wooo ragini.
Sujatha:-oh u were free now sanskar we all called u many times wat happen to u .
Sanskar:-i was in meeting maa.
Sujtha:-after meeting cant u call back to missed calls and wat u doing is not right being elder u should explain everything to laksh but by seeing u i am having feeling that first u should understand everything..and i promised to my self that because of us ragini should not cry but
I wached her tearedy eyes..
Sanskar:-maa wat r u saying maa did ragini …
Sujatha:-haa but silently and…
Ap stops her and sees sanskar whos face is almost turned red and about to cry..

Precap:- ap explaining few things to sanskar and laksh also .
Sanskar feels bad and looks out from window

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