All alone ragini episode 46 (ragsan)

Ragini wakes up and sees sanskar and baby ananya sleeping peacefully she goes and comes out wearing a red saree and goes towards him and first kisses baby and then on forehead of sanskar.
Sanskar:- hmm peacefull morning by a wonderfull kiss.
Ragini smiles by burshing his hair and leaves from their to mandir.
Ragini sees rp and takes blessing from him.
Rp:-blesses her and says starts Song beti because our day starts with your pleasent song and ends with your wonderfull lori which gives us a peacefull sleep.
Sujatha while passing says to dp who just came and lisens to them.
Sujatha:-k then today we will buy baby toddler so that u can sleep in it and lisen.
Dp and ragini laughs where rp says.
Rp:-i will sleep do u have any problem.

Sujatha:-what will i have problem and laughs.
Pooja completed ..
All ladies in kitchen.
Ragini is preparing porotas and swara helping her and sweating
Ragini sees her and asks her.
Ragini:-are u ok swara.
Swara:-haa i am fine .
Ragini smiles doudtedly and turns towards pan and hears a sound and turns to another side and sees swara lying on floor she immediatEldy goes towards her and wakes up her by sprinkling water and makes her stand up.

Ragini:-i asked u naa swara r u ok cant u say that u r not feeling well.
U were not at all taking care if yourself .
Ap and sujatha comes to kitchen by handling baby to dp and rp.
Ap:-what happen ragini why r u so angry on swara.
Ragini:-she fainted maa she is not taking care of her.
Swara:-i am fine maa i am fine ragini.
Ragini:-shut up and she takes her to hall and makes her sit in hall
And asks sanskar to call doctor.
Sanskar takes his phone and calls.
Swara:-no need ragini i am fine.
Ragini:-i knew it be quite.
Laksh:-actually night also she is not feeling good so its better once u consult doctor.
Swara watches him angrily while Ragini watches her angrily.
Ragini:-wat r u watching him angrily from yesterday u were not feeling good and u fainted but still u were saying that u were fine.
Ragini:-just shut up if u talk see i will give u hi five on your cheeck.
Laksh:-laughs loud .
Swara and ragini both watches him angrily.
Laksh:-sorry i think i laughed in tough situation.
Know remaining all laughs .

Ragini standing infront of swara and swara sits silently by keeping hands on her cheecks.
Sanskar brings doctor and ragini takes them to room.
Doctor checks swara and says something to them which makes them happy and both hugs eachother .
Doctor goes out and says.
Doctor:-congrates she is pregent of 3 months and yaa she needs Rest.
Ragini:-u were know 3 months untill now u didnot get doudt that u might be.
Swara:-no really i dont knew how i neglected it.
Ragini:-pagal ladki and smiles.
All comes and blesses her.
Ap:-u should not move from bed ok doctor asked u take bed rest.
Swara nodes .
All gets ready to go to office.
Laksh hugs swara.
Laksh:-take care of your self for me your were more important ok.
Swara:-i will take care because for me you both were important and touches her womb.
They both hug and laksh leaves from their.
Ragini takes care of baby and then swara. She is feeding swara food.
Swara:- do u feed anu baby.
Ragini:- haa she is sleeping and maa is with her she will take care of her.
Laksh calls her and asks her.
Laksh:-how r u do u had lunch.

Swara:-haa my mom ragini is feeding me and smiles at ragini
Where she too smiles back.
Laksh:-oh ragini is with u then their is no need to worry and cuts call.
After a while ragini is working in room sanskar calls her.
Sanskar:-hello wify wat r u doing.
Ragini:-cleaning room and taking Care of my both babies.
Sanskar:-two babies .
Ragini:-says wat ever swara said to laksh about her.
Sanskar:-thats great i dont knew i have a big daughter.
Ragini and sanskar laughs .
Sanskar:-so my wify is not missing me.
Ragini:-my husband left his love with me then how will i get bore.
Sanskar:-you mean u say our baby.
Sanskar:-hmm still.
Ragini:-nothing .. just love u ..
Sanskar smiles and says love u too.
Sanskar gets another call and says bye to ragini and attends another call.
Ragini cuts the call and phone display pic shows sanskar and her and smiles.ragini touches screen and say i love sanskar love u so much.
Laksh brings food for her in their room.

Swara:-i want to eat with family laksh lets go down.
Laksh:-doctor asked u to not to move from bed.
Ragini:-my sister asked me something and it will definetly done.
All family member comes their and they too brought ananya in baby toddler by rp.
Rp:-our baby ananya also comes
And brings her by running and pushing her.
Baby smiles loudly….
Dp:-ram becarefull if u want to run u can do it but dont make my baby run.
Rp:-my baby too.
Dp:-first my baby.
All looks at them.
Sujatha:-bhaiya my baby not our baby.
Dp and rp:-wat ever.
After dinner finished.
Laksh helps swara to wear medicines.
Ragini is playing with baby by sitting on bed sanskar comes from back and sits and he too plays with her and sees ragini and thinks something and smiles.
Sanskar:- see na ragini how they are fighting for baby.
Ragini:-haa very funny.
Sanskar:-if they have second baby then they wont fight right.
Ragini:- swara will give naa then it will count 2.
Sanskar:-no i want 3.

Ragini:-u mean u say twin for swara.
Sanskar hits his head and lay back on bed in disbelief that his wife is unable to understand wat he ment.
Ragini smiles and asks:- wat happen sansky babu .
Sanskar sees her smilings and catches her ears.
Sanskar:-so mean u were teasing me haa.
Ragini:-haa its paining.
Sanskar immediately leaves and says sorry.
Ragini smiles again.
Sanskar watches her angrily.
Ragini kisses him on cheecks.
Sanskar kisses her on ear which he hold and ragini closes her eyes.
He slowly moves towards her neck and kissing her and they both involved into each other suddenly They lisen a clap and both open their eyes and watches baby who is trying to get their attention and both looks into each other and towards baby and smiles.
Sanskar lifts baby and lays on stomach and plays……

Precap:- 9 months journey of swara and ananya grewing up and shares cute moments with family

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