All alone ragini episode 45

Sanskar:-if u do or not who cares laksh .in husband and wife relation who ever did wrong husbands should only say sorries laksh and sanskar laughs and hi fives to each other.
Laksh looks at ragini who is eyeing them angrily
Laksh slowly stops smiling and turns towards sanskar and signals him to watch ragini side.
Sanskar too watches her and realises wat he said .
Laksh and sanskar both watches each other and laksh stands up and says.
Laksh:-all the best bhai.
Sanskar:-i can handle her within seconds think about yourself.
Laksh:-hmmm wat to do.

Sanskar:-all the best.
Laksh leaves and sanskar closes door and turns and ragini threws pillow which hits sanskar.
Sanskar:-hi wify wat r u doing.
Ragini:-why in a husband and wife Relation always husband should be sorry right then u should be sorry and threws all pillows on him.
Sanskar escapes from pillows and goes towards her.
Sanskar holds her hand which has a pillow and they both share a eye lock and sanskar smiles little automatically ragini about to smile but turns to hide her feelings sanskar holds her from back and places his chin on her Shoulder and asks her .
Sanskar:-is my wify got angry on me.
Rags:-i dont knew.
Sanskar:- i am talking about other wife but not about my wify.
Rags removes sanskar hand and turns towards him and keeps hand holding around his neckand says .
Ragini:-achaa wats the differences.
Sanskar drags her towards him and says.
Laksh near washroom.
Laksh:-swara comeon yar plss dont cry know its just joke swara plzz baby i am sorry.
Swara opens door and wipes her mouth and scolds laksh.
Swara:- what the hell yar why i will cry that because of your stupid jokes and taunts.
Laksh:-then why u closed door.
Swara:-i am not feelind well thats why..
Laksh:-oh thats it i thought …
Swara:-wat u thought haa and beats him.
They both also runs all over room

Scene shifts.
Sanskar holding ragini close and says.
Sanskar:-my wify is worlds best wify.
Rags hugs him and says .
Rags:-my husband is worlds best husband.
Sanskar break hugs and leans towards her to kiss just then baby Wakes and makes sounds.
Sanskar goes towards baby and says .
Sanskar:-my princess will you few seconds i just want to kiss your mom.
Baby smiles.
Ragini opens her mouth and sees both of them.
Sanskar:-my princess is really daddy girl see how she understand my eargerness towards u and goes towards her.
And leans holding towards her.
Ragini stops him by placing hands on his chest.
Ragini:-sanskar wat r u doing that to before our baby..
Sanskar:-i will just kiss you wify and i promise i wont do anything and winks at her.
Ragini understands and blushes .
Sanskar:-the way u blush and by seeing that i was unable to control so its your fault not mine and who asked u to born so beautifull.
Ragini:-i too dont knew untill i met u but know i came to knew it why i born beautifull
Sanskar:-achaa say to me also naa.

Ragini:-to to …and looks here and their.
Sanskar:-ragini i want to hear.
Ragini:-i born so beautifull so that i can give my my and closes her eyes and says.To give my soul and everything to u which made us as one from two bodies.
Sanskar gets touched by her sentences and holds her chin and makes her to see him.
Sanskar:-do i have that many rights on u.
Ragini:- i am all your sanskar we r not different.
Sanskar smiles and hugs her tightly and ragini too hugs him tightly.Aftersome time they break their hugs and watches each other
Sanskar cups her face and brings
Her close to him and Both kisses few seconds and goes towards baby and ragini freshen up baby and both tries to sleep her.
Swara gets tried and stops and breathing heavily and laksh comes towards her.
Laksh:-u got tired so early why wat happen.
Swara:-i dont knew why i am feeling dizzy and catches her head.
Laksh makes her sits and gives Her water and makes her rest.
Swara:-i am not sleepy laksh sing a song naa.
Laksh:-mee and singing.
Swara:-cant u do that for me.
Laksh:-ofcourse i will but think about other they will vomit by lisening to my singing.
Swara and laksh laughs..

In sanskar room.
Baby is sleeping peacefully and straight but rag and san sleeping as their wish in different positions.
Suddenly baby cries…
Both gets up lisening to baby crying.
Swara:-u wont sing but see a song will be now lisened.
Ragini singing song and sanskar lifts baby and swings slowly ..
All family members lisens to ragini song and smiles and all dozess off to sleep.

Precap:-swara fainting in kitchen.

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  1. ragsan n swalak scene was awesome dear…..

  2. Wow. Nice episode.
    Swara is pregnant Sindhu Di, isn’t she?
    Plz update next part soon.

    1. Sure nita but tomorrow

  3. Mind blowing epi. Plz upload another epi today

  4. As usual ur awesome yr…

  5. RagSan science are awsome rally ….

  6. I like the bonding between sanskar and ananya. They are so cute daddy’s girls??. I want ragsan to have a son too…please it a request and yeah I want Swalak to Have a child too??

    1. Thank u and wait for that

  7. Its sooooooooo gud yaar

  8. awwww…. dear damn cute dear….

  9. i love ur ff. wish serial also have the same track. im not a serial fan but huge fan of its characters especially tejaswi n varun n dea u made them as a pair in ur ff. thanks…

  10. Wowww ur story was perfect yaar

  11. Idk why but even with my exams on my head I just can’t wait to read your’s like all this is happening in front of me just like it appears on tv.

  12. wow superbb…

  13. Superb sindhu..Love ur all episodes..Sorry for not commenting regularly..

    1. No problem dear thanxs for reading

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